Jimin sees Taehyung at a wedding reception 6 months after they break up.

And Taehyung is on the arm of another man. Looking radiant, laughing at something, eyes crinkling happily. The man has his arm around Taehyung’s waist.

Jimin downs his drink and turns away.
Taehyung is only here because of Jimin. It’s Jimin’s coworker who is getting married, and Jimin had introduced Taehyung while they were dating—they got along quickly.

They’re only friends because of Jimin. Taehyung is here because of Jimin.

But he’s not here with Jimin.
It feels like an insult, somehow.

Taehyung knew he would be here. Knew Jimin was still hung up on him (the drunken texts from only a week ago prove that; Jimin doesn’t remember sending them).

And yet here he is. Hanging off another man, seemingly enraptured with him.
Jimin has no idea who this other guy is.

He’s not even that handsome. Nowhere near Jimin’s level. Jimin scoffs as he grabs another champagne flute from a passing caterer.

Taehyung could do better. Does do better.

That makes the insult even worse.
Jimin knows, logically, that not everything Taehyung does is because of him. Not every choice he makes will have Jimin in mind.

But logic can go fuck itself. Jimin’s angry and on the wrong side of tipsy.

They had dated for their whole time in college, and two more years after.
That doesn’t just go away in 6 months, and definitely not for a man not even half as good looking as Jimin.

Taehyung is doing this on purpose. He must be.

Jimin downs his drink again and pushes himself to his feet. Two can play at this game.
Kim Seokjin is two tables down. Jimin knows him, he’s in the buying department at their company. Has been there a little longer than Jimin has.

He’s good at his job, funny, approachable. And he’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

Jimin knows he’s single and very gay.
Jimin eyes him for a moment, and then Seokjin looks up, meeting his gaze.

Ready, set, and begin.

Jimin smiles, fluttering his lashes. Seokjin blinks a few times before smiling back, cheeks going a little pink before glancing away again.
It’s been a long time. A long, long time. But Jimin knows what he’s doing.

He grabs another glass of champagne, and briefly glances Taehyung’s way; only to find him watching him right back.

Something heavy settles in Jimin’s throat. He swallows it down with more champagne.
With Taehyung’s eyes still on him, Jimin gets to his feet, and saunters over to where Seokjin is sitting.
“Seokjin-ssi!” Jimin greets with a dazzling smile. Seokjin meets him with another of his own, welcoming Jimin as he takes a seat next to him.

“Jimin-Ah, we’ve been working together for years. I think outside of work we can drop the formalities, right? Call me hyung.”
“Of course.” Jimin says. “Hyung has always been good to me.”

Seokjin’s cheeks dust with pink once more. “Yah, it’s nothing. Are you enjoying yourself?”

Jimin considers his next words. Decides to throw caution to the wind. He lowers his voice a little. “I am now.”
Despite the flush now reaching his ears, Seokjin gives Jimin an easy smile. “That’s good to hear.” He studies Jimin for a moment. “I noticed you arrive earlier. You came alone?”

“I did.” Jimin takes a sip from his glass. “You notice me a lot, Hyung?”
Seokjin laughs suddenly. “You’re bold, Jimin-Ah.” But he looks pleased, and Jimin smiles.

“Do you, Hyung?”

“Maybe I do. Maybe it’s hard not to.”

Jimin hums, and this time he’s the one sporting pink across his cheeks.

“But I think you know that already.”
“Maybe I do.” Jimin says, just as coy. “Maybe I notice you noticing me.”

“Seems we’re both doing a lot of noticing.” Seokjin says, and Jimin giggles, leaning into Seokjin’s space slightly.

“Seems so. A lot of noticing but not a lot of action taking.”
“Are you here to remedy that, Jimin-Ah?” Seokjin quirks a brow, the pink on his cheeks settling into a pretty shade of red.

Jimin swears he can still feel Taehyung’s gaze boring into the back of his head. Jimin flutters his lashes once again.

“I am.”
They’re not exactly subtle, stumbling through a side door of the main venue and into an empty hallway, and Jimin wasn’t trying to be.

Seokjin presses him up against the wall and he tastes like champagne and chocolate cake.

It’s been so long since Jimin has kissed anyone.
The last time Jimin and Taehyung had kissed was almost two months before they had even officially broke things off. And it’s been no one since then.

Jimin feels clumsy, alcohol buzzing under his skin, but Seokjin doesn’t seem to mind; has taken the lead for him.
Seokjin kisses eagerly, and he kisses well. Jimin moans into his mouth when Seokjin’s hands squeeze his waist, bunching up his dress shirt.

Jimin pulls at Seokjin’s shirt, untucking it from his pants to get at the skin underneath, feeling his muscles jump under Jimin’s fingers.
"Bathroom." Seokjin manages, Jimin whining pathetically when he creates some distance between them.

"You're the one who shoved me up against this wall." Jimin tries to tease, but he sounds too breathless, and Seokjin only laughs as he tugs him back and towards the bathroom door.
They enter, checking around first to ensure it's empty before claiming a stall for their own.

It's been years since Jimin's had sex in a public bathroom. He's excited by the prospect, and when Seokjin crowds him up against the back of the stall door, he goes easily.
"I have no illusions about what this is." Seokjin says, as he noses just under Jimin's ear, nipping at the skin there to make Jimin gasp, barely able to register his words.

"I saw Taehyung arrive earlier too. I know you two recently broke up." Seokjin says against his neck.
"I saw you glancing at him while flirting with me."

Seokjin presses up completely to Jimin now, and Jimin feels so small, completely covered by Seokjin's frame. Seokjin bites into the juncture between his neck and shoulder, bites /hard/, and Jimin moans loudly.
"Truly shameless, Jimin-ah." Seokjin says, licking across the mark he's left on Jimin's skin.

Jimin grips at Seokjin's shirt, feeling caught, feeling heated--Seokjin aligns their crotches and rolls his hips, and Jimin can feel how hard he is in his slacks.
"You don't mind." Jimin breathes, arching into Seokjin's touch, vying for more friction.

"I don't care what game you're playing." Seokjin murmurs, finally pulling back so he can look Jimin in the eyes. His pupils are blown, face still flushed red, lips puffy and slick.
"I'm just here for a good fuck."

