My supermarket has been out of eggs. Today I got some eggs. I made an omelette. A great omelette. The best omelette. My neighbors smelled it cooking. They texted how outstanding my skills are. They called to say I'm the greatest egg chef ever. The egg shells were cracked evenly.
Cracked down the center on a perfect line. Cracked with just my hands. My neighbors were so impressed in my skills they told the people across the street. They are touting my prowess with eggs. The fake media will never give me credit for my skills as a chef.
So I have written a book. All by myself. No help. My words are the best words. It will be the 3rd best book ever written. The Bible is #1. It stars 2 dudes from Corinthia. Of course my 1st book, Art of the Deal is #2. And now, How I Won the Egg War and Made the Best Omelette.
McDonalds will buy MY recipe and sell it in their stores. It will be huge.
Liberate the chicken coops. Eggs need to be laid here. Bring the chickens home from China & Mexico. China & Mexico will pay to bring our chickens home. I take no responsibility if you get salmonella.
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