The Battle of 2900 has begun with this week into next likely to bring heavy vol. If the bulls can close this range for the month, it'll be a supreme victory and I will be long to the teeth.

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This week in particular will be of significance as we close a 2weekly bar right at mid cycle, which is directly aligned with our level of interest. Note this is only the 7th test of 2weekly mid cycle in ~20 years. Not to be taken lightly

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Think of the terrific irony should we scream to ATHs within a month or two. The market will have gone from extreme upside to downside R/R in a quarter. Which is scarier: immediate and complete market recovery, or further downside? How comfortable would you feel with ATHs in May?
Bulls need to close 285.19 today. Given a preference, I'd rather be above mid cycle on a bar close than below it. Today closes 2weekly and 3weekly bars together.

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