He accentuates his words by pressing the heel of his hand into Jimin's crotch, pressing hard against Jimin's erection, watching Jimin squirm and moan before him.

"So keep me out of the drama, and we're good."
Jimin finds himself nodding even before Seokjin has finished speaking. "Yeah, fuck, yeah, just--just keep touching me."

Seokjin grins, and he suddenly looks very wicked, not at all the polite and friendly businessman that Jimin knows.

It looks good on him.
"If you ask nicely," Seokjin teases, removing the pressure from his hand.

"Please." Jimin says without hesitation, gripping hard at the front of Seokjin's shirt, keeping Seokjin pressed to his front. "Please, keep touching me."

Seokjin brings a hand up to grip Jimin's chin.
He angles Jimin's face up, squeezing his fingers so Jimin is forced into a pout, Seokjin leaning down to nip at Jimin's bottom lip.

"You sound so desperate." He says, voice low. He kisses Jimin then, licking into Jimin's mouth,
his grip on Jimin's jaw making it so he can only just take it, take Seokjin's tongue and meet it with his own.

Jimin has no control in this kiss, and he feels droll slipping from the edges of his lips as Seokjin kisses him, his other hand finally returning to Jimin's front.
Seokjin unbuttons Jimin's slacks with deft fingers, letting his pants sag against his thighs as he reaches into Jimin's briefs.

His fingers are cold against Jimin's flushed skin, making Jimin gasp, Seokjin easily swallowing the sound.
Seokjin moves Jimin's briefs down, letting the band snap underneath Jimin's balls, pulling a moan from his chest as Seokjin takes him in hand.

"God," Seokjin says, pulling away from the kiss to press his lips to Jimin's ear, "everything about you really is small."
Jimin feels his whole body buzz at the words, heat flushing over him as his cock twitches in Seokjin's hand. He's completely trapped between Seokjin and the door of the stall, covered entirely by Seokjin's frame, his wide shoulders and big hands.

And Jimin revels in it.
"Jimin-ah," Seokjin says, his teeth grazing the shell of Jimin's ear, his grip tightening around Jimin's cock for a brief moment, "how do you feel about letting hyung fuck your pretty mouth?"

Jimin moans, wanton and loud. It's been so long since he last had a cock in his mouth,
stretching him, pressing into his throat.

"Yes." He gasps, and he feels Seokjin's lips pull back into a pleased smile. "/Yes./"


Seokjin leans back a bit to give Jimin room to sink to his knees, now coming face to face with the tent in Seokjin's slacks.
Jimin's hands shake as he unbuckles Seokjin's belt, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling them down along with his underwear.

Seokjin's cock springs free, flushed as red as Seokjin's cheeks, curving up towards his abdomen. Precum beads at the tip, and Jimin is eager to taste.
He looks up to meet Seokjin's gaze, to find the older man is staring at him hungrily. He grabs at the base of his cock, bringing his hips forward so the head slides across Jimin's lips.

Jimin parts his lips, letting his tongue loll out to press against the head.
Seokjin presses forward more, and Jimin widens his mouth to accept his cock, sliding heavily against his tongue and into the heat of his mouth.

He doesn't break eye contact with Seokjin until the fingers Seokjin has wrapped around his cock meet with Jimin's lips.
Seokjin leans forward, resting his head against his arm on the door behind Jimin, and Jimin lets his eyes fall closed as he wriggles his tongue along the underside of Seokjin's cock.

"Fuck," Seokjin breathes, and Jimin hums, reaching down to fist at his own cock.
The last person he sucked off, was of course, Taehyung. And where Taehyung was long, pressing constantly deep into the back of Jimin's throat, Seokjin was thick; the width of his cock stretching Jimin's lips and causing more drool to dribble down his chin as he moves back.
The press back in is careful, and Jimin can feel Seokjin trembling at how slow he's going, letting Jimin get used to the stretch, to the back and forth over his tongue.

He hollows his cheeks, sucking in hard as Seokjin nearly bottoms out once again, making Seokjin stutter.
Seokjin's hand comes to the back of Jimin's head, his fingers threading into Jimin's hair, and this time when he pulls back, he tugs, making Jimin moan just as he thrusts back in with more force.

He hits the back of Jimin's throat, his own moan becoming choked.
Jimin sputters, more drool coating his chin, and now Seokjin doesn't hold back; he thrusts with purpose, grip tight in Jimin's hair, keeping him exactly where he needs him.

Jimin whines as best he can, collecting some of the drool so he can pump his own cock.
It's dirty, so dirty; the wet noises of Seokjin thrusting into Jimin's mouth, Jimin breathing heavily through his nose, Seokjin's quiet moans and the sound of Jimin's hand on his own cock.

Right there on the floor of a public bathroom at his coworkers wedding.
Seokjin is hot on his tongue, and his mouth feels stretched so satisfyingly full, heat spreading down his spine in shivers and pooling in his gut.

Anyone could walk in. Jimin is sure he's whining and moaning loud enough around Seokjin's cock to be heard even through the door.
And a small part of him hopes someone does hear.

Hopes someone is standing outside that door, listening to him take cock, listening to how desperate he is for it, how shameless.

He hopes it's Taehyung.

He hopes Taehyung can hear him taking someone elses cock and /liking/ it.
It's that thought that pushes him so quickly over the edge, his orgasm unexpected; his cry choking on Seokjin's cock as he comes all over his hand, dripping onto the ground, tears springing to the edges of his eyes.

Seokjin grunts, tugging suddenly at Jimin's hair.
Jimin goes slack, Seokjin's movements becoming jerky.

"Hyung's gonna--gonna come in your mouth--"

Jimin whimpers, high and needy, still gripping at his softening cock. Seokjin buries himself deep into Jimin's throat, Jimin's face pressed right into Seokjin's skin as he comes.
Jimin swallows as much as he can, but he splutters anyway, feeling spit and cum dribbling out the edges of his lips.

Seokjin pulls him off by his hair, his breathing ragged, and Jimin finally opens his eyes to look up at Seokjin, vision blurry.
Seokjin takes a step back, letting go of Jimin's head, reaching blindly for the roll of toilet paper.

He breaks some off, wiping his cock clean, then throwing the used paper into the open toilet.

