Pradip was earlier known as Peter D' Mello. Rich Bandra kid, went to good school & colleges, and later became a Christian priest. Later he adopted the name Pradip Deshbhakt Prabhu when he started Kashtakari Sanghatna. He married his long time girlfriend Shiraz Bulsara, a Parsi.
Pradip Prabhu & his wife Shiraz Bulsara (both taught at TISS from 2010 to 2013) were instrumental in drafting Forest Rights Act, 2006. He was close to Congress and served on sub-committees of NAC.
Pradip, apart from teaching us a few subjects, was also my research guide at TISS.
Brian Lobo is a long time associate of Pradip & Shiraz, lives in Dahanu & manages Kashtakari Sanghatna. He leads d opposition to Bullet Train project in the Palghar region.

Some more details about Kashtakari Sanghatna, its ideology & working style-

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Pradip Prabhu, husband of Shiraz Bulsara, is one of the most connected guys I've met. He drafted laws during UPA, lectured IAS/IFS, served on NAC & various govt committees, taught at top universities. He is perhaps d most powerful NGO leader in India.
That's what ecosystem means
In this thread I'm not, in any way, implying that Pradip is related to #PalgharMobLynching, but his wife Shiraz's name coming to the fore as a protector of the accused needs thorough inquiry.
I sincerely hope those who lynched our Hindu saints get exemplary punishment.

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