From 1882 the Chinese Exclusion Acts kept Chinese people out of the US for about 100 years

Fear of a rising China today is the latest chapter in a history of propaganda that presented the Chinese as uncouth and infantile
The Opium Wars: For the US elite in the 19th century, China was a goldmine, of drugs

Opium money built the first industrial city and the first 5 railroads in the US
In the scramble to get Opium money, China was invaded, colonised and raped by Britain and the other imperial powers.

They were thrown out after the 1949 communist revolution led by Mao Zedong, which defeated Chiang Kai-skek, the guardian of US interests in China.
Mao's revolution ignited a great paranoia in the West.
From 'The Coming War on China' by @johnpilger
Have you seen this, Andrea?
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