how to be noticed by @Calum5SOS ? this is the question that everyone asks, but no one (i think) knows the answer πŸ˜‚πŸ’™
recommend me a nice movie @Calum5SOS
or series, it depends what you prefer to watch.. i like to watch this and that, for example πŸ™„ @Calum5SOS
can you find the same dog somewhere? is this a unique dog? haha πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
i'm going to watch teen wolf, bye @Calum5SOS
i'm still watching @Calum5SOS
my english is good or not but fuck it @Calum5SOS
one person from this series scares me, but i also love her.. you understand? @Calum5SOS
you have 14 o'clock and 21 o'clock at my place.. ah these time differences @Calum5SOS
tell me what i'm doing wrong @Calum5SOS
i would like to have red hair already @Calum5SOS
i would like to dye my hair, but I can only do it on vacation @Calum5SOS
who? me? @Calum5SOS if so, i agree with you
i don't know why i write all this here and i mean you, although i could write to you on dm anyway @Calum5SOS
i'm addicted to tea @Calum5SOS and you
only truth @Calum5SOS
imagine that you will see it @Calum5SOS
i feel strange @Calum5SOS
i'm still here @Calum5SOS
it is already 15 o'clock for you and 22 at my place πŸ₯΄ @Calum5SOS
i'm going for tea because i want to drink @Calum5SOS
i'll come in a moment @Calum5SOS
i forgot to write that i'm back.. @Calum5SOS
but i'm back already @Calum5SOS
do you see it ? it's wonderful @Calum5SOS honestly admit that you agree with me
strange feeling when the veins hurt, is it possible? @Calum5SOS
everybody is fascinated by your hands, honestly it's me too, but not so much.. will you ever paint your nails? @Calum5SOS
i hope you don't kill me @Calum5SOS
i would hit the table with my hands, but i don't have a table in the room and i don't want to go to the desk @Calum5SOS
i will write here until i get bored @Calum5SOS
for now i'll give you peace, i'm tired, i don't even know what.. unless i'm doing nothing @Calum5SOS
i'm going to sleep, have a nice evening @Calum5SOS
i don't know what would happen if i woke up in the morning, i turn on twitter and see that you are follow me - my imagination doesn't give me peace, as i wrote @Calum5SOS
i got up and nothing happened, no surprise - that was what i expected haha @Calum5SOS
i missed my class 16 minutes @Calum5SOS it wasn't my fault that i didn't want to get out of bed πŸ₯΄
and you are sleeping again haha ​​i hate these time differences @Calum5SOS i will write in 20 minutes when the lesson ends, bye xx
good i came back, i still had to stay at the end of the lesson, because she wanted something from me - nightmare @Calum5SOS
yet biology lesson @Calum5SOS kill me
i survived today @Calum5SOS
i will write later.. - i reset it twice today! do you get it ?! @Calum5SOS
okey i am already, how are you @Calum5SOS are you ok
why now every day is so boring, although at least when someone releases something new, for example a new album or anything, it is more interesting @Calum5SOS
you're probably online now, but you won't see it anyway because you have a lot of spam haha @Calum5SOS πŸ₯°
do you know how i feel when i write all this? i feel strange @Calum5SOS
i don't know when i'll stop writing, but i don't intend to πŸ˜› @Calum5SOS
now i have "want you back" in my head - i love this song! πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
surely everyone is thinking what i am doing, but i don't know too @Calum5SOS
are you overwhelmed that in 7 days it will be a month since the CALM album came out?! @Calum5SOS
i'm laughing, i love you guys @Calum5SOS @5SOS
omg it's true lmao @Calum5SOS
i'm just watching spilling the quarantea, i'm laughing all the time and you're such a MOOD @Calum5SOS yes to you
i love you guys, i swear - you always make me feel better @Calum5SOS @5SOS @Luke5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Michael5SOS
shopping with @5SOS @Calum5SOS
luke hemmings net worth
ok i'm laughing but i love it @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS
slowed version of wildflower, that's it! @Calum5SOS
i don't want to have math tomorrow, i'm writing a test ... i can't do anything - it's as early as this morning, how to think?! @Calum5SOS
i love this video @Calum5SOS
i'm going to sleep and have a nice day @Calum5SOS
good night to you @Calum5SOS
omg i already wrote a maths test, it was cool, but i helped myself with the internet haha @Calum5SOS
i would like to order it, but there is no for europe :(( @Calum5SOS
i'm going to eat breakfast and listen to the podcast - to write later ❀️πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
i'm bored, i don't know what i am doing, that's why i drink Muller and watch youtube @Calum5SOS
if you are a harry potter fan, what home do you belong to? @Calum5SOS me slytherin
@Calum5SOS with the dogs, my favorite picture, but duke is missing here
ok i wish you a nice day, i'm going to keep watching youtube, i'll talk to you later @Calum5SOS
ok i'm back again x8372824 @Calum5SOS
April Fool's Day is long over.. @Calum5SOS you know who has the best wifi! πŸ₯³
when will this thread end?
