My feeling toward Jordan has tempered since I watched him speak at Kobe’s memorial. But make no mistake, I couldn’t stand this man during the 90s. I’m back on Twitter just for this #TheLastDance
This is a precious retrospect. Just waiting for The Shot so I can be petty. #TheLastDance
I will say: I remember standing mid court at UNC when I was in high school competing at nationals. I felt Dean Smith and Jordan’s legacies. It was a great time to be a high school athlete. #TheLastDance
Hakeem Olajuwon is a fellow @UHouston alumni ✊🏾

Clyde Drexler was coaching the men’s team when I was there. I remember he told me I should play basketball instead of running track (even tho I was running track at the time). Great great times.
Jordan was so nimble. He had the body of a track athlete, which in the 80s really made a difference on the court. No one was doing what he was doing with his body. We don’t y’all about this enough. #TheLastDance
Kobe studied Jordan off the court too. Their mannerisms were even the same. Sheesh. #TheLastDance
I was IN LOVE with Scottie Pippen. I had his posters hung up everywhere in my bedroom, along with Tyson Beckford 🥴 #TheLastDance
I saw myself as the Scottie Pippen on my varsity squad. I respected his respect for respecting his lane. #TheLastDance
Scottie was 150lbs in college?! Did I hear that right?! I was 150 in middle school.
So I see I’m gonna have to explain my love for Scottie Pippen.

In brief: I admire a team player who understands and values their lane.

I’m also always drawn to the one in the shadow.

“If you’re trying to maintain dominance over people you don’t want to give them a chance to gain confidence” - Micheal Jordan.

This perspective should only apply to controlled sports environments.

Do not apply this mentality to everyday personal relationships.

John f*cking Paxson. #TheLastDance
“I just took advantage of my youth and energy” - Michael Jordan.

Okay, that was an insight.

“We knew the guy [Jordan] was coming, he just needed the right horses along with him.” - Magic Johnson.

This is an INSIGHT.

Also why I strongly believe role players make GOATs possible.

That was a fun trip down memory lane. See you next week. #TheLastDance
I only liked The Pistons when they beat up on The Bulls. It was a complicated and toxic time for an NBA fan. The kids nowadays have no idea. #TheLastDance
Oh god. Here we go. #TheLastDance
Mark Price is everything. #TheLastDance
Someone check on Craig Ehlo. #TheLastDance
Good to know I was one of the people Jordan wanted to go to hell after that game. Makes me feel better about not liking him. #TheLastDance
This is the most I’ve ever learned about Phil Jackson’s backstory. #TheLastDance
Whew the triangle offense. I remember even in high school our offense changed during that era when Phil took over as head coach. All of basketball changed. #TheLastDance
The Jordan/Thomas beef has always been a particularly delicious beef lol #TheLastDance
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