What the hell do terrible exurban MAGA chuds want to do that they can’t do under lockdown? They don’t walk anywhere. There are no cafes. There is no street life. They can go get takeout and see their friends and order Amazon in their dead concrete cul de sacs just like always
Karen, you weren’t going to a warehouse party anyway

NYC is suffering from this fucking lockdown because we live in tiny apartments and 13k+ of us are dead and we lost our city, but Chad from the Virginia exurbs is waving a gun around cause he wants to sit IN the TGIFriday’s
Imagine these fucking people

“I want everyone to die cause I can’t simply drink at home, pick up takeout, shoot beer bottles in the woods and watch classic sports games instead of the new season”

And they consider themselves the heirs to Washington’s guerrillas
You spoiled numpties have backyards! Go garden! Grow food! Grow flowers! Learn new skills! You have such a luxury of space and yet you are posting death threats against New York and waving around the flag of the confederate government that killed your fore fathers
“Don’t tread on me I am a rugged Suburban Manly man starve the cities fuckers”

Five minutes later

“I will literally perish unless I can coerce someone to prune my McMansion’s bushes for six dollars an hour”
The best part (the only good part!) of Bernie’s campaign being over is I can be openly contemptuous of exurban Karen/Chad. Fuck you guys. Stop blocking the entrances of hospitals in Lansing cause lockdown means you have to maintain your own lawns and fry your own terrible hair
Just going to add that workers in America are getting sick and dying from this horrible disease, and going on wildcat strikes across the country just to get PPE and paid sick leave.

Karen is protesting cause she has to bleach her own hair
Tell me, Siri, which picture shows a member of the actual American working class
People in New York City would also very much like to go back to work. We would also like for our small businesses not to be destroyed, and not to be evicted because we can not pay rent. And the quarentine here is much more difficult because of the size of apartments
And the fact that most people don’t even have a washing machine. These are spoiled fuckwits who openly complain on camera about not being able to go to the salon
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