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🔹Trump's “liberate” comment
🔹why chaos agents are particularly dangerous right now, and
🔹what we need to do.

Spoiler: Trump's way to win the election is to get the fighters fighting and keep them fighting.

It's cynical and desperate.
1/ Trump knows how to read the polls.
He can see he’s about to lose the election.

So what does he do?

He reaches into his bag of tricks. There aren't many in there, but they're effective.

His favorite trick: Get the fighters fighting and keep them fighting.
2/ It's obvious why Trump and the GOP are desperate:

Elections since 2016 have been consistent. Democrats perform about 8% better than 2016.

GOP demographics are shrinking.

In 2016 we were hit by a disinformation attack the likes of which we'd never experienced. We get it now.
3/ Fascism is all about winning.

Losing will destroy Trump’s brand.

Look what happened in Wisconsin: Trump endorsed Daniel Kelly. Kelly lost.

To quote a 1930s German Nazi Schulze-Wechsungen, "Even the best propaganda cannot conceal constant political failures."
4/ Mussolini also promised he’d make Italy win. When Italy lost, Mussolini was doomed.

Losing by big numbers is more devastating than a narrow loss.

Trump therefore needs to keep his base from deserting while he’s losing.

How? Appeal to their deepest fears.
Hence “liberate!"
5/ These protestors are an insignificant minority.

Most Americans disagree with them.
Their only use is to try to enflame passions and create trouble.

Trump’s talk of the “second amendment” is similarly intended to rile, scare, and outrage everyone. https://twitter.com/jmartNYT/status/1251564559124570112
7/ The right wing paranoid element believes that unseen satanic forces are trying to destroy something larger in which they belong.

They “feel dispossessed” and that “America has been largely taken away from them and their kind.”

(This was written decades ago!)
8/ They are “determined to repossess it and prevent the final act of subversion.”

They are willing to die to prevent that "final act of subversion.” (Quotations from 👇)

They see the final act of subversion coming after a Democratic win in November.
9/ They understand that if Democrats take power next year, the far right wing as we know it will lose its grip on almost half the nation, because the Democrats will do things like end gerrymandering.

So the right wing paranoid sees a loss in November as a calamity.
10/ They’re willing to die to prevent it.

Notice, though that Trump is protecting himself while sending other people to die.

I guess the "troops" are okay with the "general" saving himself.
11/ Yesterday Trump tweeted "Liberate!" to try to derail a Democratic win in November by keeping his base riled (he can't afford to lose votes) and by wearing out the opposition.

It's what @jasonintrator calls the politics of "us v. them."
12/ “Liberate” tells his base that liberal enemies are trying to take away their liberty and destroy them.

We have other forces working against us as well: Chaos agents, like this one👇

This person (troll) wants to persuade you that democracy and rule of law are dead.
13/ Chaos agents want you to abandon democracy by persuading you that it’s already dead. This also requires ignoring facts (like Wisconsin and the midterms)

They make arguments intended to rile you: “Trump has faced no consequences! The Democrats are doing nothing!"
14/ If both sides abandon democracy, it's all over.

We don’t need to resort to violence to save democracy because we still have meaningful elections. (That’s why Trump is scared!)

So what do we do?

Step #1: De-escalate the rhetoric.
15/ How do we avoid escalation?

Don’t play.

Point out the absurdity of their position from the vantage point of the calm, rational, mature adult.

Besides, Civil War is really hard if the enemy is sheltering in place.
16/ The problem is that these protests are endangering the lives of medical professionals and making the pandemic worse.

This brings me to the next step.

Step #2: See what you can do to help your community through this.

In particular, find ways to identify and help . . .
17/ . . . the vulnerable members of your community.

There are supply chain issues: Food intended for restaurants is spoiling. Families don’t have enough.

With the federal government in chaos and governors putting out fires, communities will have to step up.
18/ It’s up to us.

Step #3: Focus on the election — that thing in November that has Trump in a panic.

If you live in a state that allows absentee ballots without excuse, get yours ASAP.

Help everyone you know get their hands on their ballots.
19/ If you're in an early vote state, vote early. The polls will be less crowded.

Vote in November as if you’re a soldier in a war. Because you are.

You’re a soldier fighting for democracy in a nation that still has meaningful elections.

How? see👇 https://twitter.com/benwikler/status/1249869235683196928
20/ This is why the optics are so puzzling.

The people most likely to experience loss (aside from medical professionals 😢) are Trump supporters.

And they're a shrinking number, so his only hope is to keep his base riled and wear down the opposition. https://twitter.com/Laurajaxheights/status/1251578662643793925
21/ Apologies if you thought that I meant "all Americans" when I said "we."

If the pattern holds, the Democrats will win by just over 8 percentage points.

That means millions will vote for Trump.

So everyone ELSE needs to vote for Biden. https://twitter.com/tinabgibby/status/1251576913614774272
I agree with you: Trump supporters, in the Fox bubble, think he's winning.

Trump understands that he isn't, and that it's going to catch up to him real soon.

How will he explain all that winning when Biden has him escorted from the White House in Jan? https://twitter.com/Tangie0906/status/1251674016072564742
The GOP leadership is watching their numbers shrink. People are fleeing the party.

Many who remain understand that it's slipping away.

Trump will retain more than 42% of the vote. It's appallingly high, but not high enough to win. https://twitter.com/Tangie0906/status/1251678755082264576
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