Jimin slumps forward, still catching his own breath, swallowing painfully.
"That fucking mouth of yours." Seokjin says as he tucks himself back into his pants. "Just as good as I thought it'd be."

Jimin licks at his chin, swallowing again before clearing his throat. "Glad I could live up to expectations." He croaks.
Seokjin hands him a wad of toilet paper, which he accepts gratefully, using it to first wipe as his chin before cleaning up his hands and the mess on the floor.

"We should do this again." Seokjin says, helping Jimin as he gets to his feet. "Unless this was just for Taehyung."
Jimin looks up to Seokjin's face, an excuse on his lips; but he sees no judgement on Seokjin's face.

"Like I said, I don't care." Seokjin says. He moves Jimin to the side so he can unlock the stall door. "Just be upfront next time."
Jimin leans back against the side of the stall, watching silently as Seokjin fixes himself in the mirror. Apart from the blush on his cheeks, he still looks impeccable.

"I'll see you at work, Jimin-ah."

With one last glance at Jimin in the mirror, Seokjin heads to the door.
Jimin throws the wad of toilet paper into the toilet, rubbing at his mouth to help soothe the ache there. He hears the door to the bathroom open, and then--

"Hello, Taehyung. He's inside."

A chill runs down Jimin's spine.
As if summoned by Jimin's thoughts from earlier, Jimin whips his head around to see Seokjin holding the door open for Taehyung to step through.

Seokjin's smirking as he leaves, the door clicking shut behind him.

And Taehyung is there, staring at Jimin.
Taehyung's gaze is heavy, assessing. Jimin swallows again with effort, straightening himself up, tucking his soft cock back into his pants and buttoning them back up.

Jimin walks towards the row of sinks, and begins to wash his hands.
"You were listening?" Jimin asks, and his voice is like gravel. Taehyung's eyes narrow.


Jimin turns off the tap, flicking his hands in the air a few times before wiping them on his pants. Pretends like the admission doesn't please him.
"That's what you wanted, right?" Taehyung continues.

"Why would I want my ex-boyfriend to hear me hook up with someone else?"

Taehyung snorts. "You tell me."

"I don't have to explain myself to you."
(tw, name calling, use of the word slut)

Taehyung's eyes narrow, his chin jutting out in irritation. "You put on such a show. Act like a slut just to get my attention."

Heat settles once again in Jimin's cheeks. "What, you think all this was for /you/?"
"I know it was."

"Fuck you, Kim Taehyung. How conceited do you have to be--"

"No, fuck /you/, Park Jimin. You have no right to act like this. You're the whole goddamn reason we're even here in the first place." Taehyung spits, and there's fire in his eyes, voice dangerous.
"You're the one who broke up with me!" Jimin cries, stomping forward so he can poke Taehyung in the chest. "You're the one who ended it. You're the one who didn't even want to talk. This is your fault, Taehyung."
"You still don't understand a thing." Taehyung says, and his voice is now quiet; it's such a sudden shift it leaves Jimin feeling off balance, his anger suddenly having no wall to beat against. "You still don't get it."

"Don't get it? You broke my heart, Taehyung!"
"You broke mine first, Jimin."

They stare at each other, Taehyung's eyes now so sad, Jimin's anger slowly burning away. The fire in his gut dying out, settling into something dense, uncomfortable where it sits.
The quiet stretches on, and Taehyung slowly lets go of Jimin's wrist, letting his arm fall back to his side.

"Who is he?" Jimin finally asks. "The guy you're with tonight."

"A friend. Who agreed to come with me for support." Taehyung swallows. "Because you're here."
It wasn't as he thought. Of course it wasn't.

And he went and fucked it up even more on his wrong assumption.

Taehyung takes a step back. "You missed a spot." He gestures to a spot under his own chin. His voice is carefully blank. "I'm going home."
Jimin can only watch as Taehyung turns on his heel and leaves.

Jimin turns back to the mirror, lifting his chin, and wiping at the spot of come left on his neck with his sleeve.

Too many thoughts spin around in his head, and he suddenly feels too heavy in his own skin.
The pleasant buzz from the alcohol he had is long gone, and the high from his orgasm has faded quickly.

He stares blankly at himself in the mirror.

Fuck you, Taehyung, he thinks, but his conviction is weak. He just feels tired.

He doesn't bother returning to the reception.
(additional TWs will be added as we go along. for now, TW for: alcoholism, alcohol abuse, drunk sex with strangers and therefore dubious consent, self destructive behaviour. don't feel guilty if you ever need to stop reading for any reason at any time! I understand.)
Seokjin greets Jimin at work the next day as if nothing happened. Jimin bows politely back, trying desperately to ignore the migraine making a home between his eyes, and puts it all aside.

Work comes first, and he has to keep focus. Nothing else matters right now.
They're swamped that day, the company has released a new promotional package and the phones are off the hook. He ends up working the floor himself, fielding questions and demands from employees and customers alike.

He doesn't let himself think, just work.
Weekends are always the busiest. He's been volunteering to work them for years, even when he was only part time during college and desperate for the extra cash. It's part of how he got promoted so quickly, keeping up the work ethic even when he wasn't hurting for cash.
He doubled down once he graduated, and became full time. And he was noticed. He was praised. He was promoted and given a raise and then promoted again.

He started as just a call centre grunt, then became team leader, and then was taken off the floor as a manager.
Then Jimin was promoted again, not just a manager for the call centre, but a leader for customer services as a whole.

After only working part time during college, then two extra years full time.

He's extremely proud. Even if it's not his dream job, not what he studied.
He intermingles with the other departments often. It's how he met Seokjin, lead of the buying department, who source stock and ensure they have the products they sell.

Even though Jimin was the youngest person in the room most of the time, Seokjin never treated him that way.
One thing about Seokjin is he always preferred in-person visits over email correspondence.

So they were casual friends at work, and had been for a while. Polite. Friendly. Cracking the occasional joke. Catching the occasional flirty glance.

Until the wedding reception.
But Seokjin doesn't acknowledge it, so Jimin doesn't either. They continue as they always did.

Jimin is fine with that. Things are still comfortable. Friendly but professional.

