centaur milking holy fuck ..KRBK tho

massive stallion Katsuki who's trampled dozens of workers until Eijirou came along

turns out letting Katsuki fuck the beefy redhead farmhand made him /just/ docile enough to pull out & grudgingly give a second shot to the milker
like how does the ranch owner figure this out???

he's watched his most expensive stud refuse to give samples for weeks, even though /all/ of his food is laced with enough pheromones to make him /desperate/ by now
he'd broken an arm and a hip on the previous milker, even /with/ being tied down. centaurs were hard as hell to contain, what with being the size of draft horses and having /hands/ with which to undo any normal ropes or gates restraining them
and now /no one/ would work on the ranch's prize stud. that was literally /thousands/ of dollars being wasted, probably being jerked off somehow into the straw of his stall in the middle of the night so whatever the morning crew found would be useless and cold
so they got desperate and put cameras in their stud's stall, and sure enough, he was somehow rubbing one of his legs along his shaft with enough pressure to make himself cum, spending into the straw of his bed. then Katsuki would shake himself, kick the soiled bedding aside,
and flop into the clean straw left behind to sleep.

So they hobbled him, making it even harder for the stallion to find relief. He was too big to reach down with his human hands (though they saw him attempting, curled over in the corner of his stall, snarling in rage)
it took a week of this before Katsuki's attitude changed - and not for the better.

One of the ranch hands mentioned that Katsuki had been /eyeing/ him through his stall, had stomped his feet and let out an inviting nicker when he was refilling Katsuki's feed.
Well. /That/ could be arranged. It would be easy enough to get samples out Katsuki in exchange for having a tight hole to fuck beforehand.

In came Eijirou, struggling college student who was hoping to become a vet & who looked like he /might/ be able to handle it.
The owner had seen Katsuki up close - that cock would break /anyone/ who tried to sit on it.

Apparently Eijirou didn't mind being assigned to one of the most notoriously mean studs at the ranch, because the other hands reported Katsuki had let Eijirou
into the stall and work a brush through his coat - though Eijirou had followed protocol and made sure Katsuki was properly tied in place before going /in/ to Katsuki's room.

The cameras were witness to a grumpy Katsuki, glaring and lifting hooves as if to kick,
and then, twenty minutes later, he was sprawled out over the top ledge of his stall, human arms folded beneath his face, eyes half-shut with pleasure as Eijirou ran those strong hands & a helpful brush over his withers.

So the get-Katsuki-a-partner concept was now a solid plan.
He was given full reign over Katsuki's care, and by the second week with the stud, Eijirou had him standing in the middle of the farm, sneering but bending his head to allow Eijirou to clip a lead to his halter.
They were going out to the paddock. It was the first time in more than two /months/ that Katsuki had done more than stretch his legs in the barn, watched suspiciously by multiple farmhands holding prods for if he decided to get feisty. (He had, and still had the burn scar for it)
There wasn't an incident that day. No broken bones, no charging or kicks.

Katsuki followed Eijirou closely around the paddock, glaring at the various mares and studs that peered at them from the pasture. He kept putting his body between Eijirou and the other animals.
He was /definitely/ possessive. It was a good sign, and Eijirou was given leave to bring Katsuki outside whenever he wanted.


Katsuki had literally /never/ been as eager for the morning teams to arrive as he was now.
He paced his stall impatiently, sticking his face against the mesh barrier and snorting, glaring at the dusty old clock on the farm wall.

6 am. Come /on/ Shitty-Hair.

Katsuki grumbled and shook himself, crossing his arms over his chest.
A few minutes later there was the usual cacophonous squeal from the barn doors, and Katsuki turned to face the wall, not wanting to look /too/ eager. His tail whipped across his legs at the sound of Eijirou's footsteps, and his pleasant voice calling out 'hello' to the other
animals boarded alongside Katsuki. A slightly older mare who was recovering from a wrist surgery, and one of the /grumpiest/ shetland ponies Katsuki had ever had the misfortune to meet.

'Grumble' was the most accurate name he'd ever seen given to a horse, because that was all
the old thing did at all hours of the night. (Katsuki occasionally kicked the wall separating their stalls to get him to shut up).

"Morning, Katsuki!"

Ahh... fuck. Don't turn around too fast.

Katsuki snorted and turned slowly, raising an eyebrow and pointing at the clock.
"That look like 6 /sharp/, Shitty-Hair?"

Eijirou flushed and laughed, rubbing his hand across the dark short hair at the base of his neck. The rest of his red hair was pulled back into a knot, stubborn strands falling around his face.

Katsuki watched him hungrily, tapping his
fingers on his arm as Eijirou set aside the bucket he'd brought and unlatched Katsuki's stall.

He never tied Katsuki up anymore before coming in. He always left the stall open when he was there, so Katsuki could come and go as he pleased.
Eijirou brought in the bucket, full of the usual feed that was... /acceptable/. But Katsuki waited for the /real/ treat.

