WHO is Brock Chisholm? (LONG THREAD)
Brock Chisholm (18 May 1896 - 4 February 1971) was a Canadian psychiatrist, medical practitioner, and the first director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Brock Chisholm is one of the architects of the BigPharma-Medical-Psychiatry Complex.
Thanks to men like Chisholm, Psychiatry is considered a field of Medicine, whereas it is Pseudoscience designed to control the minds of men.
Here is an actual quote from this #sociopath: "What basic psychological distortion can be found in every civilization of which we know anything? The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality—the concept of right and wrong. The reinterpretation...
...and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong are the belated objectives of nearly all psychotherapy. If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility."
Chisholm and other "men" of his ilk worked to destroy every traditional institution around the world: Religion, Schools, Higher Education, Family, Government and on and on.
They did this behind the scenes, in the shadows, using organizations with outwardly lofty aims, such as the World Health Organization ( #WHO) and the #UnitedNations.
The people believed these organizations had their best interests in mind. They did not.
Traditionally, the symbol of the Rod of Asclepius is used in medicine to represent HEALING.
Here is the symbol/logo of the WHO (2 views). Remember that Chisholm is the Founding Father of the WHO.
Notice anything? #ThinkMirror. The snake in the WHO symbol/logo is BACKWARDS.
Could it be the WHO has the OPPOSITE of health in mind for the public?
Here is an 8 minute video on the Pseudiscience of Psychiatry. The Master Plan of #psychotics like Brock Chisholm is exposed and we learn of a psychiatric holocaust that few people know about.
The #MKUltra program was recently brought back into the Spotlight by the fantastic #OutOfShadows documentary. This was a Psychiatric mind control program, the FOUNDATION of which was laid by #Globalists such as Chisholm.
The recent revelations of what is at best criminal negligence and at worst bio-warfare on the part of #China and the #WorldHealthOrganization (with regard to #COVID19) should come as no surprise when one investigates the history of the WHO.
#ThinkForYourself and investigate Psychiatry's role in the destruction of our society and world.
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