I've been thinking about a weird mystery from Summer 2016.

A bizarre sockpuppet Twitter account started tweeting commands at Trump & associates.

⚠️And then Trump did those things⚠️

🚨Including the infamous "Russia, if you're listening..." on 7/27/16🚨

I got a lot of info from this blog ⬇️

It's a VERY deep dive into the mysterious "Twitter Yuri". I cannot overstate how far down the rabbithole this anonymous author went. It is long.

Author seems to be a Dem researching the world of the scary-far-right.


Our mysterious Twitter account was a "tribute" to Yuri Bezmenov, a deceased KGB agent who defected to the West, granted asylum in 1970 by Pierre Trudeau, Justin's dad.

He shared intel about Russian active measures and tactics for subverting the US political system.

The real Yuri was a fascinating guy & he was very prescient with his knowledge about how to infiltrate a government.

The video "How to Brainwash A Nation" linked here is an eerie watch. We're seeing these exact tactics & propaganda *today*.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about Yuri (he died of a heart attack at 52 in 1993).

The Right used to LOVE his anti-socialist rhetoric & using his words against Democrats. Not sure if they still love him now that they love Russia.

So why does anyone care about this fake account?

Louise Mensch first brought some eyes to Twitter Yuri on 2/15/17 & referred to his words as Trump's "marching orders" but deleted that tweet.

She tweeted about him again on 3/30 w/more success.

After suddenly getting a lot of exposure, the account was deleted no later than April 5, 2017. Up to this point it had flying under the radar in a sea of Trumpbots.
Twitter Yuri was created on 5/28/16. The very day Trump became the RNC nominee.

Within a week he is tweeting instructions to Trump. On 6/4, he tells Trump to use Venezuela (which was "on the brink of collapse") as an example of why electing a socialist is dangerous.
That previous tweet alone, if it were from a rando account, might not be interesting. But "Yuri" was having direct communication with Trump's associates, particularly Michael Cohen.

This tweet between Yuri/Cohen from 6/24/16 is still live as of 4/17/20.

The next Trump directive (the one that started this all) was not until July 6, 2016. But the month between these tweets will be described in the history books as "bonkers". Just non-stop Russian collusion from the Trump campaign.

Here is what happened in the meantime.
While looking at tweets that are still viewable from Yuri, I came across one where on 6/13/16 he plugs an app he claims to have made on the Google play store.

The Google play ID is "zerohour". It is deleted from the Play store but I found other contemporaneous references to it.
Searching for that ID led me to PandaTech Studio's FB page. They have announcements for the Zerohour app on 6/16/16 & 6/27/16. It's a boring looking app that changes how your phone clock looks.

The 4 people who "liked" the 2nd FB post? They are regular looking people in India.
What else was going on around the time Yuri finished his "Zerohour" app on 6/13?

6/8: DCLeaks created

6/12: Crowdstrike "kicked out" CozyBear & FancyBear from the DNC servers

6/14: News of the hack went public

6/15: Guccifer 2.0's appearance

And what was going on in Trumpland?

6/3: Trump Jr, re: dirt "i love it, especially later in the summer"

6/9: Trump Tower meeting

6/14: Trump reacts to news of hack by saying DNC faked it

6/20: Steele starts tracking Trump

6/24: Yuri/Cohen tweet

I still don't have a clue what the significance (if any) of that Zerohour app is, but he claims to have made it, and its name & timing seem meaningful. I cannot fathom why he would claim to have made some random Indian clock app for a benign reason.
Now we're well into June and Russia/"Guccifer 2.0" is releasing more emails to try to make the DNC look bad. The internet is swarmed with bots saying anything Russia related is a hoax and/or Hillary/DNC are corrupt & rigged the primary against Bernie.

July 1-26, 2016

Carter Page is in Moscow, everyone on Trump's campaign is talking with Russians and forgetting about it later.

7/6: "Yuri" sends his command to Trump to ask Russia for the emails

7/22: *Wikileaks* starts releasing DNC emails
7/24: Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign as head of DNC after Sanders calls for her to step down due to leaked emails. Hillary's campaign says emails were leaked by Russia to elect Trump

7/25-28: Dem Nat'l Conv. is a mess because of Bernie/Wikileaks

7/27/16 was a big day.

🚨Morning Trump Press Conference with *the* Russia soundbite.

⚠️Evening campaign rally where Trump said Hillary would turn the US into Venezuela w/socialism.

🛑Within hours of Trump's request Russia started trying to break into Hillary's personal server.
2 days later, on 7/29, Michael Cohen *replies* to Yuri, tagging Trump, Scavino, and Manafort.

It's a YouTube anti-Hillary propaganda/conspiracy video that Trump would go on to tweet a few weeks later.

The tweet from Michael Cohen is still live too!

7/29: DCCC hacked by Russia

7/31: FBI starts investigation after hearing that Papadopoulos was offered "dirt" on Hillary.

8/2: Manafort/Gates met w/Kilimnik (GRU) in NYC

8/3: Trump Jr met w/Saudi Emissary (Nader) + Israeli social media adviser (Zamel), arranged by Erik Prince
Fast forward...we learn that all the hackers were Russian. Trump was colluding 24/7. Hillary was right about everything.

Russia + Wikileaks + Bernie + Comey = President Trump.

Twitter Yuri continued to tweet a lot, but seemingly no more directives that Trump followed.
After Louise Mensch called him out on 3/30/17 (not sure who originally discovered Yuri's important tweets), the account was deleted without ceremony a few days later.

Someone else took the same name & profile pic after he deleted it, but after Apr 2017 it's a different account.
I kind of lost the point of this thread a while ago but I hope you have enjoyed this rambling wall of context and mystery from 2016.

So who was Twitter Yuri?
I was digging through my screenshots/downloads for another thread but found this interesting Yuri related one.

Twitter Yuri tweeted about Obamagate a lot. Time is a flat circle.
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