Yoonmin AU where omega Jimin’s childcare falls through last minute so he has to bring his baby daughter to work with him

He doesn’t expect one of the cafe’s regulars - a stoic alpha - to spend his entire shift making funny faces and playing with her to keep her entertained
- single parent/coffee shop AU
- ABO post-MPreg
- soft fluff
- probably short and sweet
- getting together
- love confessions
((Writing this now because I’m tired and sick and in need of fluff so LET’S GO 🐥🐱))
“Are you serious, Tae?”

Jimin is frantic as he rushes around his flat, throwing together what he needs for work. He’s late, again, because Jieun had him up half the night.

The baby gurgles at him from her bouncy chair. He coos back, mid-combing his hair.
“I’m sorry, Chim!” Taehyung’s voice is tinny through his phone speakers. “You know I love watching her, but Kook’s been throwing up all night and I think I might’ve caught it”

“So you’re putting your mate before me?”

“No! Do you really want your baby daughter getting sick too?”
Jimin sighs, frustrated. He puts down his comb and stares at himself in the mirror, puffy-eyed and round-cheeked. At least his skin is smooth.

“You’re right, I know. I just haven’t got anyone else who can watch her.”

“I’m really sorry.” Taehyung sounds genuinely contrite.
Jimin feels bad. “It’s ok, I’ll figure something out. Feel better soon, yeah? Tell Kookie I said hi.”

“I will.”

They hang up, and Jimin turns to stare at his three-month-old daughter, sighing. She giggles back at him, waving tiny fists.

“What am I going to do with you?”
Jimin can’t help but smile, because his daughter is adorable, but he really is in trouble. He’s due in work in less than an hour and he needs the money - being a single parent isn’t exactly easy, and Jieun’s going to need bigger clothes soon.

“Let’s see,” Jimin hums, crouching—
—by her chair so pull a funny face, making her giggle louder. “Uncle Tae and Uncle Kookie are sick, so you might have to come and spend the day with me. Jin-hyung has been wanting to meet you anyway.”

She gurgles her approval.

Jimin sighs. It isn’t like he has much choice.
Jin answers on the fourth ring. “Please tell me you’re not cancelling on me, Park Jimin. I’ve had customers spilling out the door since 6 this morning—“

“I’m coming in,” Jimin hastens to reassure him. “I just - hyung, I have to ask a favour.”

“Oh no.”
“Nothing bad, I promise! Well...” Jimin bites his lip. “My babysitter cancelled on me.”

Jin makes a sympathetic noise. “What a pain.”

“Yeah, and I have nowhere else to leave her - I don’t want to miss my shift, I need the wages and I don’t want to abandon you.”
“You’d better not, mister.”

“I know.” Jimin runs a stressed hand through his hair. “So - can I bring her with me? Please?”

“She’ll be good as gold, I swear,” Jimin begs, praying with all his might that she will behave herself. “She’s a really good baby, hardly cries at all, and I’ll take really good care of her, I promise! My work won’t suffer.”

Jin sighs. “I don’t know, Jimin-ah. A busy cafe—
—is hardly ideal—“

“Please,” Jimin interrupts. “I’m desperate. Otherwise I’m gonna have to call in sick.”

“Psh, you sound perfectly healthy.”

“I will suddenly develop the flu.”
“Yah, you little brat.” But Jin is laughing. “Alright, fine - but keep her out of the kitchen. I don’t want her getting burned accidentally.”

“I will! Thank you so much, hyung!”
Jimin crouches by Jieun again when he’s hung up the phone, gently undoing the straps and lifting her into his arms. She gurgles and grabs for him, and he nuzzles into her neck quickly, scenting her for comfort.

“Are you going to be a good girl and come to daddy’s work with him?”
Jieun waves her little fists, her chubby cheeks puffing up as she smiles, and Jimin can’t help but coo. “Come on then, darling, let’s get you all ready.”
Not long after, Jimin is bundled up in his coat and scarf with the baby carrier strapped to his torso, Jieun happily held against his chest. He grabs the baby bag along with his usual rucksack and heads out of the door, the lock to his apartment beeping behind him.
It’s cold, even with spring peeking around the corner, and frost is thawing as Jimin makes his way to the bus stop. He’s used to the stares he gets; an unmated omega with a child will always get frowns.

But Jimin is content to press his nose into his baby’s head and nuzzle her-
-as she sleeps - clearly making up for the number of times she had him up in the night.

