gulf auditioned for tharntype as a no name actor. he was shy keeping himself in his corner but his will and determination was stong so strong that when phi mame and the others saw him they knew he is perfect for type. the journey of gulf kanawut.

he saw a boy he said to himself “i wonder who he is he came with alot of people so many supporters” he can’t help himself but be intrigued by this boy who is exactly opposite to him, full of spirit that shines but he said he wanted to be closer to this boy. and so he did.
little that he know january 26 is the day his life would changed. it was the beginning of a very successful career and also the day he met his soulmate.
you knew didn’t you? that tharn was standing infront of you when you guys finally paired up together. you knew you type, have met your tharn.
1st pic is at feb 17 you were workshop sitting opposite each other
2nd and 3rd pic feb 23 you guys held hands, sitting next to each other.
4th pic may 19 you guys are closer than ever
october 7 was the first day tharntype aired at the television and at linetv. the first time we saw you as type. hello there type nice to meet you.
when ep 1 aired you guys didn’t know it will be a success but it did! hello there to the two soulmates who have found each other tharntype and mewgulf.
the fruit of your labor finally showed when you held your first fm at dec eight it was titled gulfbigday because its a celebration for your birthday. when i saw how big you first fm was im so proud not alot of newbie have experienced this but you did. it shows your first success.
at january the last ep of tharntype was aired i know you missed them so much goodbye type thiwat and thara kirigun
at january 26 it was already a year since you have found your soulmate and a year can change a person drastically but you stayed the same. you were loving humle and kind. maybe a little wiser and confident than before. i call that growth.
march 10 you won best couple award by howe together with the boy you met a little more than a year ago. isn’t it beautiful you’re achieving so much with the person that you love.
feb 20 you won you’re first big award the “best kiss scene” for newbie actor this is huge right? you’re able to win such an award with only 1 yr experience in the industry. doesn’t that show how great of an actor you are but all of that is made much special because he was with u
he accomplished so much already and it’s just been a year. the journey was not easy if you’ve been with him since the beginning you’ll know he faced alot of challenges but he remained strong he kept fighting to get to where he is now. his fans grew bigger as time passes by.
all throughout your journey there was a boy who constantly stand by you. he was with you from the beginning thru hard times and good times he will hold your hand for as long as he can. maybe that’s why you are grateful to him. the love that you two have will forever be beautiful
congratulations gulf kanawut for reaching 1M followers pls know mewlions and waanjais will stay with you. 🎉🎊
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