daily #ZhouYanchen and #LuoMingjie thread
some memos before I start :
- mostly content of them together but will solo occasionally
- if I forget pls remind me (preferably dm me cuz replies are quite cluttering)
- I’m following my time zone and will post at random times of my day but will still post daily
- am trying my best (with a not so stable mental health and irregular schedule) so if I have any shortcomings pls tell me nicely
- don’t be afraid to give me suggestions
- I accept submissions
- hope u guys enjoy this a lot (don’t let it flop pls)
Zhou Yanchen
bday : 5/3/1996
age (as of now) : 24
horoscope : Pisces
height : 184cm
known for :
- 21st place on Idol Producer
- sang the theme song, 吹雪, from 朕的刺客女友 (My Assassin Girlfriend)
- 季川 (Ji Chuan) in 少年江湖物语 (The Birth of the Drama King)
Luo Mingjie
bday : 18/10/1993
age (as of now) : 26
horoscope : Libra
height : 183cm
known for :
- 王文 (Wang Wen) from 闪光少女 (Our Shining Days)
- 赵青峰 (Zhao Qingfeng) from 少年江湖物语 (The Birth of the Drama King)
- 柳慕白 (Liu Mu Bai) from 大主宰 (The Great Ruler)
- both of them debuted in this group through the selection in 流行之王 (King of Pop) during 7/11/2015
- zyc (1st from right, top row) was one of the main dancers and secondary singer
- lmj (2nd from left, top row) was one of the main singers
1. sorry for the late start, my WiFi was being mean to me. look at their dumpling cheekies. I will proceed to nOM
2. to my future partner, we doing this in our wedding photoshoot ok I get to be Zhou Yanchen
3. a nice edit I found on weibo by 红辰劼
4. hmmmm
5. some matching icons (there will be more to come)

cr. 劼可爱的仙女苏 on Weibo
6. yes that’s right more matching icons
7. woah u ever stare at your “brother” under the moonlight?
8. Mingjie’s tiny pout after Yanchen rejected his touches akskdjskslal
9. Mingjie’s doing the rejection now. but wait, who rejected who first...
10. no words. they took away my ability to speak. they did it.
11. why do they always do that scratching chin thing? someone stop them
12. why are they like this? W H Y
13. caption this? idk what to say anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️
(will delete) should I post their past weibo interactions? (they’re really cute I promise) I will translate them and state the dates
14. are they cuddling? right in front of my salad?
15. 28072019 Weibo interaction
zyc : pickle’s father and godfather finished working, it’s another happy day
lmj : delicious
zyc : work harder
(pickle is zyc’s white pomeranian. the word “泡菜” itself could mean pickled vege, which zyc loves to eat)
zyc rly said they have a son
16. great they scratching chins again (lmj’s face when he realized the camera lmao)
17. what they doing ova there
18. 阿扶 : (suffering) both of them don’t want to let me hold their hands
19. 😳
20. boyfriends? yes they are I don’t make the rules
21. this ain’t yoga...
(it’s from one of the 6 episodes from a series of shorts where zyc + lmj hang out as part of promotion for tbotdk, this part is from the yoga ep)
22. corporate au?
23. idk what to caption but I don’t want to leave it blank so
24. 08022020 Weibo interaction
zyc rly want to eat lmj, good for him good for him
25. 🥺 zyc smiling cheekies and it’s because of his gege hmm
26. POV : u are a staff member on set of tbotdk. the director told u to get zyc and lmj to discuss about the next scene. u go to get them but u see this yet again. the same touchy touchy stuff that u have to see everyday. u are very tired. but they do be cute tho.
27. matching icons for u and ur bae 💕
28. are they holding hands?!!?!
29. oh to be that basket of pears 🍐
30. happy 1 month to this thread!! celebrate the fact that I have not given up yet ✌🏼😗
31. the fact that there’s people around them, zyc has no shame 🤦🏻‍♀️
33. zyc : chair? what’s that? I only know lmj
34. lmao zyc got shocked when lmj got mad at him akskalskkajs
35. zyc dragging lmj I’m soft (context : they’re going to run at the stairs before the run-through of the scene where ji chuan + zhao qingfeng got drunk)
36. did y’all thought there’s no more chin scratching? well u were wrong
37. someone on Weibo edited this pic with kimi no nawa 🤩
cr. 居家芒果_奥利奥
38. zyc : we look like a couple 😏
lmj : couple of besties 🙃