His bus stop comes up soon and he climbs carefully back onto the pavement, balancing his bags with the precious little bundle against his chest.
When he enters the coffee shop, Jin takes one look at him and breaks out into a warm smile.

“Ahh, bring her here right now! Let Uncle Jin have a look!”
Jimin grins as he drops his bags behind the counter and walks up to his hyung. Carefully, he lifts his sleeping baby out of the carrier and cradles her, wincing as she blinks her eyes open and starts to cry softly.

“Oh no, no, none of that now,” Jin coos, pinching her nose.
She stops crying, her face scrunching up in confusion. Jin waves his fist at her. “Got your nose!”

Jimin laughs. “You’re going to confuse her.”

“Please, she’s going to love me.”
“Everyone loves you, hyung.” Jimin is grinning as he rocks her, her crying fit seeming to have been held off. “Could you hold her for a sec while I clock in?”

Jin coos at the opportunity, taking her carefully and rocking her. Jin is an omega too, his instincts telling him what—
—to do, so Jimin feels comfortable leaving her for a moment while he sorts himself out.

When he’s ready with his apron on and a winning smile, he takes her back from Jin, pleased that she seems smiley and not disturbed in any way by the new surroundings.
“I’ll be baking in the kitchen,” Jin tells him, “But let me know if you have any trouble. There’s a lull right now but we’ll be busy again soon.”

Jimin nods. He places Jieun back in the baby carrier still strapped to his chest and takes up his place by the counter, playing with—
—her fingers while he waits for customers to begin arriving. He has her facing out so she can see what’s going on.

Soon enough, customers begin filing in again. Some take seats at the tables, but most are just grabbing something to-go, on their own way to work.
Jimin serves everyone with his usual smiles, trying to ignore the odd uncomfortable stare he gets. Jieun is the cutest baby in the world, and if they can’t see that then it’s their problem

Some people smile at Jimin and compliment him on having such a sweet child. Jimin prefers—

It’s a couple of hours into his shift when the bell above the door rings and a familiar face walks into the cafe.

Jimin sucks in a breath. It’s the stoic-faced alpha who often comes in with his laptop to take up one of their tables for a while - the alpha with honey-
-coloured hair and a mouth-watering scent. Jimin knows his name is Yoongi, and that he drank iced americanos almost exclusively, and that whatever work he did involved big headphones that he’d lose himself in for hours, but they hadn’t actually spoken much.
Jimin wanted to, though. He’d been nursing something of a crush on this pretty, sleepy-looking, quiet alpha who seemed to self-motivated on his work.

He didn’t know if Yoongi knew, or if he returned Jimin’s feelings, but he always had a smile for him while he asked for his drink
Jimin hopes that won’t change now that Jimin has a baby held against his chest.

“Hi!” Jimin keeps his voice bright as Yoongi slowly approaches the counter. “What can I get you? Your usual?”
Yoongi’s eyes land on Jimin’s, then drift down to where Jieun is kicking her feet and wriggling in her carrier. One brow lifts, but otherwise he doesn’t comment; just comes right up to the counter and eyes the menu.

“You know my usual?”
Jimin bites back a smile; Yoongi sounds so sleepy. “Yeah, I mean, you come here kinda a lot?”

Yoongi blinks. He cracks a small, close-lipped smile. “Can’t deny that. Coffee is an important part of my life.”

“Valid,” Jimin giggles, and Jieun copies him, giggling in her adorable-
-high-pitched squeaky baby voice. Jimin grabs her right hand for a second, her tiny fist curling around his finger.

“So.” Jimin turns to see Yoongi watching Jieun with an unreadable expression. “Iced Americano?”
Yoongi’s smile widens, showing a hint of tiny teeth. “Huh, you really do know my order.”

“Told you. I like to pay attention to nice customers.”

Yoongi raises both brows. “I’m a nice customer now, too?”
Jimin swallows. He wishes he could hide his face, afraid he is blushing, but Jieun still has his finger and he doesn’t want to deprive her when she seems fascinated by it.

“Uh. I mean, you tip well and you never leave your table messy, so I count that as nice, yeah.”
Yoongi seems amused, which is a relief because Jimin is starting to worry he’s coming across as a stalker.

Yoongi just chuckles, though. “Yeah, iced americano. Extra shot of espresso.”

Jimin hums. “Hard day?”

“Need to stay awake.”
Jimin wishes he could ask why, but it isn’t his business and he’s already pushing his luck, so he just nods and turns to the the machines to start making the coffee. Jieun squeals when he turns, unhappy about having to let go of his finger, but Jimin calms her by giving her—
—one of her rattles that’s sitting on the side. She shakes it with enthusiasm as he starts making up the drink.

