The whole Project Air Bridge idea & operation was Jared Kushner’s idea. The chosen airlines/shipping companies get subsidies, federal aid, & they don’t get stopped at ports of entry. They also work alongside FEMA. Yup.
Since mid March... about the time all those PPE shipments to the states were getting seized along w/ France & Germany’s supplies... with absolutely no explanation. Son sounding pretty shady....
These chosen companies like Radiant save more than $25 million… Which they do not have to pass on to the buyer (medical system). I get to keep that along w/ subsidies & aid...
And wouldn’t you know the Trump administration refuses to disclose crucial details of the operation... this includes of course it’s financial records. Not surprised when it comes to Trump & Kushner...
I’m not done yet. FEMA Pays for everything for not only Radiant... but also FedEx & UPS. I’m betting you’re remembering that press conference the other day with the semis on the White House lawn
And if you thought the aid & subsidies &FEMA $$ & buy back weren’t enough...: The big pitch is they only have to give half to the medical facilities in hot spots. The rest they can sell their own people... likely at further profit.
This was all done on your taxpayer dime. here’s all the math behind it to further infuriate you. Are healthcare workers lives have been put at risk and several have died due to medical supply & PPE shortages
And you simply must read this information about concordance health solutions ...One of the largest medical supply shipping companies in America & likely the world. Don’t have to disclose finances because they have an LLC
In fact many of these companies including one of Jared #Kushner have LLCs & don’t have to disclose finances. in case you haven’t figured it out this is straight up war profiteering & evil as hell. #WarProfiteering #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath #FEMA #Kushner
One last note. I haven’t looked into all of these companies... & who owns them & invest in them. 2 days ago, I looked into Eric Prince (Blackwater).. Trump & Bannon pal). He’s known for LLCs & skimming off the top
Lo & behold he has a cargo shipping company too...and an LLC & he and a head of FEMA have been tweeting about their giant planes & cargo. Then I saw 2 fascinating tweets by @RYP__ & @WendySiegelman
You see Eric Prince’s company FSG owns Airtrans LLC. Better yet his partners are Yan Aronov & Andy Kuchma. You know Kuchma better as Andry Artemenko... Ukrainian guy interviewed by Giuliani on OAN... he was involved with Cohen, Sater, Flynn, Giuliani, Trump
So I have to wander...are Artemenko & Prince (who’s never met a scheme he hasn’t skimmed) might be involved in Project Air Bridge also. I mean Prince is an unofficial adviser to Trump w/ a new cargo shipping company....
Prince’s partner Andreii’s not only tied to Giuliani, OAN, Ukraine.. also Cohen, Sater & Flynn...Trump & Kushner. You decide for yourself. I don’t believe in coincidences. #ProjectAirbridge #Kushner #Trump #FEMA #AirtransLLC #Radiant #Concordance
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