Eijirou smiled and glanced out of the stall door, then nodded to Katsuki. He sidled in front of the door, blocking the view into the stall with his body.
"Okay, so this one is still pretty warm, I did my best, and uh.. I'm sorry it's probably not as good as I made them out to be-"

"Eijirou just give me the /food/," Katsuki growled, holding out his hand and stomping a hoof.
Eijirou fumbled with his jacked and pulled out a paper bag, unfolding a little box with a yellow 'M' on it and handing Katsuki a little brown... thing.

"What /is/ it," he mumbled, hating to admit that he didn't know.

Eijirou didn't make fun of him though. He never did.
"It's a hashbrown! It's um.. potato and fried? It's good!" Eijirou insisted, popping another... hashbrown from the box into his mouth, hissing as he chewed. His stupid face was scrunched up, all cute and.... hnng.

Katsuki brought the food up to his face, sniffing before taking a
bite. It was /hot/, and he struggled not to spit it out as he waited for it to cool enough to chew. They ate quietly, Eijirou glancing around Katsuki's shoulder occasionally, smiling whenever he caught Katsuki's eye.

The food was good, but the company was /better/.
"So, what'd you think? Better than the egg muffiin?" Katsuki licked his fingers and nodded, huffing when he saw that Eijirou already had another ready to give to him.

"Yeah yeah... 's good or whatever.."

Eijirou smiled, even when Katsuki moved closer and deliberately
trailed his fingers over the back of Eijirou's hand as he took the second hashbrown.

Eijirou was gorgeous, but he was also oblivious.

How many times was Katsuki going to have to circle around him, walk him into the corner of his stall and /stare/ at him before his human would
figure out what he wanted?

He wasn't sure /how/, but Katsuki knew he wanted to mount Eijirou. He knew it was /possible/ for two males, he'd seen enough farmhands sneaking into a spare stall and listened to them moan and wheeze to understand there was a /way/.
Now he just had to... figure that way out. And propose it to Eijirou.

Hmm. He was quiet as he waited for Eijirou to tuck away the box, moving reluctantly from the door so Eijirou could let them out.
They spent the day as usual - thirty minutes of Katsuki leaning against some stalls while Eijirou rubbed him down with a brush & his hands, then heading out to the paddock together.

Eijirou lifted one of Katsuki's forelegs, stretching it out & testing Katsuki's range of motion.
Katsuki wondered if he should just let his cock out and see how Eijirou reacted. But if he did that, then his human might run away... hm.

He knew Eijirou /liked/ him. He got all shy and red looking whenever they were around other studs or mares, walking closer to Katsuki.
It probably helped that Katsuki had lunged at the first stud who'd tried to talk to Eijirou from the other side of the fence.

Stupid.. fucken interfering colt. Izuku gave samples like he hadn't a care in the world, or any sense of pride at all.
He wasn't going to let a stud half his size get anywhere /near/ his human. Especially not one who spread his legs and let any of the milkers go to town on him without needing to be tied down.

Tch. Katsuki wasn't giving it to anyone he didn't want to carry his seed.
And he definitely wanted Eijirou to. He'd look nice, heavy and soft with a little colt or filly in his belly, nestled in hay and curled against Katsuki's side in the colder nights.
Katsuki waited until Eijirou was on the opposite side of the paddock before laying down and rolling on his back, careful not to hit his human with kicking hooves.

He'd kick anyone else, but he had /never/ hurt Eijirou. Even when they first met he'd only threatened to.
Eijirou smiled down at Katsuki, walking closer and bending down. Katsuki's heart pounded as Eijirou sat beside him in the grass, reaching out slowly.

Katsuki didn't move, and was rewarded by one of those talented hands gently carding through his messy blond hair.
Katsuki might once have refused this kind of touch, but he shifted until he could put his head in Eijirou's lap, heaving a long sigh and laying on his side while his little mate rubbed his head.

"You look like you're having fun," a voice said from outside the paddock.
Eijirou stiffened beneath Katsuki, and he immediately rolled to one side, glaring at whoever had made Eijirou nervous.

Oh. Fucken... owner. Ugh. He only ever saw him when he was doing his rounds to check on who was ready to stud or milk.
"You be nice to Kirishima, Katsuki," the owner told him, a strange smile on his face.

Katsuki grumbled & got to his feet, towering over him, sidling enough to put Eijirou out of view.

"Oh relax," he said, glancing at Eijirou's feet behind Katsuki. "I'm not taking him from you."
"Katsuki? What's he saying?" Eijirou rubbed at Katsuki's side, a pleasant, familiar warmth that had his skin shivering.

He stared at the owner, eyes narrowing. "What's /that/ supposed to mean."

The owner shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets.
"You're a stud, Katsuki. /You/ figure it out." The owner whistled and walked away, smiling as Izuku came running to the edge of the pasture. The other stallion bent and accepted the rub across his cheek from the owner, eyes closing, tail swishing behind him.
Izuku waited patiently at the gate, then followed the owner back to the milking barn, chatting away as they went.

