Sam's house and little details you didnt noticed but i did bc im a freak, a thread :
- The wine holder thing with upside down glasses. Our man is a fancy one.
- Colorful walls, Sam has green, yellow and blue walls, its cute
-little speaker in the corner bc Sam loves music.
- Whatever that thing in black and white is, it looks like jhe stuck it to the wall with black tape??
- Theres some kind of sport cup on the shelf.
- Little couch in the corner ( probably reserved for special dates with a wine of glass)
- Golden tap and shower doors
- blue wall, big window and fancy curtains
- the way a single wall divides the bedroom from the little space behind it, also different shades of walls
-More speakers, CDs and Vynils bc our boy loves music.
- Aquarium in the same colors as the lamp??
-Big table so he can invite the family over.
Last One
- Street art portrait of Sam ( probably done by one of his nephews)
Conclusion :
- Sams house is quite big for a single man. It has two rooms + an office.
-I'll try to find the screenshots, but he has little planes pictures and toys on top of his fireplace
- Sam Wilson has a cute sense of decoration and its adorable to look at it.
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