Bill Wood in January 2012 states that the

GAME IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

'People who were 10 in 1991 are now 30 and realize they are so much more than this'

This sounds familiar!
ET Disclosure is Inevitable

We have a Choice

There is no use sitting back *waiting for the aliens to fix everything*

We should immediately work on ourselves and lessen the Pain of the Ascension Process
What's going on with that Eye?

*****THE GAME IS OVER!!!!!*****
This was [them] trying to manifest Timeline 2

HRC never becomes @POTUS and does not win in 11 moves

All evil events [they] are trying to manifest is a waste of time


THE GAME IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What exactly will happen once the Game of RISK ends

No more Time/Duality

Duality gives the choice to choose Evil

Evil will Cease to Exist


No more Time = No more DEATH

Some call this ETERNAL LIFE

Time to Unite Worldwide, no more divisions
So why have [these people] been able to control us?


The Red vs. the Blue!

Like Sports

"Your Team vs. their team" and who benefits?

The Owners, the 1%

The LIGHT Keystone in the middle is the Knowledge that BOTH SIDES (the 99%/us) are NOT IN CONTROL!

The Global Game of Risk
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