This needs to be tweeted out every day, please help me with a rt. There's a tweet for everything but this truly wins the day right now.
It's an amazing thing, I've been on Twitter for years, I tweet and especially rt a fair amount yet nothing has ever gained much traction. This Trump tweet is fake, I discovered after I rtd it, yet it's blowing up. Fake news travels faster than good journalism
I've been sounding the alarm about this narcissist who is doing immeasurable damage to the US and the world since before he was elected, yet nothing much ever got rtd or even liked. I decided to leave this up because of 45's real relentless attacks on 44
Obama was a good president, he wasn't perfect but he tried hard to fix some of the damaging, difficult policies in US society that set it starkly apart from other developed nations - like gun violence and no universal healthcare.
He was horribly hamstrung for much of his presidency by Mitch McConnell and a GOP Congress that did everything in its power to stop any vaguely progressive policy, even denying 44 a SCOTUS pick that he deliberately made as moderate as possible.
I have deliberately left this fake tweet up to draw attention to how heinously 45 has tried to foul 44's legacy. Dismantling everything good that he achieved to try to make life better, healthier, easier for average Americans.
This outright, deliberate assault on 44's legacy culminated tragically in the dismantling of Obama's global pandemic response unit that if left in place could have saved thousands of lives. I justify leaving this fake tweet up by drawing attention to that act
I end this thread with a plea: please America this president has done immeasurable damage to the US and to the world, please don't re-elect him on November 3. He is not worthy to sit in the oval office #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
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