More than 35,000 Americans have died in little more than a month. A new analysis shows that the death toll is 10X higher than it would have been if Trump had introduced social distancing just two weeks earlier.
Intelligence agencies began warning Trump of the threat in January. When HHS Secretary Alex Azar tried to talk to him about the virus in January, he switched the subject to vaping. When Peter Navarro put the warnings of mass deaths from the virus in a memo, he ignored it.
Trump was warned about everything that could happen, but all through February he kept golfing. And holding rallies. As March began, he was still partying w/donors at Mar-a-Lago.

Now the death toll is 10X higher than it needed to be. And Trump’s search for a scapegoat continues.
Obama? Fact is, it’s not Obama’s fault. He set up a pandemic response team in the WH and briefed Trump's team about what to do. OK, he didn’t prepare millions of tests for #Covid_19 and leave them for Trump. But then again, he left office three years before COVID-19 even existed.
The Democrats? They weren’t downplaying it. On Feb 24, the day Pelosi went to Chinatown in SF to tell people not to be racist, Trump tweeted: “The Coronavirus is very much under control.” Dems sounded the alarm very loudly. That’s why Trump called it “their new hoax” on Feb 28.
China? Fact is, blaming China in April 2020 doesn’t help anyone. Especially when Trump went soft on them in January because he was more interested in closing his partial BS trade deal at the start of an election year. We can deal with China later. We need mass testing yesterday!
WHO, now? Fact is, attacking (and defunding) WHO in the midst of a global pandemic is simply dumb. And dangerous. Especially when Trump rejected WHO tests that the rest of the world started using in February. It’s mid-April and the US still lags dozens of countries in testing.
The Governors? That’s ridiculous! The Governors (most of them, at least) are the ones actually leading in this Trump-induced crisis. Sorry, Mr. Total Authority, that’s one blame-shift that’s not going to work.
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