Tch. The idiot was obsessed with their owner. Katsuki watched him reach out & take Izuku's hand as they went.

...Wait.. were they?
"I think Yagi-san likes him," Eijirou whispered, leaning against Katsuki's chest. His face was a little pink as he ran a hand over Katsuki's shoulder, brushing some dust away.

"Hmmf. That idiot likes everyone," he mumbled, reaching down and tugging gently on Eijirou's ponytail.
"You just don't like anyone," Eijirou countered, elbowing Katsuki with a laugh.

Katsuki trailed after him, watching his tanned arms bulge as they pressed the paddock gate open.

"I like /someone/," he muttered, kicking the turf before following Eijirou back into the yard.
Eijirou didn't come to the farm the next day.

Katsuki paced his stall frantically, glaring at the clock opposite his stall. It was half past 6, and /still/ no Eijirou.

When the doors finally squealed open, it was one of the regular farmhands who nervously came in.
"H-hi Katsuki," he stuttered, fumbling with the lock on Katsuki's door. "Oh.. um, please stand on the wall so I can tie you."

Katsuki glared at the farmhand but he did as he was asked. Was this some kind of /test/? Was Eijirou being taken from him in exchange for good behaviour?
He didn't know why Eijirou wasn't here today, but he didn't like it. He'd forgotten how much he hated wearing his halter, or being tied to the side of the stall like some kind of dangerous beast.

Well. He /was/ dangerous. But not to Eijirou.
The farmhand gained a little more confidence when Katsuki essentially ignored him, even when he was walking around Katsuki to rake out old bedding and layer in new straw.

Katsuki was unclipped from the wall a while later, and grudgingly followed the farmhand into the main barn.
He saw the open door and debated rearing and running for it, but the thought of Eijirou never coming back, of being hobbled and held down and forced to stud...

Katsuki walked behind his carer, fists tensing by his sides as they led him from the barn.
He was clipped to the edge of the cleaning area near the stud barns, shifting his weight side to side with nerves as the farmhand scuttled around, gathering soap and brushes and various hoses.

Katsuki didn't /mind/ baths, but he hadn't had anyone except Eijirou giving them for
months now. He ground his hooves into the pavement as the farmhand came back, holding a brush and tentatively approaching him.

Don't kick... endure it..

He was brushed down head to toe, even his legs lifted and his hooves cleaned out.
Then he was sprayed with a hose (surprisingly not the freezing water he remembered from before Eijirou had started bathing him), wetted down for the shampoo that was massaged into his skin.

He enjoyed the rubdown despite himself, eyes half shut by the time he was rinsed off.
The farmhand towelled him off with one of those weird absorbent cloths, wringing it out between passes over Katsuki's body. He preferred the long, leisurely drying off Eijirou gave him: more massaging, and lots of quiet conversation and sneaked treats.
There was some kind of weird oil being rubbed into his legs, and Katsuki grumbled until he felt a faint cool sensation, easing tired muscles.

That was nice... /why/ were they being so nice to him?
Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the farmhand as he was unclipped and led from the washing area, hesitating when he saw where they were heading.

It wasn't the main stud barn, but one of the more private sheds for mating, milking, or giving birth - whatever it was needed for.
The doors opened and Katsuki glared inside, squinting through the dim light.

He heard someone inside though, and the clink of bottles that was familiar enough from his previous milkings.
The farmhand unclipped his lead and tapped his shoulder, backing away. "There you go!"

Katsuki turned to glare at him, arms crossed. "There I go /what/."

The farmhand /smiled/ at him. What the fuck was going on?
He shrugged and waited for Katsuki to walk through the door, then slid it shut behind him.

Katsuki shook himself and walked carefully forward, eyeing his surroundings.

There were a few holding stalls at the sides of the barn, but one big central pen that was lit with a
hanging drape of lights. They were supposed to be 'romantic' - he'd heard both studs and mares talking about it whenever they were brought in to mate.

Katsuki's stomach tightened. He didn't /want/ to mate a mare. He wanted /Eijirou/.

But there wasn't... a mare in the pen.
There was a strange shelf he vaguely recognized as a breeding bench, and leaning against it, wearing a dark robe tied at his waist, was /Eijirou/.

His red hair was pulled half-up, the rest of it draped over his shoulders.
He was bright red and fiddling with the tie of his robe, looking shyly up at Katsuki as he trotted into the pen, hooves sending soft hay skittering in front of him.

Katsuki could feel himself /aching/, especially when he saw Eijirou open his robe and revealed bare, tanned skin.
"Eijirou," he rasped, glaring around the room to make sure they were alone. He didn't want to share this with /anyone/.

"We're alone, Katsuki. It's just me." Eijirou held out his hands, that alluring smile spreading on his face.

Katsuki staggered helplessly toward him.
"What is this," he demanded, letting Eijirou take his hand. A soft rumble ran through him as Eijirou ran his other hand over Katsuki's chest.

