••• Small Details you could missed, Theory, Trivias •••


Lets start with the poster, they are in diff scrubs because they worked in diff hospital.
In ep 1 the scene open in Seokhyeong house. This is important subtle part why they didnt start the take in hospital Seokhyeong house is like a portal to their 99' memories. This house is emptied for years but at this scene it symbolized that its now open to tell their youth story
Ep 1. Both Jungwan & Jeongwon work in kangwoon university medical center

Jeongwon is not fan of spicy food. #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa Works in Yulje hospital since the start. #HospitalPlaylist
☆ Trivia: Yulje Hospital is Ehwa Univeristy hospital in real life, Doctor John Also Filmed here.


Trivia: kangwon university hospital is dongtan seongsim hospotal of hallym university in real life. Sky castle/ Dr romantic filmed here.

Ikjun performed surgery in Yulje Hospital eventhough he is not official employee. So this scene make sense. #hospitalplaylist
This scene happen in Kangwoon University Hospital and not Yulje Hospital. This baby girl patient is Jeongwon patient for 3 yrs. See photo on headboard His Hobby is photography but give it up because he remembers the smile of his patients [[ RE: profile]] . 😭 #HospitalPlaylist
So for those still confused how come they worked on same hospital. This is my explanation. Yulje Chairman Ahn Byeongu passed away. Because its foundation there will be board members people tought that his youngest son will be the chairman but... cont ( #HospitalPlaylist )
Mr hwang is the trusted person of Chairman ahn so if he said to board members to vote for Jeongwon. He will be the new head of the foundation but Jeongwon give up this position to Mr Ju who is her mother friend for years cont.
Mr Ju said they are not ordinary family. Because instead of fighting over the position they gave it up. But theb jeongwon ask for a condition and this is the VIP ward at YULJU Medical Hospital. #HospitalPlaylist
So Jeongwon recruit his friends in yulje medical center. #HospitalPlaylist
You can see in this scene that Songhwa is the only one wearing doctor gown because this scene is shoot in Yulje Hospital the others are not employees yet. #HospitalPlaylist
This statement of songhwa makes sense 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
Seokhyeong is unemployed here because he just got back 2 months ago from his fellowship #HospitalPlaylist
The squad studied in Seoul National University. On of the top school in Korea. #HospitalPlaylist
Seokhyeong and Jeongwon went to same elementary and middle school. Makes sense because they are both from chaebol family #HospitalPlaylist
Lee Ikjun and Junwan went to same Highschool and both from changwon.
Changwon is 4 hours drived from seoul #HospitalPlaylist
Tweeting this because Ikjun looks like that at songhwa + Songhwa saying its fun coincidence 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
Ikjun teased songhwa that they will play next time "Love over a thousand years" this song has many High notes. Junwan got the shoes Songwa threw.

Jeongwon have something in Junwan in hawaii #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon learned to smoke 20 yrs ago through his mother 😂😂 #HospitalPlaylist
Saw this scene Junwan is not yet employee of Yulje here also Dr Ju who is his mentor back then asked him why he is in YULJE/ Funeral too. #HospitalPlaylist
EP1 first time they show the date April 4 . They are all working now in same hospital #HospitalPlaylist
Because this scene is so fast. There is symposium in cardiothoracic surgery In J hotel so this is where junwan caught songwa ex #HospitalPlaylist
Seokhyeong love Cold cup iced americano #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa nickname is ghost. Because she can do everything. Surgery, checking paper, camping etc. #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa is a person that doesnt throw things. She treasures her things like her shoes. She is resident in Yulje 10 yrs ago. #HospitalPlaylist
There is only 1 resident in General Surgery which have 13 professors and this is Gyeoul /gyeowool her name meaning is winter. #HospitalPlaylist
So dr winter doesnt like sweets and like her name she is cold #HospitalPlaylist
When ikjun joke about this but Junwan said that he has sister. Made me wonder what is the back story Iksun and junwan #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa & Junwan are fast eater #HospitalPlaylist
This is the first time that jeongwon looks differently with Dr Jang (Winter) #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon still lives in Junwan house #HospitalPlaylist
So when they are fighting over the rice. Junwan said just 2 and jeongwon said 5. So seokhyeong said they just need 3.5 rice 😂😂 He average it so they will not fight #HospitalPlaylist
Btw when they asked about if there is some confession happened before the sequence they look each other is this

Junwan- > Jeongwon-> Songhwa -> Ikjun -> Seokhyeong.
Ep 3 is May.

#HospitalPlaylist https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1250832747947425792?s=19
Jeongwon is allergic to something. #HospitalPlaylist
When All the Professor from General Surgery Luring Gyeoul to decide on case she will assist. ( she is the only resident) 😂 You can see Jeongwon smiling at the back while waiting #HospitalPlaylist
When they talked about Aloha By Cool. They are both Songhwa & Ikjun Favorite song #HospitalPlaylist
Something Happen in Hawaii.
• Junwan stayed in Hawaii for 1 month after his medical board exam.

