2/ It takes about 3 seconds on google to tie Gaga to satanism, so I won’t waste ur time w 20 parts on how symbolic all her current performances are, but instead I’ll try & bring out some stuff maybe u haven’t seen or don’t know about her. But here is a few current examples…..
3/ Gaga fits THE EXACT MODEL of almost every pop star controlled by the Illuminati:

-SEVERE mental issues
-Abuse as a child
-Suicidal thoughts
-Sacrificial deaths

They pray on weak, helpless kids who would sell their soul in a heartbeat cz they’re 1 step from suicide anyway
4/ Gaga was a very talented young girl, this is not up for debate, but she was playing shitty dives on the lower east side and lasted 3 MONTHS at def jam before she got dropped (failing career). Until Interscope picked her up & BANG. BTW, have u seen Interscopes logo?
5/ Her 1st hits are similar to most occult industry leaders, that they are very POP, corny & not demonic, but w/ dark symbolism

Gaga:Just Dance, Poker Face
Katy perry:I kissed a girl
Eminem:Real Slim Shady

Gaga sports the Illuminati Eye on the youtube cover for her 1st 2 hits
6/ I think its obvious she was MK Ultra brainwashed & controlled at a young age, but to think this girl isn’t a full blown satanist now is COMICAL. Watch her SLIP on Jimmy Kimmel. U will see she is REALLY trying to be sweet & likeable here & just has one of those “OOPS” moments
7/ WTF? Have u ever once said, “I swear to Lucifer?”


And it came so naturally!

No one can say this was “artistic expression” (but we should question why Kimmel didnt comment on it)

But let’s continue....
8/ I also like to address this article from http://MTV.COM  in 2012 where the maids found A TUB FULL OF BLOOD in her hotel & were told to:


This was after she recorded her hit song Judas, where she fell in love with the man who betrayed Jesus.
9/ Gaga always gets a pass & we are told “It’s artistic expression,” but as we know, this is a lie. U know who else ppl used to say was just an “expressive artist” & not a satanist, until wikileaks emails blew the roof off it?

Meet Marina Abromovic: https://twitter.com/TommyG/status/1242127810656980993?s=20
10/ “Out Of Shadows” did a great job of red pilling sheep on how deeply tied Marina Abramovic is to lady gaga.

please watch this 2 min clip if u havent seen it already.

Marina put her through a MK Ultra torture session & bragged about how now 14 yr olds will know who she is.
11/ Even her name “Lady Gaga” is extremely interesting. “Gaga” is a babies’ first word & is tied to absent mindedness in the thesaurus, which leads us directly into MK Ultra brainwashing & creating human robots

AMAZING ARTICLE ON GAGA’S NAME: https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/lady-gaga-the-illuminati-puppet/
12/ Odd thing is Gaga claims she got the name from a Queen song called “Radio Gaga” & one of Queen’s most iconic performances was at LIVE AID, which was eerily similar to the ONE WORLD concert I’ll touch on shortly. Gaga is the new robot pawn for the elite to control the world
13/ As for MK Ultra, (watch out of shadows, it’s real) one COMMON side effect is these people “GLITCH” which is why they need “handlers”.

When they “glitch” their brains short circuit momentarily, its trauma from the 🧠 washing. Gaga always echoes “Im sick of being handled”
14/ Gaga “glitches” a lot & it’s easy to just write it off as “oh she’s batshit” or “oh it was performance art” but it isn’t.

Watch Seacrest realize it & JUMP to end the interview here.

This vid is from duckduckgo & a spanish site (395k views) cz its shadowbanned on google.
15/ Theres more of her in this vid, but this one shows a lot of celebs glitching

Notice they all “go dark” then “SNAP OUT OF IT”. If you havent seen this video, get ready for a “WTF!”

*im aware this is deep down the rabbit hole, Ill get back on track
16/ Of course Snopes (who may do a whole thread on) will debunk all the satanism, cz they are paid to do so to keep u uninformed.

We did an IN DEPTH segment debunking Snopes on @nomercypod episode 21.