Until he returns home on Friday night after doing a late shift at work.
His apartment is dark and cold. He toes off his shoes, shrugging out of his coat. His backpack is heavy and he carries it directly into the living room, flicking on the lights as he goes, throwing himself onto the sofa along with his backpack.
He pulls out his laptop first, setting it onto the coffee table and turning it on as he digs back through his backpack and, one by one, takes out the bottles of soju he bought from the convenience store around the corner.
The clerk had smiled and asked if he was having a fun get-together with friends. He'd smiled politely back and not mentioned it was all for himself.

He doesn't bother with glasses, just unscrews the cap and takes a sip directly from the bottle.
His laptop dings with an email alert, and he takes another gulp as he checks it.

More work. He replies to it. Another sip. Another email.

He feels like sometimes, he never actually leaves work at all.
After a while, as he empties another bottle, he realises he should probably stop replying to work emails as he starts making even more spelling mistakes that he has to edit more than once.

He leans back with a groan, head lolling to the side, staring blankly at nothing.
It's so quiet. Nothing but the sound of his own breathing, and the fan in his laptop.

Taehyung used to make the apartment loud. With music, with chatter. With just his very presence.

Fuck, Jimin misses him.
His phone chimes, and for one stupid, weak moment, he thinks--Taehyung. Taehyung has text him.

But it's not. He stares at the screen, blinking the words of the contact name into focus.

Kim Seokjin (work).
Seokjin: I see you're finally offline

Jimin reads the message twice. He doesn't send anything else as follow up. Jimin frowns as he focuses to type back a response.

Jimin: I am

Seokjin: You figure things out with Taehyung?

Jimin, who was taking another sip, chokes on it.
He takes a moment to recover, swallowing more soju to ease the tickling in his throat.

Jimin: No
Jimin: Why?

Seokjin: Huh. Just curious.

Jimin stares at his phone, unsure what to say back.

Seokjin: See you Monday, Jimin-ah.

He doesn't send anything else.
Jimin finishes another bottle. And then another.

Eventually, he falls asleep on the sofa, phone clutched in his hand, opened on Taehyung's instagram account.

Taehyung finally deleted all of their pictures together.

Jimin downs two energy shots before he arrives into work on Saturday morning, using sheer will to ignore his hangover and keep up a good front. He touches up his make-up during the day to make sure no one notices the extra deep bags under his eyes.
He returns home, and continues to reply to work emails until he's too drunk to type properly, and once again, falls asleep on the sofa.

He has Sunday off for the first time in a while. But his alarm still wakes him up at 5am, and he stumbles to the bathroom to throw up.
He hadn't eaten since lunch at work, and the only thing that comes back up is bile, burning his throat and nose. He hunches miserably over the toilet bowl until the retching stops, and then stays there for a little while longer, the cold of the tiled floor seeping into his bones.
Eventually he pulls himself to his feet, washing his hands and rinsing his mouth out.

The thought of breakfast makes his stomach churn even more, so he walks right passed the kitchen, returning to the sofa and picking up his phone.
There are more jumbled messages from him to Taehyung's number. The read receipt is checked. None of them were replied to.

He doesn't remember sending them, yet again. He feels shame settle in his chest.
Taehyung has not text him once in the 6 months since their breakup. Jimin has text him multiple times.

Pathetic. He's pathetic. And Taehyung sees it and probably laughs at it. At him.

Look at Jimin, still hung up over a man after 6 months.
Getting drunk and texting him over and over, misspelled love confessions and begging for him to come back. Desperate and pathetic and obsessed. That's what he so obviously is.
He thought he could show Taehyung at the wedding reception that he was actually fine. That he could move on. That Taehyung didn't affect him.

But the evidence is right here, in the messages he keeps sending over and over.

It's not enough.

He needs to do better.
Jimin downloads J*ck'd. He sets up his profile, sets his preferences, and then... swipes right on every single profile he sees.

It doesn't take long until he's getting messages. He replies to some, ignores others--starts getting dick pics from the ones he pays attention to.
It's easy, so easy, and... Jimin feels numb.

He hasn't been fucked in months. Even before he and Taehyung broke up, they weren't having sex, and hadn't for a long time.

The blowjob with Seokjin was fun, but... he wasn't getting fucked.
Maybe, if he does this... he can start to move on. Fuck Taehyung out of him, in a way. Get rid of the faded memories of Taehyung's hands on him, his dick inside him. Replace them with new ones, better ones--from men who look nothing like Taehyung.
Like Seokjin, tall, broad, muscled. Like the guys sending him dick pics, big men, toned and strong. No soft stomach pudge, no rounded faces--the complete opposite.

The complete opposite of what he wants, of his preferred type. But necessary.
He's narrowed his choices down to three. A white man named Josh, whose Korean is simple but does the trick, with a thick beard and a big dick. And two other Koreans, one younger than him, the other older. The younger is cute, has wide eyes and cherry red hair like an idol.
But he's covered in tattoos, and is absolutely shredded, and his dick is big too.

The older of the two has sly features, and the dick pic he sends includes a shot of his knobby hands, long fingers he promises can open Jimin up and stretch him expertly.
He's not as muscled as the other two, but is definitely toned, face a little more angled.

He messages the three of them into the afternoon, as he cleans his apartment--getting rid of the empty soju bottles and making himself a very light lunch before doing the dishes.
Jimin sends pictures back of his own--older ones he used to send to Taehyung. Of his cock, or his ass, cheeks spread. Followed by flirty messages, asking them what they'd do to him, if they could fuck him good.

It's so easy. Jimin still feels sick with a hangover.
He drops the white guy when he calls Jimin his pretty asian twink in English, and eventually decides not to pursue the younger one--he doesn't want to be called Hyung by someone while having sex. It hits too close to Taehyung.

The one called Yoongi ends up happy to meet.
Jimin doesn't feel like going out. Doesn't want to go through small talk at a cafe or awkward silences at a bar or club.

He heads out to pick up more soju. They can down some shots and then get right to it. Easy.

He sends Yoongi his address and hopes it doesn't go badly.
Jimin only gets more anxious the later it gets. The closer it gets to the time Yoongi said he would come over.

He ends up drinking some of the soju himself to sooth his nerves. One shot turns to two. Then four. Then the whole bottle.