i don't know! @Calum5SOS
when should i finish this thread? the decision is yours @Calum5SOS i'm waiting ;)
i will wait until possible~ remember that @Calum5SOS
and how do you read this thread now and consider me an idiot? omg that would be fun @Calum5SOS
i could write it to you on dm but i'm lazy ~ such a life @Calum5SOS
already writing here two days and still nothing @Calum5SOS
what did i expect? hahah
i'm just spam you, maybe i should stop writing? what do you think? @Calum5SOS
i don't know what to think about it @Calum5SOS @5SOS
these are cute penguins for @Luke5SOS but call him here @Calum5SOS
someone gives me likes under tweets, but when i come in to see who it is, it's nothing ~ weird @Calum5SOS
omg i have a new idea! i already realized it ~ something related to @Luke5SOS @Calum5SOS
do you know what I got from this math test? i got 4! do you get it?! I don't want to brag about it, but I usually get 1 hahah @Calum5SOS
when will duke content on twitter? @Calum5SOS if you see it then know that i'm waiting! i think most fans are waiting haha ❀️ @5SOS
how i love the song lights up from harry's album @Calum5SOS did you listen?
what playlists do you recommend on spotify, such with some great songs! 🧑 @Calum5SOS
i think so and i don't know what i mean @Calum5SOS
i ate blueberries and i'm tired of it, cool.. 😢 @Calum5SOS
soon to fall and will not survive @Calum5SOS
i have chemie first tomorrow, i don't really feel like it.. @Calum5SOS
okay, i'm going to sleep and have a nice day @Calum5SOS ❀️πŸ₯°
i hope you had a good day! @Calum5SOS
in 15 minutes i have english, later maths.. how i hate maths! 🀬 @Calum5SOS
ok but i didn't have math, thankfully
now i watch teen wolf again and eat jelly beans because i have nothing else to do
i have december 2 so far away @Calum5SOS
we need more videos like this @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS @Michael5SOS @Ashton5SOS @5SOS
theo annoys me at teen wolf @Calum5SOS
again, sorry for the spam @Calum5SOS
i would forget.. i wish you a nice day! @Calum5SOS
why does my head hurt every day and i have to take pills all the time, so that i don't get addicted.. as my mother said @Calum5SOS
i don't know if it makes sense to continue, i doubt all the time @Calum5SOS
i'll write later @Calum5SOS 🧑
i'm still watching teen wolf @Calum5SOS
when you complete mutual @Calum5SOS ? oh! i know the answer - never 🧑
what is your favorite emote? @Calum5SOS
what is your favorite movie and series? @Calum5SOS
What is your favorite color? @Calum5SOS
what is your favorite animal except dogs? @Calum5SOS
i have so many questions that i don't want to ask them xd @Calum5SOS
do you think writing "XD" is cringe? @Calum5SOS
because in my opinion a little bit @Calum5SOS
what my mutuals and not mutuals can think about what i write here haha @Calum5SOS
and what do you think @Calum5SOS
i hope you have a good day and that you are happy @Calum5SOS
i have a phase on Billie Eilish, i need to take a break from CALM for now, but i promise i'll be back to listening soon! @Calum5SOS
i want to go to sleep, but i really want tea, so i'll go get it ☁️ i'll be right back @Calum5SOS
ok i'm back, i have my lovely tea πŸ₯°πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
i feel addicted to tea @Calum5SOS
i love the song ocean eyes omg @Calum5SOS feel this vibe
and the song bitches broken hearts is cool too, but now i don't have a broken heart haha although i don't have to be heartbroken to listen to this song πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ @Calum5SOS
@Calum5SOS you know what? @mishayae misses you
i can't stand it and turn on calm @Calum5SOS
i love this song with all my heart @Calum5SOS
jet black heart now πŸ₯ΊπŸ–€
should i cry or what?
