Pradip Prabhu's activism in support of the marginalised sections of people is inspired by a
radical Christian action movement called Liberation Theology which originated in Latin American
countries in the late sixties.
Pradip Prabhu is extremely anti-Hindu & has enough clout to write to the California Education board during the California text-book controversy. He has routinely tried to indoctrinate local Adivasis against Hindus by feeding them AIT crap.
'Mahanubhav Panth' is a Vaishnav sect which has its origin in Gujarat. About 1500 Adivasi families live in some of the villages of Dahanu Palghar. Pradip Prabhu has been harassing these families for over 2 decades primarily coz they are staunch Hindus & will not convert.
Pradip Prabhu has played important role over 3 decades in not allowing development to happen in the district of Palghar by opposing a thermal power plant in 80s, Wadhwan port in 90s.
If anyone visited Palghar district which is less than 100 kms from Vasai a well developed satellite city one is shocked to see the backwardness and poverty in the area. This only because of the Naxal, CPM and Christian NGO mafia. Read more here
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