His nerves don't go away.
He's just emptying the last few drops from the bottle when his phone buzzes.

It's Yoongi. Says he can't make it.

And fuck. Jimin is nervous, but--but he wanted to get fucked. He'd showered, he'd shaved, he'd moisturised--he was ready.

He doesn't feel relief.
He can't go back and message his other prospects, he'd already written them off. No one else had really caught his eye.

Fuck, he was so ready. He wants it. He needs it.

And then, as he backs out of Yoongi's messages, his eyes drag over to the contact just under his.
Jimin bites his lip as he clicks into the messages and stares at them.

It wouldn't hurt, would it? They've already crossed that line. And shown it doesn't affect their work.

He's just drunk enough to not second guess himself.

Jimin: Hyung
Jimin: want to come over?
Jimin stares at the screen, at his sent message, until the read receipt checks. And then the typing dots come up onto the screen.

Seokjin: I assume this isn't just a social call

Jimin takes in a deep breath. Now or never.

Jimin: I want you to fuck me, Hyung
He feels his face flush as the message is marked as read. Watches intently as Seokjin begins typing, stops, and then types again.

Jimin opens another bottle.

Seokjin: Bold, Park Jimin
Seokjin: Very bold

Jimin: will you or not

Seokjin: Send me your address. I'll come over.

As Jimin lets Seokjin in, Seokjin gives him a once over before he's bending over to take off his shoes.

"You look like shit, Jimin-ah. Not sure if I should fuck you in this state."

Jimin levels him with an unimpressed stare. "If you're not gonna fuck me, then leave."
Seokjin straightens up, studies Jimin's face for a moment, then glances over his shoulder into the living room.

"Maybe I'll have less qualms about it if you share that soju."

"That's what I got it for."

"Hmm, sure." Seokjin brushes past him, immediately making himself at home.
Seokjin grabs the already opened bottle and takes a long swig as he settles onto Jimin's sofa. Jimin takes a seat beside him, tucking his foot underneath him.

"What is it that they say? It's 10pm somewhere in the world?" Seokjin grins as he says it. Jimin says nothing.
Seokjin takes another gulp before placing the bottle back down, and finally shifting to face Jimin.

"So. Gonna tell me why you're getting drunk on a sunday afternoon?"


"Alright. Gonna tell me why you want to get fucked while drunk on a sunday afternoon?"

"Okay. Cool. You're being very good at setting the mood, Jimin-ah."

Jimin, despite himself, feels the edges of his lips twitch up into a smile. Jimin sighs, exaggerrated.

"I just want to be filled, Hyung. Want to be split open on a cock and pounded until I cry. Is that enough?"
Seokjin taps at his chin, as if debating. But Jimin can see the interest in his eyes.

"You were so good for me back at that wedding reception..."

Jimin hums, shifting forward, moving from his position so he can swing a leg over Seokjin's lap and settle there.
"I can be good for you again."

From this position, Seokjin has to look up at him as he leans above his face. Seokjin's hands settle on Jimin's waist, squeezing just a little.

"That's better. I was missing your charm."
Jimin hums again, leaning over to nose at the side of Seokjin's face, pressing his lips to his ear.

"I've been missing your cock."

Seokjin snorts. "That might be a but mu--oh." Seokjin cuts off as Jimin bites at a spot just below his ear, pulling at the skin.
"You came here to fuck me." Jimin says, licking gently over the spot he bit. "So do it."

Jimin pulls away then, getting to his feet. He grabs the opened bottle of soju and finishes it off, dropping it back onto the coffee table before turning and heading towards his room.
Seokjin follows, pressing in close to his back as he opens his bedroom door.

Jimin grabs at him, turning them so he can back Seokjin up until he hits the bed, pushing him down so he lands on the mattress.

Jimin straddles him again, leaning down to finally kiss him.
Jimin kisses harsh, not holding back with teeth and tongue. Seokjin seems to appreciate it, recuperating with as much enthusiasm, swallowing down the noises Jimin begins to make as he begins to rub against Seokjin, searching for friction.
"Eager," Seokjin mutters, gripping at Jimin's waist so he can move him off his lap, giving him room to move up the bed. Jimin follows, ready to retake his position on Seokjin's lap, but instead Seokjin grabs him and manhandles him onto his back and, fuck, does Jimin love that.
Seokjin immediately covers Jimin's body with his own, arms bracketing Jimin's head as he leans down to capture Jimin's lips again. It's still bruising, and Seokjin bites at Jimin's bottom lip, pulling at it. Their legs are tangled, as Seokjin's hips grind down onto Jimin's own.
"Lube?" Seokjin asks, lips pressing down Jimin's chin and to his neck.

"Top drawer."


Jimin snorts. "I sucked your dick bare last week and swallowed your cum. I think we're past condoms."

Seokjin lifts himself up so he can look at Jimin's face.
"I've slept with a few more people since then."

Jimin lifts an eyebrow. "In a week?"

Seokjin actually winks.

Jimin, surprisingly, finds himself giggling. "No condoms. I don't have any. And I don't really care, as long as you don't."

"Hm. We have no problems then."
"Just don't give me herpes, and we'll continue to have no problems."

"Sexy." Seokjin presses another kiss to Jimin's lips. "Strip while I get the lube."

Jimin doesn't have to be asked twice, pulling off his shirt and chucking his pants and underwear to the side.
Seokjin returns to his spot above Jimin, holding the half empty bottle of lube, still fully dressed.

Jimin's still only half hard, his dick twitching as Seokjin takes him in, eyes roaming across his skin appreciatively. Jimin stretches out under his gaze.
"Still so small and delicate, Jimin-ah." Seokjin says. Jimin nearly whimpers at his words. "Feel like I could break you if I fuck you hard enough."

Jimin grips at Seokjin's shirt, pulling him down aggressively for a kiss, licking desperately into his mouth.
Seokjin's hand roams, gliding down the middle of Jimin's chest, settling above Jimin's cock. He presses his palm over it, trapping it between his hand and Jimin's hip, making Jimin gasp as he squeezes.

"Let's get you begging for it then, hm?"
His tone has completely changed, and anticipation settles into Jimin's gut.

