1/6 Two proposed interventions from Li Taisheng, the director of ID dept. of Peking Union Medical College Hospital; he works on the frontline for #SARSCoV2 and SARSCov1

🔸1. "Give IV immunoglobulin as soon as possible. Firstly, IVIG can boost the body's immune response;"
2/6 "more importantly, IVIG can interrupt the inflammatory process. If this stage is missed, a large dose of glucocorticoids could be given later but it would cause a decline in the patient's immune system and induce various complications."
3/6 "According to the clinical effects, if IVIG could be given on around day 7 after symptoms onset, or as soon as the biological indicators deteriorated, most likely it would help prevent the patients' condition worsening."
🔸2. "The second intervention is anticoagulant therapy. This was discovered when I arrived in Wuhan. When I was doing rounds, I found that many patients, who were not seriously ill and not on invasive ventilators, yet had symptoms of purple and black feet."
5/6 "In general, this only happens in patients with shocks or in dying, and this problem has rarely occurred in SARS1 patients before. When you see black feet, the patient's lungs and internal organs are already covered with microthrombi, resulting in multiple organ damages."
6/6 "By taking these two methods, we can try to avoid the worsening from severe to critically ill. But these two interventions must be taken early. If you wait until the cytokines storm occurs, or pts' feet are "black," it would be too late. "

Here is the article. Initiation of IVIG as adjuvant treatment for #COVID19 within 48 hrs of admission to the ICU can reduce the use of mechanical ventilation, shorten the hospital length of stay, and promote the early recovery of patients.
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