You can see that Jeongwon is smirking to junwan here in this scene. Junwan is glaring 😂

Ikjun is social butterfly when he was in highschool he is friends with everyone in 10 different class while having top grades. People call him " inssa"

( insa • slang word for insider) #HospitalPlaylist
To be continued. 👻
Gyeoul • Dr Winter is a big eater. She can eat 2 cup of ramen at same time when she is stress #HospitalPlaylist
Seokhyeong love to watch variety shows. He is watching NJTTW here. NJTTW and Hospital Playlist have same writer 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon who is hobby is Marathon.
This marathon is PINK RUN ( Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign)

JUNWAN is really warm-hearted person. The medical students twins are being toured per dept remember that before they are just watching from afar but junwan didnt miss the opportunity to recruit them to Cardio the way he was recruited before. #HospitalPlaylist
Ikjun our wingman.
Jeongwon is the one who introduced ikjun wife to him. Now we got ikjun setting up jeongwon to dr winter

Iksun joke about birds. In Junwan profile iksun is described as pigeon who lands on junwan heart.

Pigeon represent gentleness, love, sacrifice, communication, grace and peace

Gyeoul always order Iced latte

Ep 4 is Summer
Re: Gyeoul profile ( She always wear white shirt in Summer)

Gyeoul always wearing white

White: color of snow, represent coolness & simplicity. associated with purity, virginity, innocence. In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity.

Minha who ❤ green.

Color of growth, renewal & rebirth.
Balancer of the heart & the emotions creating equilibrium bet. the head & the heart. Restores depleted energy. Sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa is the emotional pillar of the squad. #hospitalplaylist

Emotional Pillar : strong pillar of emotions that others can rely on or draw strength from in a time of need, as well as having emotions for many different situations
Ikjun & Songhwa are goals they have Work - Life balance.

Ikjun got the highest mark on medical board exam but always in the club 😂

Btw in this scene the doctor was not able to finished his story about jeongwon. ( re:profile of jeongwon people are so interested with him during college days but the other 4 did mind him and they all became squad, waiting for the back story) #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon color of phone is Black for Daddy Long Legs #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon gave Gyeoul Snacks. Gyeoul is not fan of sweets at other ep but here we can see that she is starting to like sweets. She hid the snacks in her pocket. This is in ep 4. ❤ #HospitalPlaylist
Seokhyeong fam is buddist. You can see the temple here #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa is attending and member of Christian Church #HospitalPlaylist
The transition of the scenes thou from seokhyeong buddist temple to songhwa dancing in christian church and Here is jeongwon on catholic church. I love friendship who respects each other religions #HospitalPlaylist
EP 3 is May, Jeongwon sent his recommendation letter in this ep.
In this scene jeongwon said there is still no feedback and its 2 months already

EP4 is probably set in JULY stilll SUMMER.

Jeongwon mother support all her children when were called served by the Lord except Jeongwon 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
This nurse is just got back after leave. She is in Yulje medical center way before and Yang Seokhyeong is the new doctor of obygyn if Ep 4 is set in July. Its only 4 months since seokhyeong worked in Yulje medical center. #HospitalPlaylist
I will add this here because why not 😂
We can see how innocent Gyeoul here.

EP 4 Foreshadowing some scene. || TOPIC • Suddenly change • Suddenly Like something.

Remember this because I sort out saw some details to Gyeoul & Jeongwon and some Characters with this topic
Sudden change

•Songhwa is now allergic to Cats
• Junwan developed Presbyopia normal loss of near focusing ability that occurs with age.
Seokhyeong is not Mama's Boy before he talked behind her mother back all the time but now he is became soft boy because on what happen to his mom 😭😭😭 #HospitalPlaylist
Suddenly Ikjun love for flowers #HospitalPlaylist
December 2018 when Seokyeong received the call that his sister died while going how from his fellowshiop in US. He also knew his father affair. #HospitalPlaylist
Our fighter Songhwa who always get what she wants #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa looking at Ikjun playing guitar #HospitalPlaylist
I love this part of series where they Bicker about the phone 😂 which become reality nowadays #HospitalPlaylist
The story of Ikjun teaching Song hwa Bass for 5 yrs..here is the proof shot #HospitalPlaylist
The Sudden Like

Junwan went to Inje. He said to Iksun that he came to eat jajamyeon when its 2 hours drive from Seoul.

Iksun got admitted in Yulje early in this ep 4 (July). iksun said she did not see Junwan for along time but junwan still went ot Inje #HospitalPlaylist
The sudden change.