"Um.. Well.. Did you.. /not/ want to mate with me?" Eijirou fumbled his words, his face deep red as he said '/mate/'.
Katsuki backed Eijirou against the bench, bending his knees so he could curl a hand beneath Eijirou's jaw.

"Of course I do, Shitty-Hair," he snapped, rubbing a thumb over Eijirou's soft mouth.

"Okay then," Eijirou breathed. "Stay.. stay there."
Katsuki rumbled, holding Eijirou in place. "/You/ stay," he insisted, trying to turn Eijirou around. Eijirou just needed to climb up onto the bench and he would be at the /perfect/ height for mounting.

Eijirou flushed harder & plucked at Katsuki's hand. "I /will/, I just.. um.."
"/What/," Katsuki growled, gaze trailing down Eijirou's body. His cock was nowhere near the size of Katsuki's, but it was already hard, pink & dripping. Katsuki swallowed a wave of saliva, wanting to taste his little mate.

"Gotta slick you up first or you're gonna break me."
Katsuki flushed and let Eijirou go, backing up a little to give him room.

There was some strange bottle that Eijirou upended over his hands, something shiny and wet covering him from fingertip to wrist.
Eijirou put the bottle on the bench & smiled at Katsuki, walking closer. "Careful," he murmured.

"What-" Eijirou didn't give him time to ask /why/ before he was crouching & kneeling beneath Katsuki's belly.

Oh. /Oh/. He'd thought about this - it was /so/ much better in reality.
Eijirou's hands slid between his rear legs, stroking over his sheath and encouraging his cock to slide free. Katsuki moaned and braced his legs as Eijirou caught him in his hands, a soft, delighted sound emanating from beneath his body.
"Wow... I um.. you know I practiced for this but.. I think it's gonna be a tight fit, Katsuki," Eijirou called out, stroking Katsuki from root to tip.

He shivered, knees threatening to buckle at the thought of Eijirou opening himself up so Katsuki could mate with him.
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‘Practice’ implied that Eijirou had been thinking of Katsuki like this, intimately, for more than just a few days. Katsuki wanted to know /when/ - when Eijirou had first looked at him and felt a stirring inside, a longing to be closer.

Had Katsuki’s displays actually /worked/?
And he was just apparently too oblivious to see Eijirou understanding and /reacting/ to them?

When he wasn’t in desperate need of fucking his little mate, he would be /sure/ to pry out all the secrets between them.
Learn all the subtleties that made up Eijirou as a /partner/, not just a friend and stablehand that Katsuki /wanted/ without a plan to see that want come to fruition.
Eijirou’s hands hadn’t stopped, still rolling Katsuki’s length between his hands, squeezing the tip softly and massaging the thick veins in the shaft. His strong fingers dragged heavy breaths and the occasional stomped hoof from Katsuki as an orgasm stirred in the distance.
He was always slow to cum, which was frustrating for milkers, but pleasing for a partner. Katsuki liked seeing his pairing partners quivering and sweating, soaked in their own slick and aching for relief - or for /more/.
Eijirou slipped one hand up the barrel of Katsuki’s belly, stroking over trembling flesh and making soft, pleased sounds at the way Katsuki’s cock pulsed in his grip.
“E-/Eijirou/,” Katsuki growled, front hooves scraping at the neat hay around them. He was /aching/, dripping into Eijirou’s strong hands and he - he /wanted/ his mate, wanted to lift him in his arms and press him down to the breeding bench,
watch that strong back arch up beneath him while Katsuki slid /deep/ inside him…

“I’ve got you,” Eijirou said, slightly muffled from beneath Katsuki’s torso.
Katsuki lurched forward with a /groan/, hands trembling, raking at the padded surface of the bench in front of him as wet, /hot/ pressure wrapped around the tip of his cock.

“Ei - /god/,” Katsuki mumbled, tail whipping across the backs of his legs.
Eijirou stroked the front of his leg before reaching up and gently squeezing Katsuki’s balls, cupping the heavy weight of them in his warm, slicked palms.
Eijirou made some nonsense noise in response to Katsuki’s groans; the vibration round the sensitive head of his cock nearly made him /shriek/. The animal cry that left him was a mix of man and beast.
Though Katsuki was embarrassed at being brought so low so quickly - and by so /very/ little attention - he was smug at the soft moan Eijirou made as he took a breath and lifted off his cock.
“I /need/ you,” Katsuki hissed, twisting to the side and glaring at the barrel of his belly, at the tanned, naked shoulder that was only partially visible from beyond his own body.

Eijirou appeared, biting his lip and staggering from beneath Katsuki’s belly.
Though he missed the warm, talented hands wrapped around him, Katsuki was infinitely more pleased by the way Eijirou stumbled toward him, looking determined and more aroused than ever.
Katsuki admired his human mate as he came close. Eijirou was miles of tanned skin, scarred in some places, with interesting shiny stripes over his broad thighs and hips that Katsuki wanted to stroke his fingers through.
Maybe after they mated and they laid together in the hay, Katsuki could put his head in Eijirou’s lap and do just that, stroke his mate’s thighs and do his best to return the pleasure Eijirou had just given him.
He’d /never/ put his mouth on someone, but with how good it had felt, he was driven to give Eijirou everything he’d received and more.

