It’s not just Massachusetts ...this is happening in other states (shocker mainly blue or purple states)
Some hospitals are taking extraordinary steps to “fly under the radar” so the Trump-Fed can’t seize their products.
And nope I’m not telling you how they are doing it...
Do you remember a while back I was like;

Watch the various National Guard & State Governors - that wasn’t me being hyperbolic
So here are some examples in March 2020 MA Governor Trump’s henchmen seized:
3 million masks ordered by Massachusetts
BIG distinction here is this is WHY sounding the alarm, that Trump’s rage about the National Guard that he’s not their Commander in Chief.
I had the unique opportunity to be on a call in January 2020 - he didn’t know he wasn’t the XYZ State CiC of NG😂
With respect to private hospitals - if I were a reporter I’d contact the mega hospital conglomerates and ask have any of your shipments been seized or attempted to be seized by Trump’s-henchmen
Pretty sure that the “distributor” are the ones giving DOJ the heads up in shipments
on April 4, 2020 ...Reporters should contact

Henry Schein Inc
Owens & Minor, Inc.
ask them;
-do you use Critrix to track shipments?
-have you provided anyone in the White House (cough Jared) abd/or DOJ info on large PPE shipments?
ps and there’s 0% chance I’m going to tell you how various hospital conglomerates and some Governors have managed to evade seizure by the Trump Henchmen.
They have gone through extraordinary lengths & a several firms gave legal guidance. As to ensure they are not running a foul
Imma gonna leave this right here - and allow you to draw your own conclusions
Because imma gonna omertà
Exhibit H as in Heist
Which brings us semi full circle
This I know for sure once we as a country emerge from this vicious virus - heads are going to roll and I hope that means criminal charges for Trump’s boy wonder Jared et al
In Pursuit of PPE | NEJM
You might have overlooked this DPA thread
The calls for Trump to enact the DPA would come with significant power
At the bottom of this thread

“priority rating & devoted to allocation”
If I’m guessing that’s what he’s using
cc @ChiefCovfefe @PortlusGlam
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