In EP 2 Dr Winter did not like sweets & She is cold / aloof to people but In ep 4 she seems got new friends & starting to like sweets. || Re: gyeoul profile. Gyeoul cold as her name winter got melted when Dr Ahn ( Garden) entered the ER. #HospitalPlaylist
The sudden change

In early eps Jeongwon got mad at Dr Winter. || Re: Jeongwon profile. He never got mad at his medical staffs / collegues except his Squad.
The sudden change

• Jeongwon is warm & nice with everyone but suprisingly he is only cold to gyeoul || Re: Jeongwon Profile



Its in korean im updating a thread of eng trans on it.

Eng rough trans. https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1250832747947425792?s=19
Official site: http://program.m.tving.com/tvn/doctorlife/8/contents/view#
Btw correction Iksun is admitted on May 27.Thank you who point this.I did not saw this Im still grasping the timeline. Opening of ep 5 Is July same day that Junwan visit iksun. Junwan sudden like seems like realization of feelings ( maybe they have back story) #HospitalPlaylist
Correction early ep is May. There is time gap for drama in June because ep 5 open in July 😊 https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1251506704342306816?s=19
Hi! PEOPLE WHO ARE INVESTED ALSO IN MY THREAD 😂 Im only stating what i saw with my own opinions. You can still enjoy the drama without believing in my me. Im not the scriptwriter😂 I can also be wrong you can also make your own theory❤💙💜 @AninGalaxy
Dr Jang is a fast runner. Based on her profile she is a runner during middle School || Re: Gyeoul Profile.

When Dr Jang went after the abuser and Dr Bae said this. We can see the Dr. Ahn also been worried deep inside.( Maybe because he is naturally kind • we need to open space on possibility to wreck the #WinterGarden too )
We will also see this guy in the future. We need to prepare ourself. I feel like he will comeback to have revenge with Dr. Ahn. #HospitalPlaylist
Dr Jang went after the abuser but Dr Bae got the compliment. Dr. Jang is reckless & Dr Bae follow the protocol.
We can see here that Jeongwon is cold to Dr Jang bcoz he also been worried deep inside.

Dr Jang - Resident
Dr Bae - Fellow

EP 5 July. Junwan love sweets specially chocolates he always have sweets on the drawer. This is the same day junwan visit Iksun
Junwan suddenly want to renovate his place. He have the same shirt when he visit iksun so probably its the same day

RE: Junwan profile. He always dream to have normal happy family. ( Does Junwan considering marriage now?) Thats why he suddenly want to renovate #HospitalPlaylist
They will be staying on ikjun place until renovation is done. Remember jeongwon is living in junwan house 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
Songhwa saying this " but what about my cute woojoo?" Worrying because the boys will be staying in ikjun house 😂 *woojoo is in changwon thou #HospitalPlaylist
Orange Rose

Red roses represent deep love that yellow ones represent friendship. orange is a combo of the two, A hidden feeling that evolves into a request to be loved.

Im not yet sure with the white flower is it peony?

Seokhyeong who is always apologizing.
I feel like his ex-wife loved him but his family is a mess. Based on their convo he respect his ex wife so much. Btw i feel like we will see his ex in the future ep #HospitalPlaylist
Minha family runs guesthouse in Gangwon do and Seokhyeong said he found a hot spring in Gangwon-do and he will bring his mom there.

Are we getting Minha x Seokhyeong moments in Gangwon do? Im also excited with them 😂

Some info about Gangwon do is 1 hour + drive from seoul

In the east, Seoraksan National Park has mountainside temples and hot springs

Gyeoul is big eater. Gyeoul who always wearing White shirt in summer 😂

Songhwa is in deep thought when he saw the flowers then ikjun came. #HospitalPlaylist
When doctor chihong confessed his feelings you can the flowers & the coffee. REMEMBER THE COFFEE

Btw Gyeoul is not really shy with Ikju and Ikjun really love his setting up antics 😂 Are going to see gyeoul on ikjun house with jeongwon?

* Im opening possibility that #Wintergarden will sink so this two 😂 i dont know.
This shot is really.....
IKSUN & Junwan. We can see that ikjun is in the middle of them. 😂
Woojoo = Universe
He is ikjun universe. 💙

Iksun know that Junwan will sleep in the sofa. She left her phone in the Table near the sofa. (* Just my one opinion that she really left her phone near junwan) 😂

Actually Iksun also made a move here. When junwan got there iksun have the favorite chocolate of Junwan.

• Iksun is also been interested with junwan favorite •

Again the COFFEE

Minha will give seokhyeong his fav coffee ( iced americano) to confess but she saw this and throw the coffee

●● To be continued ●●
Lets Talk about Coffee!

• Dr. Chihong brought coffee when he confessed to Songhwa
• Junwan gave coffee to iksun, eventually confessed
• Minha brought coffee to confess to seokhyeonh
•• Ikjun gave songhwa coffee....

