🚨New Review Paper🚨 Oil prices are low; the fossil fuel sector is seeking bailout packages. Scientists & experts suggest governments should focus on a #JustTransition for workers & not bailout fossil fuel industries. But what are the key "just transition" strategies? (1/11)
These strategies range from the need for long-term planning, the role of unions to retraining. I discuss a few here. Check out our paper that describes all these strategies (3/11) https://institute.smartprosperity.ca/content/just-transitionLink
Long Term Planning: A #JustTransition planning process requires long-term planning for areas vulnerable to decarbonization. The key is to first recognize cities and villages in the country particularly vulnerable to decarbonization. (4/11)
Worker Transition Centers: Governments could support the creation of local transition service centers in towns & villages vulnerable to decarbonization, which could engage with workers & their communities throughout the process. (5/11)
New Job Creation for Workers: These new job opportunities could be in sectors ranging from jobs in clean energy industries or in completely new sectors such as tourism & manufacturing. (6/11)
Our recent study shows, in nearly two-thirds of local coal mining areas in the US, it is technically feasible to create solar jobs for coal miners. (7/11) https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/ab6c6d
EnvironmentalRemediation: Decommissioning fossil fuel infrastructure & remediation could provide several benefits: in the short-term, it creates economic opportunities in the form of job creation & later helps combat negative economic consequences of legacy contamination (8/11)
Apart from these 17 strategies, we also explain the state of the #JustTransition field. We find that just transition studies predominantly focus on rich countries and on coal workers. See the figures below (9/11)
Attaining the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement of limiting climate change to 2 °C and aiming for 1.5°C will require changes in energy systems across the globe and across multiple sectors, not just coal in high-income countries. (10/11)
As one of our key recommendations, we suggest that future #JustTransition work should focus on other major fossil fuel producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, India, and oil and gas workers in addition to coal. (11/11)
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