(y’all help me I’ve run out of caption ideas this is the last of my brain juice)
39. I want what they have 🥺
40. there’s a pt. 2 lmao
41. here’s zyc + lmj being goofballs to cheer u up in this trying time 🙂
42. zyc control yourself !!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
43. happy children’s day from lmj + zyc

lmj : happy children’s day, little kids ❤️ I’m going to school
zyc : today I went back to 2006, happy children’s day!
44. y’all help I’m running out of content I’m gonna have to recycle soon
46. no omg the couch is so small, must squeeze!
47. “you see this person? mine!”

cr. 红辰劼 (Weibo)
48. zyc + lmj gotta know some of us are single here
49. lmj, honey, does your neck hurt from craning it to look at zyc all the time?
50. their height difference mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
51. waist grab waist grab
52. on god zyc was so ready to catch him
54. LMJ SHOWED UP IN THE MIDDLE OF ZYC’S LIVE AND HE WAS SO HAPPY SCREAMING GEGE AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS MY HEART (I’ll post more of their moments day by day asdfghjkl y’all gonna love it)
55. all clips from 尘安ch on Weibo

zyc : (serious) I feel like filming at Harbin is very tiring- (looks over) GEGE! GEGE! (voice breaking, can’t believe it)
lmj : (calm) continue
zyc : have u eaten, ge?
lmj : I’ve eaten
zyc : (can’t look away) wait until my live finishes +
lmj : I’ll treat u to a meal
zyc : (obedient) mn! (happy) omg!
zyc : (looking to right + left) aiya isn’t this my brother?

I translated some of the extra annotations on the vid but I focused mainly on what they said. I know zyc’s brain is filled with happy juice, it’s a fact.

zyc : gege! (look at me!!)
lmj : what are u doing?
zyc : (excited) I must put one of gege’s songs now!
lmj : your jacket is pretty cool +
zyc : do u like it? (without hesitation) if u like it, u can take it later
zyc : here it comes!!
zyc : oh no, I’m done for
lmj : ur subscription expired?
zyc : yes, it expired. I’m done for
zyc : “ever since I met u” (lmj’s song), right?
57. the amount of yearning during that time they are apart I can feel it

zyc : everyone guessed that it was u already
zyc : how long have we not seen each other?
zyc : five, six, seven, eight months?
lmj : ever since covid
zyc : right +
lmj : after Chinese New Year, then we never saw each other
zyc : mn!

zyc : everybody said it’s like dreaming about The Birth of the Drama King again (nods thankfully)
zyc : (suddenly in character) Zhao Qingfeng!
lmj : alright (attempting to stop him)
zyc : “come over to me now!” (attempt to stop him failed)
59. lmj’s face only reserved for zyc

zyc : gege always like to be mysterious (I understand my gege so much) he’lll never show his face. will u show your face?
zyc : (smiling) gege gave me a look like
zyc : (reading comments) “come, lmj, come!”
zyc : everybody wants u to come +
lmj : come for what? (unmoved)
zyc : what? (laughing)
lmj : come for what? (laughing while repeating)
zyc : come? (happy)
lmj : come for what? (following the happiness)
zyc : (can’t stop smiling) gege said for what
60. this is the last clip y’all. it was so fun to translate so pspsps mingchen live vid pspsps give me more.

zyc : (reading comments) “will chuanfeng come together?”
zyc : (hehe!) we are already being together
lmj : I saw your drunk scene
zyc : how was it?? (pls praise me) +
lmj : it’s quite interesting
zyc : but after listening to your song, “ever since I met u”, I would do this in front of the mirror everyday (happily acting cute)
zyc : I’m serious, I play it everyday! (gege pls praise me) +
zyc : I even bought the subscription for you (getting ready to butter lmj up)
zyc : gege has to repay me! 5 yuan per year
lmj : yes repay
zyc : (can’t wait to end) I love you guys, sleep earlier, bye bye
do y’all want me to make eng sub for the song zyc kept mentioning? we will be able to see why he likes it so much, or in this case it was because he was smitten by the singer, lmj. I will take a few days tho
omg I can’t stop looping the song save me
61. happy 2 months to this thread!

meme : “hugging the beauty that returned home” (a metaphor for being able to succeed at something that u enjoy, just like winning someone’s heart 😉)
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