This doesnt make sense 🤣 #HospitalPlaylist
Btw Coffee theory can be contradicting too 🤣 i dunno

Songhwa gave coffee too to this 3
• Dr Chihong
• Ikjun
• Seokhyeong

Daddy-Long-Legs is Jeongwon another persona it is based on 1912 epistolary novel by the American writer Jean Webster.s "Daddy long legs" sponsor the protoganist to school. He never seen by his protegee.
[[ Marathon]]

Jeongwon dream is to be a Priest. Here in EP 3 we could see Jeongwon sent his letter of application & him joining marathon.This symbolized the Starting Line for his dream. However, it did not go as planned & he run towards opposite direction #HospitalPlaylist
[[ Marathon ]]

This is in same ep After the marathon scene Nd this happens. We still dont know if Jeongwon feelings not go well as planned. Somehow he got bothered.

(* Btw my own opinion Jeongwon followed Ikjun) 😂


Im just messing with ur HP theory 😂
• Small details •

Jeongwon personal phone is white.
Remember his daddy long legs phone is Black

Hospital Playlist tentative timeline

EP1 March
EP 2 April
EP 3 Start of May
EP 4 End of May/ Start of July
EP 5 July
EP 6 August

• Time Gap is June.
Songhwa being teased she really love camping but still have compassionate heart with her patients #HospitalPlaylist

• Gangneung & Sokcho is also in gangwan-do,
• Gangneung is where Goblin shoot that scene.
• Sokcho is where some scene in encounter shoot
• Tongyeong is where Eun byul from Who are you 2015 lost during their field trip.

MBC SUCCESS TALE ( 1997-2001 )
• Documentary that presented a wise way to overcome the recession through success stories of corporate CEOs, cultural figures and other celebrities

* 😂 its so hard to find info with this because it so old

Ikjun is from changwon.
So it his dream to live in seoul atleast he succeed 😂

Ikjun suddenly love for flowers
And Song hwa being done with him

• Song hwa name aslo means flower
Bestfriend code
• when you can easily predict your friend .

Eating is not important to Jeongwon when he is concern with his patients #HospitalPlaylist
Junwan have a sibling who is in acting industry. Jeong yeon, Yeong Jeong.

•●FORESHADOWING - FRIENDSHIP - thats how it begins.

Ikjun and Iksun are same. They both used on receiving love + people chase them. + People thought they never like first.

Ikjun ex-wife Hyejeong chased him for months that why they got married #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon hobby
● Spring - Marathon ( Gyeoul knows this much!!)
● Summer - Surfing ( btw is that in hawaii 😂)
● Autumn - Hiking
● Winter - Skiing

Junwan is being called selfish 😂
He loves golf so much that this hobby of him will put him in danger thou

Seokhyeong hobby is watching TV 😂
Songhwa hobby is camping. #HospitalPlaylist
Ikjun can do everything. Btw, im still opening possibility of him in gyeoul thou. I know its small chance. 😂 I can relate with Ikjun when im trying organic life. #HospitalPlaylist
■ When it come to love, you never know.

• Ikjun saying this to woojoo when woojoo said he like mone
• Love is unpredictable.
1. When you thought you dont have feelings anymore.
2. You suddely fall to the other person

Minha vs Gyeoul.

They are totally opposite to each other but suprisingly they match eventhough they are both from diff dept.

Minha who is concern with fashion vs gyeoul who only wear white shirt in summer 😂

I feel this guy will be scammed in no time.

In all the Writer Lee Dramas there are no villans but because this is #HospitalPlaylist which in touch of reality. I feel like they will show us the reality of the world especially people who have crab mentality.

In ep 6 bribery was emphasized. We will see more of this next ep
Seokhyeong smiling at Minha antics
This is the first time i saw seokhyeong smile 😭 ❤💜

Seokhyeong is never the person who opens up nor engaged with people aside from his friends. Him introducing minha to his friends is heartfluttering. #HospitalPlaylist
Jeongwon noticing this detail means he always glance at Dr. Jang. #HospitalPlaylist
Gyeoul was visited by her professors. 😂 the affection of the professor to gyeoul.. #hospitalplaylist
Aug ? 2:59pm?
^^ smile
~ when you act cute on txt. ( though not sure if there is

Gyeoul is innocent.

FORESHADOWING • If he likes you. He will come.

• Btw based on Jeongwon personality. Im sure he went to check on gyeoul but minha is just asleep. He left the hospital at night •

The next scene after ER so my theory is Jeongwon went to ER before going home. Jeongwon is the person who catch up right away. Btw, I like the writer 😭 she is so consistent with their personality. #Hospitalplaylist
Everyone is looking at songhwa but ikjun did not look at songhwa. He is the only one talking in calm way

Ikjun and his ex.
• Ikjun ex ask him to go her shooting if he got done with his surgery at morning.

Ikjun got done early in the morning with his surgery but he did not go to his ex but went to Song Hwa instead because he is worried.