Yoongi must be watching him, because a second later he’s asking a question. “She’s very cute.”

Jimin smiles. “Thank you.”
Yoongi’s scent, like rainwater, is strong, and Jimin takes a subtle deep breath before he finishes making the drink, wanting to enjoy it while he can.

“She’s yours?” Yoongi asks as Jimin approaches the counter with his drink.
Jimin pauses. He hopes this isn’t going to ruin any chance he might have with Yoongi - even though he clearly doesn’t, because Yoongi has been coming in for three weeks now and this is the longest conversation they’ve had.

But still. Jimin doesn’t want Yoongi to judge him.
“She’s mine,” Jimin confirms, placing the drink down so he could wrap one arm protectively around Jieun’s front. “The best baby in the whole world, aren’t you?”

Jieun gurgles, waving her tiny fists in the air. Jimin watches her; doesn’t look back towards Yoongi.

He’s nervous.
Yoongi’s impassive for another second, and Jimin thinks, this is it, another alpha is going to sneer and judge him for having a child without a mate.

But instead Yoongi takes him entirely by surprise.
He bends down a little, just enough so he’s eye-level with where Jieun is cradled against Jimin’s chest. Jieun looks at him curiously when he gets close enough for her to be able to make him out.

Then Yoongi pulls the silliest face imaginable.
Eyes crossed, tongue out, eyebrows furrowed.

It startles a laugh out of Jimin even as Jieun squeals happily, kicking her legs. Yoongi’s face goes back to normal, only for him to cover his eyes and then open them again, gasping when he sees Jieun.
“Who put such a pretty little baby there, hm?”

Jieun squeals again, the sound so happy that it melts Jimin’s already soft heart even further. It does something to him, seeing an alpha he always thought was serious and hardworking being so silly with his daughter.
“She’s the prettiest in the whole world,” Jimin agrees proudly, because he’ll take any chance to gloat over his daughter that he’s given.

Yoongi smiles at him, wider this time, showing his gums, and it’s so cute that Jimin finds himself a little breathless.
“Mm.” Yoongi picks up his drink and pauses. He gives Jieun a sly wink. “Don’t tell anyone, but your daddy is very pretty too.”

Jimin squeaks. He can feel heat creep up the back of his neck and prays he isn’t flushing, quickly busying himself with messing with the till while—
—Yoongi swipes his card to pay.

Yoongi smirks at him before turning away to take a seat at a nearby table, still in full view of Jimin, and Jimin spins around to press his back against the counter, breathing heavily.

Did Yoongi just /flirt/ with him?
It really felt like flirting. Jimin really, really hopes it was.

He spins around when he notices another customer waiting, but he’s more than a little giddy as he continues working. Jieun seems to pick up on his mood. She’s playing with her rattle with more enthusiasm, waving—
—it in the air and banging it against the counter until he moves too far away, because she’s making quite a lot of noise and a lot of people use this cafe to work or study.

Yoongi is still at his table, but he has his headphones in and his coffee is still half-full. Jimin can’t-
-go and talk to him; has no excuse. So he resigns himself to carrying on working with an increasingly fussy baby squirming against his chest.

After a while, Jimin’s back is starting to really ache and Jieun is growing more and more restless. She’d usually be having a nap around-
-now, but there’s nowhere safe for Jimin to put her down where he can still watch her, and there’s no one to cover his shift. There’s a steady stream of customers through the door so Jimin is kept busy, meaning Jieun is whining and crying for more of his attention.
It’s starting to bother the customers; they are getting some dirty looks.

Eventually, in a rare quiet moment between customers, Jimin scurries to the baby bag and gets out Jieun’s carrier, setting it up on the counter beside the till. It isn’t ideal, she’ll be right in the—
—middle of any interaction, but it’s the best he can do.

He gently lifts her out of where she’s strapped to his chest and she whines instantly, her face screwing up.

“Sh, darling, I know.” Jimin coos, rocking her in his arms and nuzzling her to scent her, hoping to calm her.
It works for long enough for him to get her into the carrier, lying her down comfortably, when the bell rings above the door and a customer comes in.

It’s an alpha. Burly, male, who raises his brows when he sees Jimin fussing over a baby behind the counter.
“You work here?” The alpha’s voice is condescending.

Jimin purses his lips and nods. “What can I get you?”

