Met a model(@kokieadile on IG)at an empty parking lot near my house and did a whole photoshoot while I was sitting in my car and she was in her car. If you wanna see more of the pics, go to my IG-> @peterdevito #SocialDistanacing *this is trending even tho it's spelled wrong...*
Before people try to come for me: The model & I never got out of our cars. She rolled down her window, but I never rolled mine down. My mom is the one who took the video of the shoot and we've been self-quarantining together, so that's why it's okay that we're in the same car👌
Here are some of the pics from the shoot. Model's IG is @kokeadile - definitely gonna do more car shoots😎
Here are some of the pics😎
Model: @trevorbrabant on IG
I'm just gonna keep posting my car shoots on this thread😊 #coronavirus #Covid_19 #SocialDistancing
Model: @tylenciaga on IG
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