Eijirou slipped in front of Katsuki, back pressed against the breeding bench.
Eijirou’s red eyes were nearly black when he met Katsuki’s, his plush mouth wet from licking and taking Katsuki in. “I want to- to kiss you, before - before…”

Katsuki’s heart pounded at that. He wanted to kiss, too.
He’d given and received some affections with the few mares and stallions he’d exchanged favours with as he came into his prime, but Katsuki hadn’t felt the urge to kiss them. With Eijirou, however, Katsuki wanted /everything/.
He reached down and hooked his hands beneath Eijirou’s arms, lifting him easily into the air so he was seated on the end of the bench. Eijirou’s face flushed a deeper red at the casual show of strength and Katsuki preened at making such a pleasing display for his mate.
“There,” he said, walking closer, trailing his hands down to Eijirou’s trim waist.

They were at a better height now. Eijirou still needed to stretch up a little, but it wasn’t /impossible/ for them to look each other directly in the eye or tilt their faces to kiss and touch.
Eijirou smiled and reached a hand up Katsuki’s torso, stroking the soft, almost seamless change from horseflesh to bare skin, just beneath the curve of his waist. Katsuki shivered and leaned into Eijirou’s touch, squeezing encouragement at his mate’s sides.
Eijirou’s hands stretched up to curl into his hair, bringing Katsuki closer to him. Katsuki braced himself on the bench behind Eijirou, caging him in between his arms, eyes locked on the attractive spread of his mate’s thighs.
Eijirou was hard and eager between his legs, a neat patch of black hair at the base of his sex slicked with lube. Eijirou must have been touching himself while kneeling beneath Katsuki.
The thought made him /hungry/, made him want to see the spread of his own hands on Eijirou’s cock. Katsuki only hesitated for a moment before wrapping a hand round the stiff flesh.
Eijirou’s head tipped back with a bitten off hiss at the contact. Katsuki followed him, leaning closer and carefully pressing their lips together, mindful of his size and the strength of his movements. Eijirou shifted and Katsuki’s mouth slid open his mouth with a gasp,
heat filling his belly at the warm tongue stroking his own.

Eijirou’s kisses were /amazing/, rough and talented, learning what made Katsuki breathe faster, shivering with pleasure and giving Katsuki everything he could’ve wanted.
With his free hand, Katsuki stroked up Eijirou’s back & neck, finally tugging on that vibrant hair like he’d thought of for days on end. Their mouths came apart & Eijirou let out a warbling groan of pleasure,
the long column of his throat an attractive, naked thing Katsuki was /eager/ to mark.

He was careful with his teeth and the intensity of his kisses, but from the throb of Eijirou’s cock in his hand and the encouraging moans from above him,
Katsuki was fairly certain he wasn’t doing /too/ bad a job of marking up his new mate.

Katsuki nipped at the thick muscle between his shoulder and neck, a smirk curling on his face at the heady scent filling the barn.
Eijirou might not be able to smell it as strongly as a centaur, but Katsuki could practically /taste/ the lust his little mate was feeling.

Eijirou’s hands dug into his back, dragging down the firm length to press into his withers with a breathless moan.
Katsuki groaned at the touch, human half arching forward into Eijirou at the little massage those talented fingers gave him. Katsuki kissed Eijirou again, digging into his hair to hold him in place.
Eijirou’s hands found their way back up behind Katsuki’s neck before smoothing the line of his brow, the curve of his jaw - as if he were exploring each new place he touched, mapping it out by hand to remember for later.
“Always… liked how you touch me,” Katsuki grumbled, sides heaving for breath. His hand had slowed on his mate’s sex as he collected himself, thoughts pulled off course by Eijirou’s intimate touches.
He was embarrassed to admit such things, but the smile on Eijirou’s face was more than enough to make such honesty worthwhile. Katsuki tightened his grip, slid his thumb across the slit at the head of Eijirou’s cock as he began to move his hand again.
Eijirou lurched forward, lips pressing into Katsuki’s chest, arms lashing round his waist.

“Ahh… I wanted… I really liked.. I liked that you.. only let.. let /me/,” he gasped,
words slipping out between harsh moans as Katsuki tightened his grip & twisted his hand over the plump, dark head of his mate’s cock. It was slick with Eijirou’s arousal, & Katsuki released Eijirou to lift that same hand to his mouth, licking away the taste of his human partner.
Eijirou watched him do it, mouth half-open, hips jerking forward against Katsuki’s front.

“Kat- Katsuki, let, let me get on my - I want you to fuck me, I really, /really/ want that.” Eijirou blushed, obviously embarrassed to admit his desire.
He seemed a little less nervous than before, however, which Katsuki saw as a positive toward their inevitable mating.

It took another murmured request from Eijirou to process what he wanted before Katsuki stopped his explorations and let Eijirou turn slowly onto his belly,
steadying his shoulders as the human swung his legs over the bench to turn himself round.

