While going through the opinion pieces of six regular columnists that appear in our national dailies you might wonder why didn’t they also get the pink slip as unceremoniously as the rest ?
For the past thirty years at least, these esteemed writers have dished out the same stuff on the same subject with a little weekly tweaking here & there.
The only obvious difference being that when they were previously apportioning blame, it would be on this, that, whoever but definitely not the Powers That Be.
However, now it lands squarely, solely & entirely on the PM.
The viciousness it seems, is directly proportionate to favours denied.
As long as these entrenched fossils remain, expect no change in debate, discussion & opinion.

A New India deserves better.
Hence the move to social media where the narrative evolves real time, not in panelled studies & rarified drawings rooms.

One glance at their whining TLs & their limited RTs & you know the defanging is successfully underway & rendering them irrelevant, not a far off day.
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