i'm going to sleep, good night and iwish you a nice day / evening πŸ–€βœ‹πŸ» @Calum5SOS
hi @Calum5SOS when i get up, you sleep nah
i have german and i don't understand anything @Calum5SOS
i am doing my homework and i took a short break @Calum5SOS
have a nice day πŸ₯³ @Calum5SOS
i'm going to do my homework again, have a nice day ❀️ @Calum5SOS
MY WIIILDFLOOOOOOWEER @Calum5SOS i love this song πŸ₯°
do you know i will dye my hair? you will probably never know because you will never see it (this tweet, thread ~ whatever) haha
as we have already mentioned about hair dyeing, i will be red! ❀️ i love this color like everyone else πŸ€ͺ @Calum5SOS
soon in june i'll dye, i'll send a photo when i have dyed hair! i can't wait πŸ€ͺ @Calum5SOS
i'm going to help my mother in cleaning, bye! have a nice day again haha @Calum5SOS
i forgot to write that i finished cleaning haha @Calum5SOS
i listened to music, watched one episode of teen wolf and now i'm sitting on twitter and also listening to music, and what are you doing? also listen to music 24/7 every day? @Calum5SOS
i don't know what to do.. again @Calum5SOS
do you know I have a math test tomorrow? yes, now you know @Calum5SOS
good that at least i can catch on and thanks to that I can get a better grade than 1 @Calum5SOS
a bit suspicious though, right? @Calum5SOS
how my english is bad? because i sometimes don't even know what i write @Calum5SOS haha
ok i had this math test, you know what i got? my grade is 4 from this test! i'm totally shocked and i couldn't do anything.. really and at math level i'm on 2nd @Calum5SOS
2 hours ago i had history, it was even cool, the teacher hasn't given us the test grades yet @Calum5SOS
how much i hurt english? @Calum5SOS
beeest friend ~ i love this song like any other @Calum5SOS
you're my best friend ✨
no, i didn't stutter 'til the
day end ☁️ @Calum5SOS
sorry for writing so little today @Calum5SOS
have a nice day πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
i feel bad today.. @Calum5SOS
i feel like i woke up after two weeks @Calum5SOS
i feel like i'm sleeping all eternity and i only sleep 13 hours πŸ˜• @Calum5SOS
i feel like i'm still dreaming @Calum5SOS
if you see this then we need more content with a lemon tree, duke, petunia and moose πŸ₯°πŸ€ͺ @Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS @Michael5SOS @5SOS
we will wait as much as we can, we promise @Calum5SOS
why does it write in the plural? @Calum5SOS okay never mind -
have a nice day @Calum5SOS
and i'm watching teen wolf again @Calum5SOS
i will start watching season 6 soon, but only in 3 episodes @Calum5SOS
i'll eat strawberry chocolate and what is your favorite chocolate? @Calum5SOS
have a nice day xx @Calum5SOS
i hope you're safe and healthy πŸ₯°πŸ₯Ί @Calum5SOS
i'm bored @Calum5SOS
sorry for not writing anything.. @Calum5SOS
have a nice day x 838849293482 @Calum5SOS
this is the moment when I'm getting bored, really @Calum5SOS
do you know i write for 8 days? how it flew quickly @Calum5SOS
red red desert 🏜️ @Calum5SOS
have a nice day 🌷 @Calum5SOS
have a nice evening πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ @Calum5SOS
i'm really sorry for not writing anything.. @Calum5SOS
i'll make it up today @Calum5SOS
and now i'm going to sleep...