To be continued.
Song Hwa who is the emotional Pillar of the group got shaken here too.

Trivia : Seokhyeong is not fan of calls. If he needs to talk to someone he usually send kakaotalk message #HospitalPlaylist
When Song Hwa said this " So Many memories" Ikjun is the type of person who always think of other people first.

Re: Ikjun profile " a choice that the people I love will be happier than I am!" He realized that his Love Law is Wrong.

This shot could mean they are each other first love with the #1 in the frame

Ps. Im saying nonsense things that looks like have sense 😂 #HospitalPlaylist
When Ikjun is trying to change to smaller bills he try to pick first a bow clip (700won), but pick the crunchies (3000 won) instead. I feel this is originally for iksun. Iksun is different re:profile Iksun who have taste like adults.

Will tweet this because atleast Junwan know his weak point lol

Same junwan

Innocent Song Hwa who watch them plus ikjun giving crunchies to het and looking at song hwa. so im sure Ikjun recognized song hwa on their freshman night

Why Song Hwa is Ikjun first love?
Because if he only saw him as friend he will still give the gift. But ikjun is a person who always consider other people before himself. His definition of Love is wrong which he realized on latter part of his life.

Ikjun realization that song hwa is a woman and not just a friend #HospitalPlaylist
We finally saw Ikjun office haha and Dr ban who always play. The one he is ranting with jeongwon because jeongwon promise them office😂

This scene show us the omniscent feeling of Iksun. Junhwa asked iksun late July so they both thought about it alot

This shows how Iksun trust junwan and bet her heart to him..Btw i feel like there is back story with them they have 2 years age gap.

Song Hwa who follow them & when she entered her eyes shift & find ikjun? She also brought camera to take pic

When song hwa wants something she basically do everything to get it.(If Ikjun is her first love,there is reason why she did not confess)

2yrs age gap

May 27 • Iksun got admitted in hospital
June - Gap
July - He went to Inje to eat with Iksun
July - He confess to Iksun
Aug - Iksun said yes

Junwan really think about it thats why there is 1 month gap. He consider everything.
If you want to see how #Jeongwon and #Gyeoul change their point of view of each other. You could check thi

#WINTERGARDEN #HOSPITALPLAYLIST https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1252516679227080704?s=19
Songhwa and Ikjun story. 💜 https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1252569300327522304?s=19
" Life starts at 40"

You know why Hospital Playlist main character are on the age of 40. Because " Life starts at 40". At that age when people thought you have & knew everything. The main characters will embark new beginnings.

Start Again • #HospitalPlayist Opening

There are memories they escape but now they turned 40.They are given chance to Start Again.

"You going crazy & feeling to leave,
To face love & wait in vain"

"You wonder if its real & search for the way, to relieved pain & start again"
Ep7 is September ( Mid)

Gyeoul is the Human Calendar of the hospital. She only wear White & Blue depends on the season.

Ep 7 The character will be deeper. Try to see the small story inside the frame.

#HospitalPlaylist is not Reply 1988, the main color of reply series is to guess the husband but for Hospital Playlist. We are given chance to see the character story progression.
• The feelings the creep into •

Words that he cant say " Good Job" turned into a reassuring smile behind a mask

Possible • New Building of Loveline

Seobin to Doctor Ahn.
• She got nervous for hi so she check outside.
• She took the night shift for him
• "I dont have feelings for you" seems like a reaction formation for me.

Its just my theory thou. #HospitalPlaylist
POV of Donor Receiver

• On ep 3 we saw the POV of the family who donate their love one organs. Here on ep 7. We got the POV of the receiver.
• Short scene but let us saw how our gratitude is a sorrow for others.


There is a law in KR about the anonymity of the donor & receiver.
There is a famous case that is well know in SK where the donor family kept in touch with the receiver. [[ The Transplant happen in US, The donor is Korean]]

YT :
Can we talk about how Ikjun always compliment gyeoul. I wanna have a mentor like Ikjun ❤ (Ikjun and this med student looks like father & daughter so cute. #HospitalPlaylist
Bear or Fox

•Bear could walk upright, they were thought to be special & know all things. symbols of wisdom and medicine

• Fox is very crafty. If you’re as sly as a fox, you are cunning. Get whatever they want by underhanded means.

Both like seokhyeong
This is from EP3
Sorry but this Girl in OBGYN also like seokhyeong 😂 The fox.


• They became best buds 😂 Their relatioship progress is so cute too. From declining ikjun surgery offers to gyeoul knowing his personality now. Gyeoul knows ikjun personal satisfaction is taking errands and chatting to people.
IM SO HAPPY WITH IKJUN × GYEOUL MOMENTS. They are so funny and cute ❤💙

~ PLUS THE FACT THAT GYEOUL IS NOT SHY WITH IKJUN and She did not mind if he has son 😂😂

(* If #WinterGarden ship give me, Ikjun and gyeoul moments 😂)

Gyeoul is savage too!! 😂
#HospitalPlaylist https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1253655585750310912?s=19/video/1
Mane & Mone are 😂 the medical students cousin. Will we see them in the next episodes. I wanna compile their scenes 😂😂


• She is straightforward, she dont sugar coat things. Minha didnt escape it.

