1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 18, 2020

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My Theme: We Are Ready
2) John Solomon explained to Lou Dobbs today that a handful of indictments related to #Spygate may be unsealed soon.
3) Q posted a link to the tweet by Lou Dobbs and said patriots are ready.

[Set 1]
Mission good.

Note the filename of the image: A_Traitor_s_Justice

4) Q instructed anons to re-read his posts when big news drops.
Past messages unlock important clues.

We're going to look at some past messages and put the pieces of the puzzle together related to this news report.
5) I believe [Set 1] in the above post refers to the placeholder posted by Q on April 10th.

This placeholder appears to predict either the names or the charges in the first indictment(s) that will be unsealed related to #Spygate.
6) It appears as though these indictments may fall under a military jurisdiction since the category listed for Set 1 is "non_civ," which seems to indicate a non-civilian (military) venue.
7) Q said FISA indictments will be the start of the publicly visible aspect of the removal of corruption.
8) Although FISA is the beginning of the *publicly visible* aspect of the removal of corruption, patriots have been engaged in anti-corruption operations for years.

The actions taken in those operations are seldom reported by the press.
9) Although there's no proof that children are being rescued from tunnels in New York, that does not mean children are not being rescued.

In December of 2017, 3,000 children were rescued when trafficking operations in Saudia Arabia were shut down.

HIGH PRIORITY (low visibility)
10) The first unsealed indictment will trigger a mass awakening to the realities of corruption.

The first arrest will confirm the direction of future events.

They will fight.
Are you ready?
11) Q suggested in December that a grand jury was reviewing information pertaining to General Flynn, which is why information that might clear his name could not be given to his attorney.

Q listed 9 counts related to an indictment.
3 are known.
6 are unknown.
12) I believe (though I'm not certain) that the 9 counts mentioned above are the ones referenced in this post.

Marker [9]
13) Note the filename: AMERICA.png
14) @lt_freedom posted this video.
15) Q sent greetings from the team and listed some of their locations.

16) I suspect the Q team includes people who work for the NSA

The NSA's main operations are based out of Fort Meade, Maryland.
17) No Such Agency also has a location in Hawaii.
21) Some Q team members might be located in Washington D.C.
34) Those who are new to #Qanon will not understand the relevance of the next post unless some context is provided.

Former FBI Director James Comey is fond of tweeting photos of himself standing in a cornfield.
35) This was tweeted from Comey's "secret" Twitter account.
(They all have one)
36) Another cornfield tweet.
37) In July of 2019, #Qanon responded to Comey's tweet.
38) On the same day, we had this tweet from Devin Nunes.
39) On March 3, 2019, Q accidentally misspelled former FBI Director James Comey's name "James 8 Corney."
40) If you download the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse in a program that allows you to search it, no search results come up for the name "Comey."
41) But if you search the document for the word "Corney" you come up with all the references to James Comey.
42) Corn and cornfields are a meme used by the good guys to foreshadow the coming prosecution of the bad guys.
43) Tonight, we have another reference to cornfields.

And another video.

Note the image file name: Harvested_corn_field
44) Q posted a link to another video from Above and Beyond.
45) Is Q using "Above and Beyond" to send a message with a double meaning?
46) This anon thinks James Comey will be the first person indicted.
47) Another possibility for the first indictment.
48) Q's warning that the first indictment will trigger a mass awakening points toward someone famous.

Q's warning that [they] will react strongly against the first indictment supports the idea that it will be someone admired by the establishment and those who are still asleep.
49) That is not a prediction. It's just a logical inference.
50) This morning's first post from Q.

Two lanterns in the window of a tower.

Filename: _.jpg
51) Observations from anons.
54) A reverse image search comes up with a link to a book about Paul Revere and the American Revolution.
55) @elenochle posted this last night.
He believes we're living through a modern-day version of the first American Revolution.

(This is the best decode I've seen so far.)

56) If his theory is correct, tomorrow could be an interesting day.
57) The 19th is the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord.
60) "On the way up, I noticed a familiar pair of lanterns nestled together in a window. This pair are identical to the ones believed to have been hung in the steeple in 1775."

61) https://twitter.com/OldNorth1723/status/1251578115798728704
62) Be careful what you wish for, Joe.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the shot heard around the world. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1251571445248843777
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