Seokjin's lips begins to follow the trail his hand went down, pressing, licking, and biting at Jimin's chest. He ghosts across a nipple, breath hot and causing goosebumps to fan across Jimin's skin.
Jimin tries to arch up into his touch, but Seokjin presses his palm down on Jimin's cock, the pressure bordering on painful--and Jimin's cock is plumping up even further as he squirms, biting desperately at his lip as Seokjin's tongue drags across his nipple.
Jimin gasps loudly then, muscles in his legs tensing as he tries not to move, not to wriggle as Seokjin plays with his nipple, swiping his tongue across it once again before pressing in to settle his teeth around the nub and gently tug, at the same time as he squeezes his palm.
"Please," Jimin finally breaks, the word suddenly bursting from his lips with a loud exhale. "Please, fuck, just get a finger in me, please,"

Seokjin lets go of his nipple, Jimin fully hard and hot under his hand. "There we go, that's what I wanted to hear."
Seokjin grins, moving his hand, thumbing across the slit at the top of Jimin's cock. "And it was so easy, too."

Jimin squirms, gritting his teeth, fists clenching at his sides as Seokjin idly squeezes his cockhead between his fingers as he also grabs the lube again.
"Lift your legs for me, baby. Let me have a look." Seokjin releases him, and Jimin eagerly parts his legs, lifting them up and gripping under his knees as he bares himself to Seokjin.

Seokjin eyes his ass intently, running a hand over the curve, fingertips brushing his hole.
"Look at you." He murmurs. "You prepared just for me? Got yourself all pretty and smooth?"

Jimin doesn't bother mentioned his cancelled dick appointment, just nods, biting at his lip again as Seokjin's fingers continue to graze gently over his hole.
"Did it so you would fuck me." Jimin says. "And yet you're not."

Seokjin stops teasing, bring his hand back to pop open the lube bottle. "You're all bark but no bite, Jimin-ah." Seokjin pours the lube onto his fingers, rubbing them together.
The moment his wet finger prods at Jimin's hole, Jimin's whole body tenses; he wills himself to relax, loosening his muscles, his eyes fluttering shut as the tip of Seokjin's finger presses in.

"Use lots of lube." Jimin advises, readjusting his grip on his legs. "I like it wet."
Seokjin wriggles his finger, sliding it a little deeper, curling and twisting to stretch Jimin out.

It's always a little uncomfortable at first, and Seokjin seems to understand, leaning in to trail kisses along Jimin's thigh as he pours more lube directly onto Jimin's hole.
He nibbles at the skin on Jimin's thigh, gently sucking to hear Jimin gasp as he inserts the tip of the second finger; slowly stretching Jimin's hole around the wider intrusion, easing the tension with his mouth, lips trailing closer to Jimin's cock.
"So pretty," Seokjin says into his skin, watching as Jimin's cock jumps at the praise. He works his fingers deeper, so wet and slippery with how much lube he's poured.

When he leans down to take the head of Jimin's cock into his mouth, Jimin groans.
The sudden wet heat feels amazing, Seokjin's tongue rubbing at the slit, his fingers reaching deeper into Jimin; scissoring against his walls before curling up, wrenching another moan from Jimin as he slides perfectly over his prostate.

"Fuck, there," Jimin gasps.
He can feel Seokjin's grin, as Seokjin prods again with his fingers, pressing in /hard/. Jimin whimpers, body twisting at the sudden assault, Seokjin swallowing more of Jimin's cock into his mouth.

Seokjin adds a third finger, the stretch finally feeling satisfying.
"More," Jimin begs, whining loudly at the wet sounds of Seokjin now fucking three fingers in and out of him. "More, please, fuck--"

Seokjin pops off his cock, licking down his shaft, wet lips sucking at his balls, making Jimin yelp.
Fuck, Jimin hasn't felt this in so long; his body thrums with energy, skin hot, his legs already aching from a position he hasn't had to hold in months.

It's good. It's so fucking good. Why has he waited so long to do this again?
"Fuck, fuck me /now/."

"Hyung will take care of you, baby." Seokjin says as he pulls back, simultaneously pulling his fingers out. Jimin whines at the loss, but the sight of Seokjin unzipping his pants so he can take his hard cock out and cover it with lube placates him.
Seokjin kisses up his chest, along his throat, and finally, kissing his lips as he slides into Jimin.

Jimin's whine is broken, swallowed by Seokjin's mouth, Jimin trying to focus on the coordination of the kiss as the stretch of Seokjin's cock overwhelms him.
He doesn't do a good job, he knows he doesn't, but he finally lets go of his legs so they can wrap around Seokjin's waist, now able to grip at Seokjin's shirt, making sure to hold him in place.

"Fuck, Jimin-ah." Seokjin breathes as he bottoms out, pressed completely into Jimin.
Jimin's eyes are squeezed shut, and his breaths are already ragged as he tries to adjust; he can feel excess lube dripping down his ass and wetting the sheets below him. And his cock throbs, desperate for more touch, but he can't let go of his grip on Seokjin's shirt.
"Hyung," he says, "fuck me."

Seokjin pulls back his hips and slams right back into Jimin. Jimin's mouth falls open, his whole body jostled by the force, and Seokjin does it again. And again.

They've given up on trying to kiss, Seokjin's face now pressed into Jimin's neck.
The pace Seokjin sets is slow and deep, each thrust makes his hips connect flush to Jimin's ass, pushing little "ah, ah's" from Jimin's lips.

He's so glad Yoongi cancelled. Seokjin fucks him /perfectly/.
Seokjin hits a particularly good angle that makes Jimin mewl, hands moving to grip at his wide shoulders, words babbling from his lips.

"There, more, please--fuck, Hyung--"

"So good for me, listen to you, Jimin-ah, begging for my cock while I'm already fucking you."
Jimin whines, loud and unabashed, when Seokjin snaps his hips and picks up his pace. The slap of skin against skin echoes in his bedroom, and Jimin can't stop the nonsense spewing from his lips that Seokjin pounds out of him.

"Hyung, hyung, please, fuck me, please--"
Seokjin is panting into his ear, breath hot against his neck. "Jimin-ah." He says. "Too bad Taehyung isn't here this time, hm? To listen to you get fucked by me?"

Jimin keens, grip on Seokjin's arms turning into claws.

