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The growth rate is declining consistently in India. The growth of Active cases in last 5 days is 6.6% - so doubling every 11 days.
The compound daily growth rate of total confirmed COVID cases in India 13.01%.
1) 5Day Moving Median of New Confirmed cases.
2) 5Day Moving Median of Daily COVID deaths.
1) Total confirmed cases in hotspot countries (> 50K cases) and India.
2) Total COVID deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths) and India.
Changes in growth rate of Active cases:
1) Losing early gains - Singapore, Canada, Pakistan, Mexico (troubling)
2) Consistent improvement- Ireland, India, Turkey, Ecuador, Serbia.
3)Active cases falling in Japan because deaths are rising.
COVID death rate per million people:
1) Low but rising - Japan & India
2) High yet growing: Belgium, UK, FR, Sweden & US.
3) China has reported growth in death rate... let’s see for how long they’ll continue this reporting.
1) Daily deaths in hotspot countries & India.
2) Change in daily deaths from previous day.
Total confirmed cases = active + recovered + deaths.
(Refer to results/insights of yesterday).
Data discrepancies remain. @JohnsHopkins @WHO @ECDC_Outbreaks
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