The alpha crosses his arms. “Should you be at work if you’ve got a kid with you?”
The way he says it isn’t understanding. It sets Jimin’s hackles rising, his natural instincts to protect growing loud within him.

But he’s at work, so he has to be civil. He forces an apologetic smile onto his face. “My babysitter’s sick. She won’t be any trouble.”
The alpha frowns. “Then you should have stayed home, right? You shouldn’t even have a job if you’re an omega with a baby.”

Jimin grits his teeth. He wants to explain flatly that he has rent to pay and baby clothes and toys to buy, never mind the doctors appointments and—
—everything else, and he’s alone in this city, so the alpha can kindly fuck right off.

But he’s a customer, so instead Jimin just tries to change the conversation.

“What can I get you?”
The alpha surveys the menu on the board above Jimin’s head, giving Jimin a couple of seconds to check on Jieun. He passes her her favourite cuddle toy, a little dinosaur he calls ‘Saur-Saur’ and she makes a happy gurgling sound, clutching it and chewing on the end of its tail.

Jimin looks up to find the alpha wrinkling his nose. “I don’t think this is very hygenic.”

Jimin forces himself to stay civil as he replies, “She doesn’t go anywhere near the food or drinks, and I wash my hands thoroughly. What would you like to order?”
“I’d like another server.”

“I’m the only one out front today,” Jimin says a little tersely. “I can get you anything on our menu.”

The alpha looks unhappy, but eventually orders one of their more complicated drinks. Jimin holds back a sigh as he turns away to start making it.
Unfortunately, as soon as he steps out of Jieun’s line of vision, she starts to fuss and whimper, squirming. Jimin has his hands full of cream and a carton of milk, but he quickly sidesteps until she can see him again, humming reassuringly.

“I’m right here, darling, don’t worry-
-daddy isn’t going anywhere.”

It takes him a little while longer to make the drink as he has to keep scurrying back so Jieun can see him, but he hates the thought of his baby being scared or sad.

The alpha is getting impatient. He loudly taps his foot against the floor.
When Jimin is running the steamer, he can’t keep going to check on Jieun, so when she starts to whine there’s nothing he can do. She starts to cry, proper wails coming from her carrier, and it tugs at his heart, his instincts crying out to scoop her up and scent her until she’s—
—calm again.

“Daddy’s right here,” he repeats, but she still cries, probably overtired and hungry by now - he needs to feed her soon, maybe he can ask Jin to prepare a bottle on his next break - but she isn’t calming down.

Jimin starts humming a lullaby but the noise of the—
—steamer drowns him out.

Eventually, Jieun is almost screaming, and everyone in the cafe is sending them looks. Jimin feels hot with embarrassment.

He finishes the drink as fast as he can and puts it on the counter, itching to pick up his baby but needing to deal with the—
—payment first.

But when he tells the alpha the amount, the alpha looks surprised. “What? You expect me to pay when your brat has been screaming at me this whole time?”

Jimin sees red.
“I’ve made your drink to your exact requirements and to our health and safety standards, so there is no reason not to ask for payment.”

The alpha snorts. “Please, omega. We both know this is subpar service. Just give me the drink and we’ll call it quits.”

Jimin is seething.
“I’m going to need you to pay for your drink.”

“Nah.” The alpha goes to pick up the cup, but Jimin gets there first, stepping back from the counter with it in his hands.

The alpha glares at him. “What the fuck are you doing?”
Jimin wants to hiss at the alpha for swearing in front of his baby daughter, but instead he just says, “I can’t let you take this until you’ve paid.”

“I’m not paying for some unmated omega who can’t even keep control of their bastard brat!”
Jimin wants to bare his teeth and snarl, his lip curling up a bit before he realises. He walks right up to Jieun, who is still crying, probably sensing her daddy’s distress, and Jimin just wants to protect her. “I think you should leave the cafe.”

The alpha growls at him.
It’s a proper, threatening growl, and for the first time Jimin begins to feel a little afraid.

But then the clean, fresh scent of rainwater floats through the air, familiar in a strange way, and suddenly a body is blocking Jimin’s view of the alpha.

It’s Yoongi.
Jimin watches in amazement as Yoongi takes up a place right in front of Jimin, blocking him and Jieun from the alpha’s view.

The alpha gapes. “Who the fuck are you?”

Yoongi remains calm, but his voice is authoritative. “You heard him. Either pay up or leave.”
Jimin feels a rush of relief and affection for Yoongi; someone he barely knows but who is choosing to stand up for him. Usually, Jimin is an omega who likes to take care of himself, and he’d never normally let anyone speak about Jieun the way the rude alpha had, but he’s at work-
-and has to stay civil.

