Ok, here’s the deal w/ @NYCMayor’s proposed HUGE funding cuts to NYC public schools—- they were avoidable and are unnecessary. Here’s why:
1. @NYGovCuomo @AndreaSCousins @CarlHeastie refused to raise revenue by taxing the ultra-rich via a pied-a-terre, ultra millionaires, stock transfer tax or other similar taxes. Instead they cut $ for hospitals & schools. But they could still pass one of these bills to offset cuts
But if Albany fails to do their job, @NYCMayor’s proposed 827 million in cuts are STILL avoidable of cuts are made to DOE contracts & central instead of schools.

2. Busing contracts. Per the Post, NYC is spending hundreds of millions on busing contracts when no buses are in use
3. Per @MarkTreyger718 Borough field offices reportedly cost @NYCSchools over 100 million though no one, including myself, is clear exactly what they do. I sure am skeptical that they are more essential than social workers, counselors or more teachers that will otherwise be cut.
4. @NYCSchools central office “tweed” is slated for a whopping almost 350 million in funding. Where is all that money going? How many consultants are being paid for services they aren’t providing during #covid19? How many programs actually don’t benefit kids at all?
5. Per @bradlander
@NYCMayor is proposing to fill slots vacated by retiring NYPD, by hiring 2200 new cops, but NOT replace retiring teachers, social workers & counselors. We don’t need more policing. We must reverse this & not leave our kids stranded during a pandemic.
That means that during an economic depression & pandemic, kids would return to school to find larger class sizes (dangerous bc of covid), and less mental health supports. but @NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo could make different choices.
. @MOREcaucusNYC @AQE_NY @ClassSizeMatter @CEJNYC & others have been working hard to oppose these cuts & fight for our students. Stay tuned for ways to help!
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