We spoke to a former clinician at the Tavistock GIDS gender clinic who described the period spent working there as “traumatic”. In their exit interview they had described the clinic as “institutionally homophobic”. #SexNotGender /1of5
This clinician observed that lesbian sexuality was viewed by clients and parents alike as “the bottom of the heap” and that feelings of internalized homophobia often drove teenage girls to seek to “transition”./2of5
This clinician also stated that many of those who interviewed the young clients had no professional knowledge of sexual development and did not explore issues of sexuality or sexual attraction./3of5
This was because it was believed at senior level within the Tavistock clinic that it was not always appropriate or relevant to raise such issues with young people who had come to the clinic for “gender transition” treatment. This is mind-boggling./4of5
Is it not obvious that sexuality and sexual attraction are absolutely crucial issues when discussing a young person’s decision to request “gender transition” treatment? We eagerly await the public exposure of those whose ignorant actions are causing so much harm./5of5
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