MINHA × Gyeoul are fangirls

• In ep 6 we could see gyeoul with her pin merch & both are ARMY.
The writer is so genius here. There are misconception with fans of kpop groups that they are jobless/ teenagers. Fangirling is good too, you could gain friends

The First Love.The Old love

I wonder why the emphasis to this is first love? & old love. The two in Gongnyong ridge ( its in seokrasan) ?????

Ikjun and junwan always have girlfriends

NOTE: Gongryong ridge ( Seokrasan- Gangwon do )

• This place is always mentioned since early eps. I wonder what is the connection. Will be back when i found out 😂
To be continued.
Im having hard time tweeting by multiple tweets. It always save on my drafts so i add tweets one by one.
Song hwa use elastic band since ep 1. On ep 6 She start using ikjun crunchie, She used it again after ikjun got his divorced & the time they played "Infront of city hall at sub station" its about past lovers who see each other again & the other one have a child #HospitalPlaylist
Song Hwa doesnt want to get married.
We dont know the reason yet.

Song hwa dated a senior guy.
Winter • 3-4 years
We don't know if its first love or old love but Song Hwa did not mind farewells to her relationships after that.

Gyeoul need to beat God for Jeongwon to work out. Btw, the squad are working in Yulje for 6 months now. So you can see the progress of the residents relationship with their professors.

Sunbae- Hoobae

• This show us that being Mentors can still learn from their mentee and other way around

JUNWAN is Genius. As expected from one of our SNU doctors. Lol the writer are so consistent with their personality.

Junwan as tsundere. Actually his only dream is to have normal family. Its just that his relationship always doesnt work. He is so into Iksun 😂 they are now in their 2nd month of relationship. We better watch out on their 3rd month.

Junwan exemption theory
• There is various reason to be exempted to military. ( Physical ability/mental health, athlete who won medal) or he is from Low income family & he is solely the breadwinner. From past ep his mom called him to buy something 😂

Can we talk about how the flusk can symbolized their feelings. Song Hwa want to give her love to Ikjun but seokhyeong entered the picture so Ikjun gave back the flusk. #HospitalPlaylist
Ikjun • Song Hwa • Seokhyeong

• Everytime that Ikjun × Song Hwa have deep moments seokhyeong always entered the picture. Symbolizing that there is still a wall for them to crossed the lines.

Ikjun and his sense

• There is part of me that believed that Ikjun have guts with Junwan thou & he is messing up with him.
•Gangwon Province is where Inje located the base of Iksun
○ Given the Pigeon name of iksun on his phone lol

This small line thou

• Ikjun missed his sister all of a sudden when junwan is talking to iksun on the phone

Ikjun • Songhwa • Seokhyeong

• Ikjun subtle lines here. ( is it jealousy? )
Seokhyeong always take Song Hwa advice.
Song Hwa have 3 brothers

Jeongwon always take care of them when they are eating. + the fact he even help the lady at the back.

Btw, i saw the bts of this & the director planned even the small scenes. There is no coincidence. Their gaze, their hands, their small actions are planned #HospitalPlaylist

• Chihong always missed his timing.
• What if he confessed on ep 3 ( May) & not Ep 5 ( July) will they work?
• Ikjun divorced happen on ep 3 (May)
• If Song hwa bought him drink that night will they work out?

Missed the timing

Can we talk about almost same lines, different reaction. In psychology we have Reaction Formation which a person attempt to hide his true feelings by doing exact opposite actiob. RF is used when events is anxiety inducing 🙈

In gyeoul room.• I think its mantilla / prayer shawl.

• Prayer shawls are created to be a comfort for those suffering from mental, physical or emotional difficulties.
•Usually its given as gift by someone who prayed for you ( maybe family member?)

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The twins mother resident doctor is Song Hwa. After 10 years, Song hwa fulfilled her promise that she will be a better doctor

Ikjun voice over

" just today, okay? I'll make an exception because it your birthday?"

I think this about her not to play the bass and just sing 💜

Why jeongwon & Song Hwa is the only one in this last frame.

• Aside from their friends Song Hwa & Jeongwon are the only that start from zero to get into the band.

● Ikjun & Junwan is have a band in their school
● Seokhyeong is from music inclined family

Seokhyeong is kind of friend who dont initiate get together but always tagged along.

To cope to all the things happen to him.
For the 1st time He initiate to do a band again w/ his friends. As he kinda regret not spending time with his sister. Now he create new memories.
Why seokhyeong always watch tv or shows?

