1. A very thoughtful friend of mine, going back to high-school days ( @1_Roger_That) asked me this AM why we continue to name perpetrators in these horrific crimes. #cdnpoli
2. I told him that media isn't doing this mindlessly, especially when the aim of the crime is notoriety or infamy. #cdnpoli
3. But "why" is a key question in journalism, especially in a public-service capacity. Yes, there's no reason for a crime of this magnitude. #cdnpoli
4. But if the horrific acts follow a pattern of other such violent acts; if there were red flags raised that we could recognize in future, then we do have to pay some attention. That is journalism. #cdnpoli
5. I respect those who want the media to comfort the victims -- and I do too, believe me -- but that's only part of the job. "Why" is one of the most basic questions, for journalists, as well as human beings. #cdnpoli -30-
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