Something I'm finding very useful for convincing people COVID-19 isn't some kind of government overreach or liberal hoax: I look at them calmly and say "Walt Disney World is closed."
Some of my happiest memories involve Walt Disney World. It is my heart's true, not so secret home. But I have no illusions. I know it's a giant machine designed to divide me from my money.
WDW is a money-acquiring machine finely-tuned enough to understand that even many low-income families can save for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and to make that possible.
Resort housing can go as low as $29 a night for the campgrounds at Fort Wilderness during the off-season. And everything is still going to be expensive as hell, but the ability to build packages means you know to the penny what "expensive" means.
When you make your package reservation, you lock in that price, and get up to a year to pay it off, no interest, because Disney wants your money.
When I go to WDW, I have pre-paid my housing, my admission, and all my meals. I take cash for tips and housekeeping, and I am DONE. If I don't buy any souvenirs, I pay for literally NOTHING while in Florida.
Disney doesn't care. Disney has my money. I love them. They view me as a piggybank that contains coins that could belong to them. And I know that--there's no deception here--so I'm fine with it.

Disney is losing SO MUCH MONEY right now.
Disney is bigger than many governments. Disney can shift world legislation. Disney is responsible for the nightmare that is modern copyright law. And Walt Disney World is closed.
If COVID-19 were a liberal hoax or if the lockdowns were overreach, Disney would be baying for an end to social distancing. The fact that they're not proves that this is real. Follow the money, and the money says the optics of Animal Kingdom killing Grandma are really bad.
And because of these optics, I will be there the day they re-open, because we will have a vaccine and easy immediate testing before that happens. Disney won't let people through the gates until they're confident we'll be safe there.
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