For him, its the only channel for him to escape from the pain of his reality.

Escapism is habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality

Btw small detail again from ep 3. The name of the squad kkt group is Gongnyong Ridge (공룡능선). Its a mountain ridge in Seokraksan, gangwon-do. It was also mentioned before on Dr Bong Salon & minha family run guesthouse here.
Gonna be back when i knew why?

🍁🍁EP 8 is September 🍁🍁
• Small detail •
Song Hwa shoes. Btw, I really tried to compare & The shoes Song Hwa wearing on EP 8 is her old shoes. ( Does it really mean chihong dont have a chance?), why she still use the crunchie ikjun gave from 20yrs ago ?

So Jeongwon always had an headache.
Here are possible reason
1. He is overwork bcoz of his patient
2. He cant sleep because he cant stop thinking about gyeoul. His choice between being doctor & his priesthood
3. He has unknown disease.

I rather go with 1&2 #HospitalPlaylist
Small detail
• Ikjun changed his watch on Ep8 , He have now tank-type wristwatch same with Song Hwa.

• A timepiece
• act or instance of carefully observing someone or something over a period of time.

#HospitalPlaylist #FlowerClown
Background Summary for Residents.

Jo Dae Hak
• 39yrs old, 1yr younger to his prof
• Chief Resident of CS, Chose CS bcoz its pay additional 10m won
• Took Bar exam (Law) 6 times, before going to med school
• Married
•"Mr instict"- Follow his desire

Choo Min Ha
• 34yrs old
• Choo- Autumn
• 2nd yr resident (Obgyn)
•Worked in Lab ( Medtech/ Labtech)
Reason why she is 6yrs Older than eunwon even they are same 2nd yr resident
•Loves to study so took medicine
•Lives in Gangwon-do
•Unexpected fashion!

Myung Eun won
• 28 yrs old
• 2nd year resident ( Obygyn)
• Best known as Angel resident but Nurse han labelled her as Fox
• Bookish person, always define things by terminology. ( Ref with med twins)
• Two faced person

Ahn Chihong
• 38 yrs old
• 3rd year Resident ( NS)
• Known as Captain Ahn.
• Attend same Military Academy with iksun
• Attend same MedSchool with Seobin
• Retired for being Military personnel due to illness so entered Medschool late

Heo Seobin
• 31 years old
• 3rd year Resident ( NS)
• Mother & Father is Doctor
• Childhood dream is being a doctor
• Went to same medschool with chihong
• Even the day is busy, She take care & hung out w/ seokmin, chihong and the trainees

Yong Seokmin
• 33 yrs old
• Chief Resident of NS
• Everyday is hard & tiring for him
• Bloodshot eyes is his trademark
• Always hung out with Seobin & Chihong
• Nicknamed Songhwa " Ghost"
• Respect Song Hwa as mentor.

Bae junhee
•31 years old
• Emergency Medicine Fellow
• Crush- like apperance & Friendly
• Icon of fast paced action
• Trusted by professors.

Jang Gyeoul
• 29 yrs old
• Gyeoul ❄ Winter
• 3rd year resident ( GS)
• Only Resident in General Surgery with 13 professors.
• She also work with other depts like ER & Pedia
• Eat 2 cups of ramen when stressed
• Simple fashion
• motte- solo
Jang Hongdo
• 24 yrs old
• Senior Student/ Trainee
• Named after famous painter in Korea
• Male twin of Yun bok
• May little behind studies than Yunbok
• Little Slow & emotional
• Always taken care of by yunbok

Jang Yun bok
• 24 yrs old
• Female Twin of Hongdo, name after famous painter
• Senior student/ trainee
• Smart & model trainee
• Follow Seniors with sparkling eyes
• Always give Surprise reaction from answers of professor
• take care of Hong do

The Twins
•Named after famous painters in S.K (Joseon)
• In their 7th gr, their mother died • 14yrs old
• Resident Dr. Of their mom is Song hwa She promised to be a better doctor
•10 yrs later, they are back as med student & Song Hwa fulfilled her promise
Bong Kwang-hyun
•40 years old
•Assistant professor of emergency medicine
• Went to the same School ( SNU) with the squad, Long time friend.
• " Dr. Bong salon" - For residents, it is known as the professors' information source.

The one candidate they are talking about is Dr. Cheon. He is the one who caused trouble on golf bcoz he used the company card. #HospitalPlaylist
Can We talk about how Eunwon who MIA still labelled as Angel? When she is really Passive-Aggressive person.

Minha Revenge 🍁 Giving seokhyeong Hot coffee when He is into cold ice americano. Minha knows it but she purposely give it to him because she is pissed ( seokhyeong feels it too).