"He can't hear you begging for my cock and not his."
Jimin can barely focus on what Seokjin's saying.

"Why don't we show him, hm? We don't we show him just what he's missing out on?"

But that grabs his attention. He gasps, pushing against Seokjin's chest so Seokjin can lean back, so he can see Seokjin's face.
Seokjin is flushed, the ends of his hair sticking to his skin, pupils blown wide. And he's grinning as he takes in Jimin's expression.

"You like that, don't you?"


"You still have his number, don't you?" Seokjin leans closer, right into Jimin's face.
"Why don't we sent him a little gift?"

Jimin's eyes cloud completely over, and he nearly comes untouched at the thought, at the suggestion.

Fuck. Sending Taehyung something of him being fucked by another man? Of him begging for another cock? Of him taking it so good?

Seokjin's grin is nothing short of predatory. Jimin reaches out blindly with his hand until it catches on where he tossed his pants aside, fallen half off the edge of the bed. He grabs his phone from his pocket and unlocks it, pressing it into Seokjin's hand.

"Do it."
Seokjin angles the phone towards Jimin, and then, Jimin hears the beep of the camera starting to record.

"That's it, baby." Seokjin says, balancing on one hand now as he thrusts again. "Show me how much you're desperate for it."
Jimin's skin prickles, as he looks into the camera lens, a whine spilling from his lips when Seokjin thrusts again.

"Fuck, harder, Hyung--"

He's never done something like this before, but with the phone camera pointed directly at him, he's feeling extremely watched.
And he loves it.

Seokjin snaps his hips again, the slapping sounding even more obscene now that it's being recorded, as the camera stays focused on Jimin, his cock steadily leaking against his abdomen, aching for release.

"Please, Hyung, please, I'm so close--"
"Good boy, baby, you look so good like this." Seokjin is focused in on the phone screen, his own face twisted in exertion now as he attempts to focus. "Hyung wants you to come on his cock, Jimin-ah."

"Please," Jimin whines loud, unabashed, as Seokjin's thrusts go even harder.
Jimin is so close, with Seokjin's eyes on him, with the camera on him, with Seokjin's cock hitting him just right. He's hot all over, skin tingling, right there, right there--

"Show Taehyung how good you can take it from someone who isn't him."

He comes, completely untouched.
He comes with a cry, spilling across his own stomach and chest, some even landing on his chin--above him, Seokjin groans as Jimin's whole body clenches, and Seokjin's thrusts become erratic as he chases his own release.
Seokjin's movements stutter and then he buries himself deep as he comes, spilling into Jimin, groaning gutteral and loud.

Jimin's eyes are watery, and he can't even focus on Seokjin above him, on the blur that is the phone still in his hand.
After a moment, he hears the beep of his phone as it stops recording. Seokjin then slumps forward, leaning heavily on Jimin as he catches his breath.

"Fuck," he says, "you really /did/ come on my cock. Jesus."

Jimin snorts weakly. "Yeah."
After a moment, Seokjin slips out of Jimin, and rolls over to the side. Jimin feels like he can finally breathe, stretching out his limbs, feeling cum and lube beginning to spill from his hole.

He looks over to Seokjin, to see him typing on his phone.
Seokjin looks over, and he grins, baring his teeth.


Jimin's breath catches in his throat. "You sent it?"

Seokjin hums, passing Jimin back his phone. And on the screen is the video they just recorded, and a message, sent to Taehyung's number.
Jimin: (video attachment)
Jimin: since you're not here this time xx

Jimin's stomach flips. The palms of his hands feel like they're prickling as he holds his phone.

Jimin grits his teeth. "Good." He says. He tosses his phone to the side. This is good.
This is how he shows him he's moving on. That he can do better. That he's not desperate.

This is how he shows Taehyung that he's perfectly fine without him.

It's good. It has to be.
Seokjin shifts. "I need a shower." He announces as he stands. "Mind if I use yours?"

"Yeah, sure."

Seokjin hums, looking entirely too pleased with himself. "Join me if you want. I can make sure you're properly cleaned out."

Jimin makes a face as Seokjin leaves the room.
Jimin looks back over to where he tossed his phone.

He stares at it for a moment, hearing the shower turn on in the next room. He worries his lip between his teeth. More cum and lube drip down his ass.

He decides to take Seokjin up on that shower.
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Taehyung has completely lost track of time.

The canvas in front of him is a little too big for his easel, but he'd managed to balance it on the lip and as long as he doesn't press too hard with his brush, it's fine.

It's a skyline, abstract in it's blocks of colour.
Blacks, dark blues, and yellows for the lights--something simple to keep him entertained while decompressing between big projects.

He's just finished a commission for some rich Chinese businessman, who wanted something to brighten up his office--on the insistence of his wife.
They'd been fine to deal with, and their piece is leaning up against the wall as it dries, soon to be wrapped and sent as soon as they finalise their last payment.

It's a good piece. It's also a good payday. And his next job is another good payday, too.
It's only his third piece for a major client. He'd been struggling to find work for so long, and then suddenly his business email had blown up overnight.

Apparently, some popular art reviewer on Youtube who gave unknown artists a spotlight had featured him, and word had spread.
After he'd graduated college, he didn't think he'd truly be able to pursue art as a full time career. He'd still been working part time at a supermarket, and painting a little on the side, but... it never went anywhere.

And once he'd been fired, and his art was all he had,
it still had gotten him nowhere. No one was interested. He was too eclectic. Too weird.

And then Jimin...

He'd considered giving it up. Genuinely. At that point, he had no motivation, no inspiration. His pieces all came out shit.

Until the Youtube reviewer.
The music he has playing dips in volume for a moment as his text tone chimes. Taehyung sighs, leaning back from the canvas, rolling his shoulders.

The sun has moved from one side of the room to the other since the last time he looked up.
Taehyung hums along to the familiar melody of the music, twisting to pick up his phone from where it sits on the table beside him--until a knock at the door stops him.

"Hey Tae, I'm back."

"Hyung, come in!"

The door opens, and Hoseok pokes his head through the gap.
Hoseok smiles widely as soon as he spots Taehyung.

"Have you even moved since I left this morning?"