But here is a quick overview from Fall of the Cabal:

17/ Some of Gagas videos have 2X as many views as the entire population of the USA (720MM).

She controls the minds of the millions of people, yet her mind is controlled by others.

Watch Five Foot Two, the girl is a mental & physical disaster! She shouldnt be leading anyone!
18/ In the above clip she talks about “losing people” everytime she hits a milestone. Kinda sounds like what @2larryjohnson7 always points out about how every milestone has a sacrifice to the Gods attached to it!

So Gaga went from Corny pop videos, to this…..
19/ Speaking of sacrifices, remember Gaga’s BFF & FAR MORE SOUGHT AFTER counterpart in 2007, Lina Morgana?


Thats cz the media buried the story of her death!

Weeks before she was about to explode she committed “suicide”

Months later Gaga adopted her persona & exploded
20/ HAVE FUN DOWN THIS RABBIT HOLE! Cause not only did the 2 do a song together, but Lina’s mom was so convinced that she was murdered, & Gaga stole her whole persona, that TMZ reported on a video Lina’s mother made to show what she believed to be proof!
21/ Then Lina’s Aunt came out w/ some things that made A LITTLE TOO MUCH SENSE

“Why would Lina kill herself 3 wks before a miss NY beauty pagaent & only months away from the drop of her lifelong goal of her first album!?

And why was no one allowing them to release her songs??
22/ Have fun w that shit!

Recently Gaga took it to another level as a lead role in American Horror Story, season 5. where she won her 1st ever Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Tv show playing the part of “Countess”

I’ll let the pics below fill you in on her character
23/ Fans seemed confused!

Gaga, who has 80MM twitter followers, is always outspoken about rape & assault, yet glorifies it in her videos & shows!

Now she just did one better & decided to stand by Joe Biden, who is a known predator. Can’t make it up. https://twitter.com/dempstermd/status/1249844881465282560?s=20
24/ Well it would make sense why Gaga really isn’t opposed to promoting sex traffickers, pedophiles and rape, considering she is clearly listed on the Epstein flight logs and used to make trips to the pedophile island, which was a playground for the Satanist elites!
25/ THEN she decided to side with the world health organization and throw a concert with all her illuminati friends from the flight logs, called “ONE WORLD” 😂

Literally throwing it in our face!

Notice the pic W.H.O.s twitter used to promote this NWO puppet show…. #StayClassy
26/ Trump wisely defunded this horrific organization while Marina joined Bill Gates on a VERY CONTROVERSIAL AD that immediately got pulled down due to patriots attacking it….we call this #TheGreatAwakening https://twitter.com/TommyG/status/1249921552772214787?s=20
27/ Bill Gates is so powerful in WHO that since Trump defunded it, he now contributes more money to WHO than ANY COUNTRY (pic 1). With Marina on his satanic side, Gaga the sheep quickly followed, calling the head of WHO “a superstar” (pic 2) as he threatens the USA (pic 3)
28/ Just to top it all off, guess who was named as a good will Ambassador to WHO?
29/ I don't have time to get into the Gaga “meat dress” or Satanic Superbowl halftime show (google it) or any of the other crazy stuff she does on a day to day basis, but I will throw out there that there are “rumors” she is Marina’s biological daughter, but if not, she is now!
30/ Anyway, Myself, @bobslessons @Deplorablejanet & @thebodnomercy will be recording a new @nomercypod tomorrow (Sunday) going more in depth on MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Hanks, W.H.O., The Virus and MUCH MORE!

Subscribe to be notified https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/no-mercy-podcast/id1411706853
31/ As usual,

32/ another really freaky conspiracy theory about Gaga is the whole Amy Winehouse, Kreayshawn, Gaga conspiracy. I didnt wanna get too crazy, but I see some of u commenting w/ it, & theres some weird shit there for sure.

Have fun down that 🐰🕳️ HAHA (freckles in same spots)
33/ Just realize this video got left out of the thread.....we all know about the "Gaga Transgender" "Hermaphrodite" or "Sex Change" or even "Lizard Person" rumors.....here is a quick highlight reel

bottomline, who knows, but I'm not dying on this hill.
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