The Boyz members in other K-Pop groups: a thread
Sangyeon in BtoB
- BtoB is a group of flawless vocals and Sangyeon is a flawless vocalists
- Sangyeon would also fit their songs and concepts really well with his voice and general style
- also BtoB are a group of chaotic clowns and Sangyeon is also a big dork
Sangyeon in Sistar
- Once again, Sangyeon has great vocals and so does Sistar
- Sangyeon would also fit all of their concepts ESPECIALLY the summer ones and Lonely
- Sangyeon it's time to cover Blue Moon
Jacob in Seventeen
- It turns out that Jacob can do practically every concept and so can Seventeen
- I just think that Jacob covering Adore U>>>>>
- Jacob's voice would also fit nicely in Seventeen's vocal line
- Jacob is also a great dancer (suncob dance line)
Jacob in Apink
- Again, Jacob cute concept king can also do mature concepts
- Apink's vocal colours are very unique and Jacob's vocal colour is also very unique
- Angel Jacob doing Apink's earlier cute songs would be such a serve
Younghoon in Golden Child
- Golden Child: a group of talented boys and visuals
- Younghoon: a talented boy and a visual and half
- Golden Child had a 180˚ concept change and Younghoon can also do the same kind of concepts
- Younghoon also happens to fit the age range well
Younghoon in April
- Younghoon has such innocent visuals and April has done a lot of innocent and delicate concepts (+ visuals)
- April also is mostly made up of vocalists
- Younghoon it's time to cover Take My Hand
- Support April's upcoming comeback !!
Hyunjae in EXO
- Hyunjae just has all the talents and visuals required in EXO
- Hyunjae reminds me of Baekhyun tbh so I know it would work well
- Hyunjae beagle line
- Also Hyunjae kind of ate the covers of Love Me Right and Call Me Baby
Hyunjae in CLC
- CLC has done so many concepts but they truly excel at their recent classier and tough concepts, just like Hyunjae
- Hyunjae could look like a bad bitch if he wanted to and he does
- Hyunjae's voice would go well with Elkie's honestly they have a similar warm tone
Juyeon in CIX
- Juyeon is literally perfect for CIX
- Juyeon would perform all of their songs well (jUYEON MOVIE STAR !!!)
- Juyeon is also an excellent performer and vocalist
- CIX is a group of all visuals and Juyeon is a visual too
- Even his height is perfect for CIX
Juyeon in LOONA
- LOONA has no concept and position limitations and neither does Juyeon
- LOONA is also a group of visuals and Juyeon is,, a visual!
- LOONA has insanely hard dances and Juyeon is a powerful dancer too
- It's time for Juyeon to cover new
Kevin in VAV
- Kevin has a vibe that fits well within VAV
- Kevin's voice and demeanour would fit well with VAV's music (Kevin covering Gorgeous or Ayno's part in Thrilla Killa)
- I have nothing much to say honestly Kevin is just perfect for VAV here
Kevin in f(x)
- Kevin can adapt well to any kind of concept and here we have the OG unique concept queens, f(x)
- Kevin's voice would also go well with Krystal and Amber's
- Kevin covering 4 Walls would be iconic to be honest
New in NU'EST
- Honestly New kind of reminds me of Ren
- New also has vocals that would complement Baekho and Minhyun's (Minhyun's vocals are similar to Hyunjae's too) in NU'EST's songs
- New would also fit their recent concepts well just look at him go in Reveal
New in TWICE
- The way Chanhee ate the What is Love and Cheer Up covers... where else would he be
- Chanhee's face just fits the cute concepts so well
- We haven't gotten to see The Boyz do more elegant concepts like Fancy or Feel Special but I believe in New
Q in BTS
- BTS has had a load of concepts and Q has covered so many BTS songs and done so well it just WORKS
- Q just fits any concept and PERFORMS and his dance ability is definitely good enough to perform BTS's dances
- Here's BTS with black hair because black hair superiority
Q in Red Velvet
- Q can be cute and Q can be creepy and Q can do elegant concepts like Red Velvet's periodt there's not much to say
- RV is mainly vocals and dance like Q
- Honestly Q is an ace performer you could put him in any group but I'd like to see the 180˚ concept changes
Haknyeon in Stray Kids
- Haknyeon is an all rounder and his vibe would just fit well with Stray Kids
- I feel like his vocal tone would fit in well too
- Haknyeon doing powerful dances: something I would like to see regularly
Haknyeon in SNSD
- Y'all saw how he ate that cover of The Boys...
- Haknyeon can do any concept and so can SNSD who are K-Pop's OG concept queens. They've done it all
- I just want to see Haknyeon and his favourite Yoona sunbaenim
Hwall in ATEEZ
- I don't have much to say, it just works
- Hwall would just fit their concepts so well
- And Hwall is a great dancer and so are ATEEZ
- Hyunjoon and ATEEZ are just exceptional performers this entire thing just works
- Hyunjoon cover HALA HALA challenge
Hwall in ITZY
- ITZY is a dance based group so I think Hyunjoon would fit well especially since the dances are so powerful
- Also the ITZY members all have unique visuals and so does Hwall
- In conclusion: Hyunjoon do Ryujin's shoulder move
Sunwoo in OnlyOneOf
- I am so proud of this
- Onlyoneof has a cool mysterious concept which Sunwoo would honestly pull off so well
- Sunwoo's vocals would just fit. Just think Sunwoo vocal line in Reveal but in Dora Maar
- Honestly the vibe. Just works.
Sunwoo in (G)-IDLE
- (G)-IDLE members have such unique voices that complement each other and Sunwoo's voice would go well with it too just think about Sunwoo and Soyeon's collab
- Sunwoo would also fit their concepts well, especially the darker ones and Uh-Oh
Eric in GOT7
- GOT7 is a dance-based group and Eric's strength is dance
- GOT7 are honestly dorks and Eric is also a massive dork it just works
- Eric reminds me of Jackson tbh since they're both small, hyper, and powerful dancers and rappers
- Eric and his GOT7 bias Mark :))
Eric in Rocket Punch
- Rocket Punch has had some interesting and energetic concepts and Eric is our energy boy so he would fit those concepts well too
- The energy just matches well just - Eric Energy and Suyun Energy
- Eric would also do the dances well
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