gulf said that he still remembers this day clearly after being casted as tharntype and mewlions asked him to stand beside p'mew 🥺 he said he was really shy back then but mew kept on talking to him which made him feel at ease YOU GUYS THIS HITS SO HARD 😭💘 #GulfIn1MillionLove
back when he had his first interview for getting the role as type and he was really nervous and overwhelmed because of the sudden huge attention he's getting 😭 #GulfIn1MillionLove
some rare previews of that shy boy from that day he might have felt weird that there are actually people starting to take his photos and give him attention 🥺😭 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf also mentioned that after the tharntype casting, he can remember that his next meet-up with the fans was during the LINE TV Awards 2019 😩 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf said that back then there were only a few fans supporting them 😭 #GulfIn1MillionLove
this might be the first ever award show gulf has attended and he looks kinda amused & lost at the same time 🥺 im just glad that p'mew was there by his side 💖 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf also talked about how he was given more opportunities to meet the fans during their workshops 🥺 #GulfIn1MillionLove
"hello everyone and to those who didn’t come today, never mind because we will see each other some time. thank you for your support."

back when he was doing a VG for the fans that weren't able to come to the workshops 😭 #GulfIn1MillionLove
during workshop days when they would really go talk & take selfies with the fans every after session 😭 those times spent with them were really precious to him 🥺 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf said that this might be his first official individual event and he was also confused as to why he became part of the Issue Boys 🥺 we love a very down to earth man despite having those topnotch visuals 🤧 #GulfIn1MillionLove
he also didn't forget to mention that there were fans who came & followed him to give their encouragement you really can see how thankful & glad he is 😩💘 #GulfIn1MillionLove
more rare clips from that day he was such a shy boy and to think that the other issue boys are already well known in the industry IM JUST SO PROUD HE BECAME ONE OF THEM 🤧 #GulfIn1MillionLove
issue boy gulf was looking really really glorious that day 😍 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf said that even tho ttts didn't air yet the fans still came at their events to support them like this daradaily8 awards and he thought people might just go "who is this person?" because he's being surrounded with fans 😭🥺 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf's video greeting to one of his fanclubs he really talks to us in babie 🥺 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf said that during this time, the series already started that's why more & more people get to know him better and for that he was thankful for making his family grow even bigger 😭💖 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf remembered mewgulf as the couple who breaks shopping malls during B2S event & said that he was also shocked as it's his first time to see that many fans 🥺 look at him wrapping his hand on mew's waist from behind while walking 🤧 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf's first ever fan meeting & he said he can't sleep bc of excitement, he's not good at singing but he still wanna sing for all the fans 🥺 that day was so special that his special someone really came to surprise him 😌 #GulfIn1MillionLove
during the marimekko event at the central world, gulf said his new year gift for the fans was to take selfies with ALL of them & he can still remember how his gums went dry from smiling for hours but he said he's willing to do it for all of us 😭💘 #GulfIn1MillionLove
and as the events keep on coming, his family also keeps on growing 🥺 he said he's not sure what will happen in the future but he wants us to be with him throughout the journey 😭 #GulfIn1MillionLove
gulf's last ment, he wants to tell all his phis, nongs, friends & fans that he will be the good & lovely boy for everyone to adore him forever but on one condition, we must stay with him forever as well 🥰

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