“P-pass me, the, the lube, please?” Eijirou’s hand stretched out behind him, watching Katsuki from over his shoulder. His face was almost as red as his lovely hair.
Katsuki throbbed at the sight, eyes fixed on the round swell of Eijirou’s ass, those silver-seamed thighs and hips.

He dipped away from the bench, snatching up the bottle of slick Eijirou had used before, pressing it into his hand.
Katsuki gripped Eijirou’s hips, thumbs sweeping down over the curve of his cheeks before letting his hands drop to hold him open for inspection.

Eijirou made an embarrassed noise but didn’t pull away. He just laid there submissively,
feet braced against the blocks nailed into the legs of the breeding bench for leverage.

There was something in Eijirou’s hole - something that was spreading him, holding him open. Katsuki traced the rim of it, surprised at the size.
It was likely about the width of Eijirou’s clenched fist, only a touch smaller than his own cock. If Eijirou could take /this/… Katsuki shuddered at the thought of actually getting to fully mount his human partner.
Eijirou covered his hands in slick and reached back over himself, hand slipping in the lube he must have used to get the object inside himself in the first place.

Katsuki knew about sex toys - he’d seen them used enough in the stud and milking barns.
If a stud or mare was hesitant or slow to provide samples, a well-handled toy was an easy option to encourage a satisfactory result.

Katsuki had kicked away stablehands who tried to approach him with such tools to get him to stud. He didn’t want /pleasure/ from these people.
He wanted to be left alone.

Eijirou’s hand finally closed round the base of the toy, dragging Katsuki from his thoughts. The length of the toy was surprising, too. It was at least equal to Eijirou’s own forearm, if not a little longer.
Katsuki watched it slip from his insides, hungrily admiring the slick, dark gape the toy left in his mate. When it was finally free of his body, Eijirou carefully dangled the toy from the tips of his fingers, dropping it onto the robe he’d let fall to the floor earlier.
“Can you put - pour this in me?” Eijirou asked a moment later, holding the lube out to Katsuki. Katsuki nodded, dumbstruck, took the bottle, distracted by the sight of Eijirou tracing his fingers round his hole, adding more slick to his insides.
Eijirou reached back and held himself open when Katsuki finally clicked the bottle open. He stiffened a little when Katsuki upended the bottle and let the slick flow right into his open hole, broad shoulders curling in toward his chest before easing with a few, deep exhales.
A few seconds passed before Eijirou groaned and called out. “That’s - enough. Maybe… you’re.. um.. you’re /big/ Katsuki.”

Katsuki snorted and closed the bottle, setting it near the base of the breeding bench.
He didn’t want to toss it somewhere into the barn and then have to hunt it down later in the heat of the moment if more was needed.

“You can take me, Eijirou. You were /made/ for /me/,” Katsuki growled. The back of Eijirou’s neck was pink, as were his ears and cheeks.
Katsuki reared up slowly, glad that the bench had padded rests for his forelegs. He wouldn’t want to chance putting them directly on Eijirou or too close to him - it wouldn’t do to ruin their mating by slipping off mid-fuck or put too much weight on Eijirou and crush him.
Eijirou tipped his hips up and scooted a little further down the bench, wriggling his ass in what was probably an unintentional display while he got comfortable - but it was certainly a /display/ nonetheless.
Katsuki was temped to get him to hold in place, to tip his chest down farther and spread his legs apart, maybe even test out the slick vice of his ass with his tongue before Eijirou grew too tired for more.
Katsuki knew he was a demanding stud… he truly hoped Eijirou /had/ been training himself. If not, this might be a very /short/, unpleasant affair for them both.

Katsuki slide his front legs forward, carefully folding them around the provided rests.
He gripped the edges of the bench in front of Eijirou’s bowed shoulders as he shuffled his hind legs closer, the thick swell of his cock sliding over the curve of Eijirou’s ass.
Eijirou gasped as the head pressed at his hole before skating up over his lower back with a frustrated groan from Katsuki.

“Hold on.. let me.. guide you in,” Eijirou mumbled, reaching back and working his fingers round the head of Katsuki’s cock.
Katsuki bit his lip & held his breath while Eijirou brought him into position, focusing on /patience/ as the tip of his cock slid into wet heat.

“Mmm..” Katsuki’s groan was guttural as Eijirou arched his back, the head of his cock pushing smoothly into his ass.
“Aaah… /big/, bigger than - than the toy,” Eijirou hissed.

Katsuki’s heart pounded, wondering if he was hurting Eijirou, if he should /stop/, but Eijirou trembled and reached forward to curl his hands into Katsuki’s, insides squeezing down with his next, louder moan.
“Keep going, Katsuki. Ffff…. unnghh.. fuck me,” Eijirou gasped.

Katsuki couldn’t bend close enough to do more than hold onto Eijirou’s outstretched hands, but it was enough to make the encounter intimate, remind him exactly whose body was opening up to let him in.
Whose groans rang off the dark corners of the private barn they were in.

