Comparison two parts clip

1. #MichaelJackson Jam, 1992
2. #Beyonce Flawless, 2016

Do we call it “inspired by Michael”
or do we say “brazenly copied by Beyonce”?
😂😂😂😂 This person really believes this
Collecting here their tweets 😂
Another bey fan..
Collecting here their tweets.. 🙄
Poor #KingOfPop He didn’t died just so. He was killed because he became too powerful, and he helped the black community, black artists got more and more relevant but yeah - at the end, even MJ couldn’t end ignorance
collecting here the most delicious comments 😂
collecting here more their most delusional stuff 😂 Hope one of those replies will go viral
Added into my best of collection 😂
This is one of the first replies which i truly respect. I say thank you.
The comparison was of course provocative. I made it because of the gang of disrespectful bey fans, who swear to death that MJ has nothing to do with Bey’s inspiration sources
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