As we approach our console launch, we want to celebrate the team behind StarCrossed! Let's put the spotlight on our fantastic developers in this thread 🎉

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First in the spotlight is @gunpuncher, 3D/UI artist & animator. Dillon is a powerhouse, handling everything from logo design to particle effects!

Dillon recently also worked on Warhammer 40k: Gladius and is often found running D&D campaigns.
They are available for freelance! 👀
Next we're spotlighting @ceschiii, our producer & narrative designer!💖

Cesca also made the 3D playable character models and handles our bizdev & social media. Saying she's busy is an understatement!

Check out her other current game projects, @_WeShouldTalk & @PlayKroma!
✨Our developer spotlight continues! ✨
Today we're showcasing @MikeFlewd, gameplay designer & programmer!

Mike handled StarCrossed's gameplay progression & procedural enemy system, as well as developing our dialogue system!
By day he's a Senior Unity Engineer at @dots! 🟢🔵🟣
Let's keep this going! Next is @basilbaye, character artist and illustrator! 🎨

Oriana designed the StarCrossed cast and is behind all the 2D character art in the game, including the opening cinematic!

She's currently working on a new project with @KOOPMode 🎉
Happy Tuesday! Our next spotlight is @RenzoGHeredia!

Renzo contracted with us to create sound effects for StarCrossed, bringing the Nova Galaxy to life!🚀🪐

Renzo is an Associate Sound Designer at Obsidian and you can hear his work in the award winning game, The Outer Worlds!
Next we have @BennyPeake, our systems programmer!

Benny programmed the core gameplay mechanics, including enemies and boss fights! He also does our taxes, which makes him a real life superhero. Thank you, Benny!

He works at Niantic as an AR Infrastructure Engineer! 💻
Just a couple more dev spotlights to go!

@kylehaste joined our team recently to help with audio. He directed the voice recordings for the StarCrossed cast and contributed sound effects!

He has a background in video games press, voice direction, and sound design!
Last but not least, @pearlpixel is in the spotlight!

Alex composed the StarCrossed soundtrack, which includes 8 magical and spacey tunes!🎶
She's especially excited for StarCrossed to launch on Switch, April 29!

Grab a copy of the soundtrack on Steam:
I want to wrap up this thread with a personal note about how grateful I am to have worked with this incredible team!

I was constantly impressed by everyone's talents and commitment. StarCrossed would not be what it is today without their contributions!

❤️ - @ceschiii
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