🎉Today is the one year anniversary of me first hearing about #OpenScience 🎉, after accidentally walking into the wrong session at @BritishNeuro and hearing @MarcusMunafo & @drEmilySena's talks. I walked out with a renewed love for science & determination to get involved (1/11)
I thought this is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year, and my journey from knowing nothing about #Reproducibility to ranting about it to anyone who would listen. (2/11)
I attended the @ukrepro #Repro20 course where I met some of the most amazing people ever ( @maddi_pow @KellyElizaLloyd @JRamduny @KirchnerHausler
@cassgvp @AnnaTheresia @LTzavella @bradpsych @PhDToothFAIRy et al💜)
...(and bawled my eyes out when it was over) (5/11)
At the #Repro20 course, I also got to understand the kind of scientist I want to become and have absolutely wonderful role-models and mentors ( @deevybee @chrisdc77 @MarcusMunafo @lakens @kirstie_j etc - thank you all!).I got reminded of why I love academia & I needed that (6/11)
Impostor syndrome aside, I gave a talk on Open Science for Early Career Researchers for @riotscienceclub (which was less scary / more fun than expected), also available on our youtube page: (8/11)
I started some wonderful collaborations on some open-science related papers, with some awesome people , including this gem:
https://twitter.com/maddi_pow/status/1245311316237189120?s=20 (9/11)
Lastly, just got interviewed by @ResearcHersCode, where I chatted about my journey into Open Science : https://www.researcherscode.com/episode-10  (10/11)
All in all, it's been a wonderful year, and LastYearAle would be happy. It may be the lockdown making me emotional, but getting to be part of the Open Science community has been the absolute highlight of my PhD so far. 🥰 (11/11)
Ahhhh and I almost forgot! Co-founded @OpenResearchCal (do check it out!) with the awesome @cassgvp @bradpsych @PhDToothFAIRy (12/11? oups)
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