Katsuki worked himself in bit by bit, careful to pause whenever Eijirou hissed or shifted uncomfortably. It took several long minutes of in and out, gentle thrusts and slow withdrawals,
but finally, /finally/ (and completely unbelievably), Katsuki was fully sheathed inside his human partner.

Eijirou’s ass flexed against his sheath, tightening as much as he could round the impressive cock inside of him.
“Ah… you… are you alright?” Katsuki’s voice was guttural and breathless as he held himself in check. The urge to thrust /wildly/ was there, just beneath the surface of his rational mind, but Katsuki suppressed it, focusing on the hands twined into his own,
the rise and fall of Eijirou’s back that he could feel against the barrel of his chest.

Finally, a few long moments later, Eijirou stirred and lifted himself a little. He stiffened and gasped as Katsuki shifted inside of him, but didn’t pull away or cry out in pain.
“Y-yes… oh /god/… god you’re so /deep/ in me, my /stomach/…” Eijirou released one of Katsuki’s hands and a moment later, Katsuki groaned as he /felt/ Eijirou pressing at his belly, at the bulge Katsuki’s cock made inside of him.
“Ahh… /fuck/, fuck, Katsuki, you feel so good - so much warmer than I thought… Ugh..”

Katsuki stroked Eijirou’s hand, reaching as far as he could to caress his mate’s arm. He wished there were a way for them to embrace while they mated,
but the difference in their anatomy, as well as the sheer /size/ of Katsuki made it an impossibility.

Eijirou finally stopped pressing at his stomach (and Katsuki’s cock, through it), putting his hand back into Katsuki’s and relaxing around him.
“You can… I want -“

“Can I mount you, now?” The words tumbled from Katsuki’s mouth, but he didn’t regret the eagerness of them. He was /throbbing/ with the heat around him, the welcoming slick of his mate’s insides.
Eijirou had done all this to accept him, and Katsuki wanted to reward him with a thorough fucking and a belly of his seed to carry after they were done. Katsuki didn’t plan to be done for a /while/, however. He was a patient partner, despite his impatient attitude outside of sex.
“Yeah,” Eijirou managed, squeezing Katsuki’s hands. “I’m.. I’ll tell you, if - if I can’t, if -“

Katsuki squeezed back. “If you let my hands go, I’ll stop.”

“That’s - yeah, that sounds good.”
Katsuki hummed and gave a little roll of his hips, grinding the top of his sheath into the swell of Eijirou’s ass before drawing back. Eijirou groaned and held Katsuki’s hands harder, clinging onto the bench and his partner as Katsuki began pushing back inside.
At first, Katsuki only pulled free a hand’s length of so at a time. Eijirou was tight inside, resistant when Katsuki seemed to push through the curve of his insides.

Eijirou moaned and rolled back into the thrusts despite the tension inside of him,
so Katsuki kept on until the clenching released, and he was sliding in and out with ease.

Katsuki knew he was settling into a rut-haze, that he was in the mind of a stud, fucking his mare and testing out the depths of his insides.
Eijirou was certainly willing, squeezing tight around him, massaging the length of his shaft with every move inside of him.

It wasn’t long before Katsuki was thrusting harder, almost half his full, instinctive pace.
Eijirou’s moans rang out from beneath him, the ripple of his insides betraying his first (of /many/, Katsuki promised) orgasm.

Katsuki paused to let him recover, still sheath-deep inside his partner.
After a few moments, Eijirou sobbed out a garbled sentence, of which, only one word Katsuki was able to understand: “/more/“.

He gave Eijirou more.
It grew easy to bring Eijirou off inside, again and again with the fast swing of his hips driving himself deep, deeper than he’d ever imagined he would get with his human partner. Katsuki felt his own groin tightening, swelling with the familiar heat preceding orgasm.
It wasn’t the longest fuck Katsuki had ever had, but it was certainly the best and most intimate. Eijirou kept calling out for him, whining and begging, squeezing Katsuki’s hands and bucking beneath him.
He bit into his lip and /rumbled/ as his cock throbbed, orgasm roaring up in his senses. Eijirou groaned and writhed beneath him, pushing back into each of his thrusts.

