As calls go out locally and across Canada to open up hotels and other buildings so that homeless people can self-isolate, we want to draw attention to the lessons learned from the tent city movement in BC; namely, that quality of housing matters. THREAD ↘️
It is not acceptable to hide people behind closed doors and out of the public eye if the environment is more risky inside. Example: moving ppl from resident-run Super InTent City into service provider-run supportive housing = ⬆️surveillance, criminalization, illness, and death.
Super InTent City list of collective demands:
1. Self-determination and control over our own homes
2. Affordable housing and not institutional, supportive housing
3. Permanent homes and not temporary shelters or transitional housing
4. No policing or surveillance in housing
5. Processes of accountability for housing providers
6. Better and more diverse housing options
7. Good housing: privacy/space, proper maintenance, pets + guests allowed, couples can stay together, places to cook, workshop/communal spaces, private bathrooms, secure storage, etc.
#COVID19 is not the only risk homeless ppl face every day and it should not be the only factor considered in organizing a response. These demands ⤴️and others, developed by and for people who are homeless, should inform actions taken by the @CityOfVictoria and @bcndp.
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