“We were hit with wooden logs and stones when we tried to bury him,” says Dr Pradeep, a friend of Dr Simon, who was the person who buried the neurosurgeon in the dead of the night after hours of frightening retaliation from people who were spurred by fear, instead of empathy.
“With the help of two hospital staff, I dug a space and buried my close friend by pushing in mud with my own hands. He was a doctor, a philanthropist and the Managing Director of a hospital. He didn't deserve this end," says Dr Pradeep, his voice choking.
"For doctors who die of coronavirus, is this the fate? Is this the gift that people give us? I feel shameful that I need to put out this video. We were not able to save him first, and then we couldn't even bury him.
How will his soul rest in peace? I’m ashamed that I’m part of this profession now."
"He was not shown even basic humanity," says Dr Pradeep, his voice breaking. "Even his wife and teenage son couldn't be there to say goodbye. What wrong did he do? He could have stayed home after the virus spread.
His only fault was that he continued to serve society, and put his own health at risk to help others."
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