Katsuki’s head whipped back as he came, flooding his little mate’s insides with potent seed.
He had refused to give this to dozens of other humans, no matter the coaxing or rewards promised. Katsuki willingly came now, legs trembling at the force of it, the overwhelming pulse of sensation and the loud, ecstatic response from his mate at being filled.
Katsuki slowly eased his grip around Eijirou’s hands a few moments later, still panting from his orgasm. Eijirou was limp and quiet, which alarmed Katsuki for a moment until Eijirou let out a broken sound and stroked Katsuki’s wrist.
“I’m pulling out,” Katsuki warned him, back legs shifting the hay and testing his footing. He was still shaky on his legs, and he /preferred/ if he was able to keep from collapsing after his first successful studding in years.
“Ahh.. ok, just.. slowly?” Eijirou’s voice was raspy and cracked. Katsuki’s heart squeezed, instincts insisting on caring for his new mate, keeping him fed and watered, tucking him into a clean bed where he could be kept safe and full.
Katsuki pulled free in slow increments. It was a little more difficult now, despite the excess semen wetting Eijirou’s insides. He was tired and sore after mating, and his muscles did little to help guide Katsuki out.
It was a slow process, minding each little spasm of tired muscles and doing his best not to force them to relax. Eijirou groaned when Katsuki finally slipped free, an audible drip of fluid pattering into the hay beneath the bench.
Katsuki folded his forelegs and pushed himself backward, teetering on his hind legs before he came down on all fours with a (barely) controlled crash. Eijirou was sprawled on the bench, his back a little red from Katsuki rubbing against it.
Katsuki walked closer and carefully lifted Eijirou from the bench, sliding an arm beneath his chest to lift him up, slowly guiding his bent legs up from the ledges they were clamped against.
Eijirou whimpered a little, obviously sore and overstimulated. Katsuki nickered to him, cradling Eijirou in his arms and turning from the breeding bench. He eyed the hay in the stall, noting thick horse blankets neatly piled in one corner.
He eased himself down beside the blankets and gently rolled Eijirou onto them, pulling the blankets around his body and slowly stretching out beside him.

It was a little awkward, but eventually Katsuki was spooning Eijirou from behind with his human half,
arms wrapped around his waist, slowly stroking between the strong muscles of his chest.

Eijirou seemed to come back to himself in stages, stretching against Katsuki and letting out a content little sigh at the soft kisses Katsuki pressed to his neck and shoulders.
“I love you,” Eijirou mumbled, a while later, still sprawled in the protective curve of Katsuki’s body.

Katsuki’s hearts, both human and equine, trembled at that. He had never understood the declarations of affection others made before meeting Eijirou.
The words came easily to him now, with his human mate warm and sated in his arms.

“I love you.” He whispered it into Eijirou’s hair, a secret just for the two of them. Eijirou brought one of Katsuki’s hands to his face & kissed it, content to lay there in the stall with him.
Katsuki dozed with Eijirou for a while after their mating. He got up some time later, eager for something to drink.

Eijirou mumbled instructions on how to access the little fridge in the staff area of the barn.
Katsuki typed in Eijirou’s code on the door and ducked through the entrance, blinking at the bright light after so long in the comfortable, dark haze of the stall.

The fridge had plenty of water bottles and other little snacks.
Katsuki didn’t know what to grab, so he gathered several in his arms along with the water bottles, lifting his foreleg to knee the fridge shut behind him.

Katsuki went back to the stall and nudged Eijirou awake once he laid down again, tucking his legs beneath him.
Eijirou grumbled at being pulled from his nap, but brightened at the food and water Katsuki held out to him. Katsuki’s instincts were pleased at being able to care for his mate, especially a mate that was willing to be cared for.
So many centaur partners were eager to move and stretch after fucking, and the intimacy of the moment was fast forgotten with the return of ordinary thoughts.

Katsuki appreciated that Eijirou seemed keen to do nothing more than lean against his chest and relax together,
drinking water and slowly eating the food Katsuki had found.

They would need to talk eventually, but Katsuki was more interested in laying back down with Eijirou after his human curled into the little nest of hay & blankets & gave him a pleading look that was impossible to deny.
Katsuki wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but he had never felt so at ease. Certainly not inside a stud barn, and definitely not with a human. With Eijirou, however, anywhere could be safe for him.
Katsuki stroked Eijirou’s sides while they talked and relaxed, tracing the silvery marks on his thighs and hips that Eijirou told him were left behind his growth spurts as a teenager.
Eventually Eijirou seemed more alert and sat upright, stretching his arms and chest and crawling out of their little corner to find his robe again. Katsuki watched him as he tied it closed again, careful to keep his emotions from his face.
He loved Eijirou, and he knew Eijirou loved him, but he couldn’t help dreading what would happen once they left this barn. The small universe made up of this stall and the experience of mating with his partner was vastly more palatable than returning to a caged in stall
and avoiding the persistent demands to give samples whenever his owners wanted.

“I didn’t know centaurs could pout,” Eijirou said, startling Katsuki from his thoughts.

Katsuki scowled at him, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m not… /pouting/. I’m thinking.”
Eijirou walked back towards him, almost eye to eye when Katsuki was laying down like this on the ground.

“Yeah?” His voice was soft as he slid his hands into Katsuki’s hair, leaning forward to press a kiss to his mate. “What are you thinking about?”
Katsuki bit his lip, gaze flicking to the closed barn doors beyond the stall.

“Oh.” Eijirou ran a hand through his hair, wild and tangled from the pairing and their cuddling in the stall. “You’re worried about the farm?”
Katsuki stared at his mate. “I don’t /care/ about the farm - I care.. tch,” Katsuki broke off, glaring at the other wall of the barn until the surge of anger abated enough to keep from yelling. “I care about being made to stud anyone that’s not you.”
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