Taehyung laughs, bringing a hand up to run it through his hair and rub at the back of his neck. "I, uh... I went to the bathroom once?"
"Kim Taehyung, have you not eaten at all today? Again?" Hoseok lets himself further into Taehyung's room, approaching the younger so he can pull him into a sideways hug.

"I was focusing." Taehyung whines, leaning into Hoseok's side.
Hoseok tusks, grabbing Taehyung's face with both hands and studying him intently. "You need to eat, Taehyung-ah, your face is getting too slim."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

Hoseok flicks him on the nose. "Stop it. Let's have dinner. I'll order japchae."
"No, /I'll/ order japchae."

Hoseok frowns. "Taehyung, how many times have I told you that you don't have to pay me back--"

"Hyung." Taehyung whines loudly again. "You let me live with you rent free for months."

"You weren't working, Tae, I didn't mind."
"But I'm working now! And I told you, I'd pay you back when I could."

Hoseok purses his lips. He gives Taehyung's cheeks a final affectionate squeeze before letting go and heading for the door. "We'll split it, then."

Taehyung grins at his semi-victory, getting up to follow.
"So, have you heard from Bogum yet?" Hoseok asks around a mouthful of noodles.

Taehyung shakes his head. "He's still mad at me for abandoning him at the wedding reception."

Hoseok swallows loudly, reaching for a piece of beef off Taehyung's plate. "Why did you leave him there?"
Taehyung sets his chopsticks down, suddenly not as hungry as he was a second ago. "Ah, I just... got overwhelmed. With the people."

Hoseok gives him the side-eye. "Really?"

Taehyung hums. He picks his chopsticks back up, and forces himself to take another bite.
Hoseok pauses eating for a moment to study Taehyung. "Was You-Know-Who there?"

Taehyung winces. "He's not Voldemort."

"Might as well be."

Taehyung snorts, playing with the noodles on his plate. "...Yeah, he was there. I didn't see him much though."
"I could have gone with you, you know." Hoseok says gently. Taehyung sighs.

"I know. But I didn't want to risk you yelling at him in front of everyone."

"It's what he deserves."

"Hyung, don't. I don't want to talk about it."

Hoseok purses his lips, but lets it go.
"I'm still going to find a way to pay you back." Taehyung says after a moment.

Hoseok shakes his head. "No you're not. We're family. It doesn't count."

"Are second-cousins really family?"

"Of course they are, you brat. Stop trying to give me money."
Taehyung finishes his plate, to Hoseok's satisfaction, standing to stretch just as Hoseok's phone goes off. Hoseok's expression softens as he reads his message, and Taehyung leans over, trying to spy the screen.

"Ooh, Hyung, who is it?"
Hoseok jerks his phone away from Taehyung, pressing it to his chest, using his chopsticks as a makeshift weapon to fend Taehyung off.

"Away with you, foul demon."

Taehyung giggles. "Oooooh, I think it's your boyfrieeeeeeend~"
Hoseok's whole face immediately flushes red.

"Ah-ha, it is! What did he say?"

"We're too old for this, Taehyung-ah." Hoseok mumbles.

Taehyung pouts. Hoseok glances at him and then immediately glances away. "Don't you use your pout on me, that's cheating!"
Taehyung pouts harder. Hoseok glances back to him once again, before sighing dramatically.

"Fine, he asked if I want to come over and spend the night with him."

Taehyung grins. "Ooh la la~"

"Stop it, you're too young to know what this means."

"Didn't you just say I was old?"
Hoseok groans, and Taehyung laughs freely, grabbing their empty plates and heading into the kitchen area.

"So I have the place to myself tonight?"

"I guess you do."
Taehyung washes up as Hoseok discards the delivery boxes, then disappears to get ready to head out.

Taehyung has just finished when Hoseok reappears, carrying a backpack over his shoulder, car keys in hand.

"Text if you need me, alright, Taehyung-ah? I'll come back."
Taehyung smiles. "I know, Hyung. And say hello to Namjoon-hyung for me, yeah?"

"I will."

"Have fun!"

Hoseok salutes as he slips into his shoes, and then out the door. Taehyung's smile falls, and he sighs into the quiet.
He hates an empty apartment. It's why he fills it with music when he's alone, to have some noise, to make it seem like it's not just him there.

It reminds him too much of how it used to be.
With that in mind, he heads back to his bedroom, where his phone is still on the table playing the music he forgot to turn off.

He takes a seat in front of his easel again, grabbing for his phone, absently unlocking it and bringing up Mel*n so he can skip a few songs.
It's then he remembers the text he received earlier. It was probably Hoseok, texting him that he was home before just deciding to knock on his door.

He opens his messages to clear the notification, but freezes when he finally sees it.
It's not from Hoseok.

Taehyung stares at Jimin's name. The preview says Jimin's sent him an attachment.

Taehyung sighs, rubbing at his eyes in frustration. He's so tired.
Taehyung clicks into the message, frowning as he reads the text. The video still is black. He's not sure what it means, and he's not sure he wants to see it.

He knows he should have blocked Jimin long ago. But he... couldn't bring himself to do it.
He wants to move on, he does, but... he still reads every one of the messages Jimin sends him. Even when they're clearly just drunk ramblings, not making much sense.

Taehyung can't help himself.

He presses play.
/"Show me how much you're desperate for it."

"Fuck, harder, Hyung--"

"Please, Hyung, please, I'm so close--"

"Good boy, baby, you look so good like this."

"Hyung wants you to come on his cock, Jimin-ah."

"Show Taehyung how good you can take it from someone who isn't him."/
Taehyung's grip on his phone is vice-like. He's frozen, unblinking, as the video comes to a stop.

His vision blurs around the edges as his hands begin to shake.
What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck.

It's a mantra that repeats in his head as he moves. Grabs his keys. What the fuck. Puts on his jacket. What the fuck. Slips into his shoes. What the fuck. Locks the front door behind him. What the fuck.

What the fuck, Park Jimin.
("Show me how much you're desperate for it.")

He blinks, and he's standing in front of the apartment door, pounding his fist repeatedly onto the wood. Doesn't stop until it swings open.

Until Park Jimin is standing there in front of him.
("Show Taehyung how good you can take it from someone who isn't him.")

Jimin's cheeks are flushed. His eyes are glazed over. Taehyung takes none of that in.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Park Jimin."

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