THREAD: As an RN, I love that nurses/docs are getting their due appreciation. But I feel the *truly* unsung people in the hospital are those who no one mentions-environmental services workers aka people who clean the hospital. On a normal day, they have a really hard job-they (1)
work SO hard, cleaning each room every time someone goes home, passes away, gets transferred to another unit or facility. The EVS workers sweat & scrub to be sure when you are in the hospital, your room is clean. Right now, we have a highly contagious virus ripping through (2)
hospitals-imagine if a cancer patient or compromised person was put in a room that wasn’t thoroughly cleaned. When nurses discharge a pt, we need that bed/room turned over so we can put the next pt (your grandma who sat for days awaiting a bed) into a room. If EVS isn’t fast (3)
but thorough, so thorough you’d bet your life on it, it means sick pts waiting for a room could wait even longer to be placed into a dirty room. Neither of those is acceptable & the people keeping things moving quickly but safely are the EVS workers. You have seen them before,(4)
they are the people in the hospital that are sweaty & tired even on a normal day. They work SO hard, heads down, cleaning the hallways but making sure no one slips. The hospital is a whirlwind around them & often we forget to say thank you. But theyre the cog in the wheel-the(5)
people that we all overlook but if they stop for a moment, any unit would come to a grinding halt. We rely on them to be sure rooms are clean enough to bet your life on. I’ve also been a pt a lot-I’m chronically ill. The EVS workers come into your room every day to clean-often(6)
they are quiet to let you rest, but if you are well enough to talk, you’ll meet some of the best humans on earth. People who escaped war torn nations-some left careers like nursing in their homeland. People who work supporting their whole family-scrubbing toilets/floors daily(7)
& taking pride in the job they do. So yes, nurses/docs/RT/PT/OT/admin/engineers-we are all crucial. But without a clean room to put people in, we can’t do our jobs & certainly not safely. Next time you see the EVS worker, especially right now-sweating & eyes full of physical (8)
exhaustion, tell them thank you. They are almost always overlooked. We have nurses week or physician appreciation day, but we never say thank you to the people we count on to make sure we have a safe place for sick patients. We see you, we appreciate you, we depend on you &(9)
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