FTR the Government obtained a TRO this morning against:
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (Genesis)
Mark Grenon
Joseph Grenon
Jordan Grenon
and Jonathan Grenon
“sell and distribute a product called Miracle Mineral Solution...”
The TRO expires 14 days from today’s order
prohibits them from moving assets (cash from customers who aid for their fraudulent “solution”)
I don’t mean to sound insensitive but the DOJ & FDA did the right thing here.
A cursory look at “the church’s” website - makes you wonder how they operated for so long but the fact the Court concluded Genesis’ MMS presents a “cognizable danger” that’s big 
BEJESUS - the Complaint is pretty mind blowing. Specifically paragraph 4 -9 the dosing for children is unbelievable.
Because the MMS is industrial bleach. You might disagree with me but the DOJ & FDA made the right decision to obtain a TRO
I’m going to remind you that the Court Ordered TRO
May 1, 2020
About goddamn time
<whispers my stalkers wrong again>
Mark Grenon and his sons
Jonathan Grenon
Jordan Grenon
Joseph Grenon
Charged in Miami Federal Court with Selling Toxic Bleach as Fake "Miracle" Cure for Covid-19 and Violating Court Orders
United States
Grenon et al
MJ Case No: 1:20-mj-03050
Jurisdiction SDFL
18 USC §371- conspiracy
18 USC §401(3) - criminal contempt
Relevant period of time 2010 to 2020
The Grenon’s used the “cloak” of a church to essentially say screw you to the Government, specifically the FDA & DOJ - today’s arrest required HazMat teams and they seized:
50 gallons muriatic acid
22 gallons of the finished “Miracle Mineral Solution”
8,300 pounds sodium chlorite
Moreover the FDA & DOJ repeatedly went to Court
-willfully violated these court orders.
- the Grenons sent letters to the judge re their civil case stating
“that they would not comply with the Court’s orders”
-Grenons threatened violence in the letters
LOLS - undercover agent made multiple purchases, sent multiple emails and then they surveilled the Grenons
Holy Sh!t the FBI is spectacular

“January 30, 2020, I conducted surveillance of 20XX Garden Lane, Bradenton, FL”

The Grenons had zero idea they were interacting with a UCA
The threats towards the USAO & an Article III Judge
For example
“ 2nd Amendment is there in case it can’t be done peaceably.” “will not stop..providing our sacraments to the world! The DOJ and FDA have NO authority over our
Church... “You could be taken out, Ms. Williams”
I uploaded the criminal complaint and Affidavit to a public drive.
Unless you would like to spend the $2.60 via this ECF link for the filing
Or simply pull it down from my drive for $0
Your choice - I’m not the boss of you
WHOA BABY - Govt is NOT messing around - they *just* filed a Motion in Support of Detention and they didn’t hold back. The Govt cited their violation of the TRO & subsequent PI and then the various communications threatening violence against the Judge
This is why one must read every page - because the affidavit eluded to this but in today’s Motion to Detain the Govt elucidated the following;

“FDA has received numerous reports of adverse reactions to MMS, including hospitalizations, life-threatening conditions, and death”
Here the Govt particularized what each member of the Grenon Family role
Father is the hawker
Joseph - markets with daddy
Jonathan -manufactures MMS in his backyard shed
Jordan - distributor
I’m surprised they didn’t name the wives & the CA, OR & WA
Here i uploaded the Government’s Motion Supporting Detention to a public drive 👇🏻

Or you can pay the $1.50 via the ECF link
Choose wisely - or not - pulling down the exhibits now - it’ll cost you $8.80 or be patient
Exhibit 1 is this
Exhibit 2 is this & the TRO
Exhibit 3 is the PI obtained by the Government in April 2020 ordering the Defendants to stop marketing and selling their industrial bleach
Exhibit 4 is the April 2020 Threat sent to the Fed Judge & USAO in FL
I genuinely can not see how the Defendants can overcome their burden that they are NOT a threat to the Community especially during the pandemic
Hope they are remanded until trial.
Exhibit 5 consist of 28pages of marketing material, various pamphlets, communications and online marketing
This is starting to feel like an actual full time job that I’m not being paid for and the benefits absolutely suck balls

Here I saved you $2.80👇🏻
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