I've studied over a hundred research and policy papers regarding masks, and used them to answer the most common 17 questions I've seen asked by curious skeptics. Here's the result!

See below for a quick skim of a few to whet your appetite.
1/ https://www.fast.ai/2020/04/20/skeptics-masks/
Why should most people wear masks?
Shouldn’t only sick people wear masks?
Shouldn’t we just follow WHO’s guidelines?
Shouldn’t we wait for a randomized controlled trial before doing something?
Aren’t there randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that show no effect of mask usage?
Doesn’t a mask need to be 100% effective to be useful?
If it’s spread through the air, can a cloth mask really stop it? Isn’t the virus too small?
Won’t wearing masks make people just be less careful about physical distancing?
Mightn’t people handle their masks wrong and make things worse?
What if people touch their face more and infect themselves in the process?
Where am I going to get a mask anyway?
Won’t this make people take masks away from healthcare workers?
Isn’t wearing a mask a personal choice?
Isn’t wearing a mask something that only Asian cultures do?
If you see someone asking about, or getting confused by, one of these issues, feel free to just provide them a link to one of the tweets above to answer their question, and be sure to also provide them with a link to the FAQ so they can see the references: https://www.fast.ai/2020/04/20/skeptics-masks/
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