Burial of a sorceress from Natufian culture, 12,000 years ago. She was found carefully burried with animal remains around her - over 50 tortoise shells, forearm of a wild boar, eagle wing bone, marten skulls and wild cow's tail.
Every animal placed in the grave has its own rebirth symbolism. Tortoise shells represent the womb, the swollen stomach and the birth itself. Placing so many shells ensures the rebirth.

On picture: Figures giving birth (or dancing (?)) around a turtle, from Nevali Çori
The symbolism of tails, especially bull's and cow's tails was kept in later tradition of Heb Sed festival in ancient Egypt which was, in short, celebrated to renew the power of a pharaoh. Tail and spine are the representation of life force needed for renewal and rebirth.
In the ancient world martens shared their symbolism with weasels. Plutarch shares a story how ancient Egyptians believed that weasels concieve through ears and give birth through their mouths, it's the symbolism of creation and the ability to speak. In Slavic folklore...
...weasels were connected with hunting and marriage. In the world tree weasels were at the bottom of the tree, near the roots. Weasels can climb the tree and even though they are small they were said to be powerful. In antiquity weasels were said to have regenerative powers.
It's important to say that the woman from this burial had a limp which is why the severed human foot (not hers) was there. People who limped were cherished and said to be in contact with the spirit world. Based on her burial, this woman was clearly important to her people.
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