Eunwon heard that the patient Seokhyeong assign to her is sensitive/ demanding so she gave it to Minha eventhough she is not busy. Ms Han & Seokhyeong knows it. #HospitalPlaylist
From EP 6 about Song Hwa

" There are times when i realized she's a woman, not just a friend"

Cue to EP 8
Shookt heart of Ikjun to Song hwa

#HospitalPlaylist #FlowerClown #iksong
This is Seokhyeong patient on EP 6 July who had miscarriage. They are back on EP 8 Sept 🍁 I hope they could keep the baby. If they could keep the baby She will give birth by Spring ( Feb or March) Hope to see them next season!!
The flower that Mama Rosa give is
LIsianthus flower
•presents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. This beautiful flower is also a symbol of a lifelong bond between two people.
• Innocence & Purity
• also known as poor man rose

The Lord is in the center of life of Jeongwon but he will not get out of the fact that he has the passion for being a doctor. The Lord gave him the calling for being a doctor, him pushing the inteview means his priority is still his patients.

Ikjun joke that make Song Hwa laughed is a parody from Korean Movie Inside men 😂

• The lines originally is "Do you want to go to mojito and drink at Maldives? 😂
• Lee Byung used Mechanical Hands, so ikjun played his hands like that

Its funny!!

The reason Junwan got a new car. I compared & it seems like Iksun place (inje).Junwan have his toothbrush there seems like he often spend time in 🕊 place

Drive to Inje to Seoul can take upto 1& half drive. He got new car so it can endure often long drives.

Thread • 4 season of Hospital Playlist https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1259393778504232960?s=19
Details from EP 9 ( October) https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1259700989805735936?s=19
Gongryong Ridge (공룡능선 ).

• Name of their Kakao GC
• Dr Bong also mentioned it
• its is moutain ridged located in Gangwon-do.
• Its mean "vigorous & dynamic as a dinosaur rising from the ground".

▪︎ I want to know the backstory of their name ▪︎
Leaving it here for future ref. https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1259484664730800128?s=19
Gonna share this here. There is Real Life Hospital Playlist Squad 😂 https://twitter.com/AninGalaxy/status/1259770826863202304?s=19
DETAILS • EP 9 October • Autumn

Junwan brought humidifier for Seokhyeong mom. For other people who dont know junwan he seems like a person who dont care but for his squad they know that he is considerate. ( junwan & jeongwon are pervert)

Pervert = obssessed (double meaning)
Mama Rosa is from Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province. It is 45 minutes drive from Seoul. ( 1 & half hour by bus)

Mama Rosa & Seokyeong Mom ( young-hye) became bestie. 😂

Mama Rosa = 70 yrs old
Mama Young Hye= 64 yrs old
My favorite part of squad eating out is they do different things at a time. Some are fixing the table , giving out tissue, spoon & chopstick. Jeongwon folding his coat & hiding it below the sit so smoke of BBQ will not go to his coat.
(Jeongwon as organized & neat freak)
Ikjun teaching Song Hwa to Eat slowly and Song hwa excuse is always her 3 brothers.

Seokhyeong & Ikjun have different view on their divorced.
• Seokhyeong is guilty because he still feel the connection to Sinhye ( Ex-wife) thou its not love.
• Ikjun only think of uju because since from the start there is no even connection for him & his wife.
For Seokhyeong & Minha loveline.
I feel like Sinhye ( SH ex-wife) will give depth on their relationship. Seohyeong respects & still feel sorry to sinhye. Eventhough its not love, there is still unsolved feelings & issues.

( I hope SH learn to let it go)

In their squad, Jeongwon & Seokhyeong are the only from chaebol family they basically feel how money flows. IKJUN BRAIN WORK IN THIS SCENARIO is how from low-middle class think of the priveledge people.
New characters in Hospital Playlist are Nursing students.
• Kim Yeong ju, I think they are introducing this nursing characters for next season topic [[ Nurses]]

Song Hwa Love rain & ikjun knows it.
Thats why he went to Song Hwa office. Aside of that, Its seems like they have past memories about Rain.

Ikjun & Song Hwa talking about their family. Song hwa asking about uju and Ikjun asking about song hwa father.

We love ❤
When Song Hwa got a call, She stand up right away forgetting her coat but Ikjun got it for her.

This could mean, Song Hwa trust Ikjun to pick up her coat. Ikjun notice small details about Song Hwa.

Baseball is Life, 😂 Gwang hyeon is Dr. Bong. They are long time friends.

If you want to watched other kdrama promoting #stoveleague
Junwan & Yunbok
• its midnight already, junwan want to make yunbok home safe, so he is offering his card. ( considerate Junwan ❤)
• But when he knew that Yunbok will be picked up by her boyfriend at that hour. He dont know what to react. 😂 Imagine if its your little sister
Another proof of Nosy Ikjun ( He is inssa) 😂 Song Hwa & Ikjun are different, Song Hwa wear glasses in hospital while Ikjun wear contact lens.
Difference of Relationship in 20's & 40's
The matured way of handling relationship.
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