@Calum5SOS 🧸
good night πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
good morning! πŸ’
i wish you have a nice day @Calum5SOS
i'll talk to you later because i have to charge my phone @Calum5SOS
byeee! i love u πŸ’˜ @Calum5SOS
hiii again @Calum5SOS
you know what? i'm bored to death @Calum5SOS
i don't count anymore which day since i'm writing to you here @Calum5SOS
probably long.. or short -
i don't know @Calum5SOS
have a nice day again.. @Calum5SOS
have a nice evening πŸ₯΄ @Calum5SOS
good night @Calum5SOS
i miss u @Calum5SOS
have a nice day @Calum5SOS
love u (: @Calum5SOS
follow me challenge @Calum5SOS
goodnight @Calum5SOS
too young.. too dumb @Calum5SOS
hi @Calum5SOS have a nice day xo
i feel bad today, i hope it will be better soon..
@Calum5SOS i want to cry
two days ago there was to be a concert i was supposed to go to.. @Calum5SOS
doesn't matter.. @Calum5SOS
i hope you feel better than me @Calum5SOS
i wrote here irregularly.. sorry ;/ @Calum5SOS
all that helps me is music, nothing more @Calum5SOS
i have a phase for songs girl in red @Calum5SOS
"oh hannah
tell me something nice
like flowers and blue skies" πŸ•ŠοΈ @Calum5SOS
i write to you like this because of boredom, i don't even think about ever writing back to me, i just write like that.. @Calum5SOS
at first i thought so, but now it isn't like that anymore @Calum5SOS
is it a bit strange for you that you can see yourself on other users' icons? probably yes @Calum5SOS
these online lessons are starting to annoy me slowly but that doesn't mean i want to go back to school because i don't want to @Calum5SOS
if you ever see it (somehow), listen to some polish songs on youtube hahah @Calum5SOS
i want to go to sleep @Calum5SOS
do you remember that? i'm still waiting @Calum5SOS
oh damn, it will be a month soon from when i'm writing to you @Calum5SOS
have a nice day
A G A I N @Calum5SOS
good night πŸ₯³ @Calum5SOS
have a nice day 🧸 @Calum5SOS
i can't sleep;/ @Calum5SOS
have a nice evening.. @Calum5SOS
i'm not in the mood @Calum5SOS
nominate you for #hot16challenge? @Calum5SOS
can you rap @Calum5SOS
leave some trace whatever @Calum5SOS
have a nice evening @Calum5SOS
calpal ;d
have a nice evening xinfinity @Calum5SOS i'm sorry that i don't write much :(
have a nice evening πŸ₯° @Calum5SOS
tomorrow is a month since i did this thread;0 @Calum5SOS
how this time passed quickly.. @Calum5SOS i have been wrong for days.. @Calum5SOS
it's tomorrow though @Calum5SOS
btw good morning @Calum5SOS
have a nice day πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ @Calum5SOS
today has already struck an equal month since i made this thread @Calum5SOS πŸ€ͺ
goodnight for u x @Calum5SOS
i feel a little better than before and yesterday ☺️ @Calum5SOS
happy birthday for your sisterπŸ₯³πŸ€ @malikoa @Calum5SOS
have a nice day πŸ’• @Calum5SOS
we need more photos of duke @Calum5SOS πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•
i still can't believe it's been a month since i created this thread.. @Calum5SOS
how.. when was it? this time is so fast @Calum5SOS
in 10 days it will be june, do you get it? i stayed at the beginning of april so.. @Calum5SOS
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