The alpha snorts at Yoongi. “Why is it any of your business?”

Yoongi huffs. “Because I can’t get anything done with you harrassing a worker who’s just doing his job.”

“Excuse me?!”
“You heard. Pay up or leave, and apologise too.”

The alpha laughs, clearly not taking Yoongi seriously. But Yoongi doesn’t move.

Jimin stays by his baby, soothing her by running his fingers through the small tufts of dark hair she has, but she’s still upset and sniffling.
The alpha tries to lean around Yoongi to get a look at Jimin, but Yoongi sidesteps, keeping them separate.

The alpha glares. “Give me my fucking drink.”

Jimin lifts his chin. “I already told you - you have to pay first.”

“Shut the fuck up, omega, and do as I say!”
“Calm down,” Yoongi says before Jimin can retort, his tone flat and harsh. “And don’t speak to him like that.”

“Why not? He’s just a fucking omega.”

“I’ve warned you twice now. Pay up or leave and stop attacking him.”

The alpha growls again, making Jimin shrink back.
A low rumble echoes from Yoongi’s chest, and he takes a step forward, closer to the alpha. “Go, or I’m calling the police.”

The alpha glares at him, then looks past him towards Jimin again, his eyes narrow and cruel.
“Whatever,” he spits. “Some omega who can’t even keep an alpha when he has a kid clearly isn’t worth my time.”

Jimin swallows, trying to fight the hurt that rises in him, even if the alpha is completely wrong. It still hurts like hell, so he bends over Jieun and nuzzles her.
Yoongi bares his teeth, growling, all the way until the alpha has left the cafe.

And then he turns to Jimin, stepping right up to the counter with a concerned gaze. “Are you okay? How’s the little one?”
Jimin’s breathless for a moment, because Yoongi is looking at him intently and his scent is a little overwhelming, and Jieun is still sniffling and whining, and his instincts don’t quite know what to do first; thank this alpha properly or care for his upset daughter.
He ends up turning to Jieun first, scooping her out of her carrier and cradling her in his arms, rocking and bouncing her until her sniffling stops and she starts to settle, still clutching her dinosaur.

Then Jimin looks up to find Yoongi watching them both with gentle eyes.
“We’re okay,” Jimin confirms, licking his lips as Yoongi’s full attention lands on him. “Thank you for stepping in. Normally I’d have drop-kicked him for being such an asshole, but I can’t afford to lose my job.”

Yoongi snorts softly, amused. “I don’t doubt you would have won.”
“Absolutely. I’m a black belt.”

Yoongi raises his brows, a strange expression flitting across his features, but it’s gone before Jimin can decipher it.

“Remind me not to get on your bad side.”

“Mm, I think we’ll give you a free pass.” Jimin lifts Jieun higher, so they can—
—both eye Yoongi closely. Jimin purses his lips and pretends to think. “What do you think, Jieun-ah? Shall we decide not to fight Yoongi-ssi?”

Jieun gurgles, still a bit distressed, so Jimin scents her again.

Yoongi looks surprised. “You know my name?”
Jimin is instantly embarrassed. He can feel his cheeks heating up, so he ducks behind Jieun, pressing his face into the soft, sweet-smelling top of her head. “Uh. You give it with your order sometimes?”

Yoongi is smirking now.

Jimin doesn’t know what to do with that expression.
“Well,” Yoongi drawls, “I’m glad I could make an impression on such a pretty family.”

Jimin swears he turns scarlet.

“So what’s your name?” Yoongi leans his elbows on the counter, getting comfortable, and Jimin thinks he might just implode. “Seems only fair you tell me now.”
Jimin bites back a smile at having successfully gained this kind, pretty alpha’s interest. “I’m Park Jimin. And this is Park Jieun.” He gives a little bow and lifts one of Jieun’s tiny fists, getting her to wave at Yoongi.

Yoongi’s smile is warm enough to thaw icicles.
“Nice to meet you both. I’m Min Yoongi.”

Jimin murmurs the name to himself, trying it out, when Jieun gurgles and grumps in his arms, squirming. He bounces her, lifting her up over his shoulder and patting her back, but she starts to cry again.

Yoongi frowns sympathetically.
“Is she okay?”

“Probably hungry,” Jimin answers, jigging about a bit to try and settle her. “Haven’t had a chance to do her bottle.”

Yoongi frowns. “All day?”

Jimin shakes his head.
Yoongi purses his lips. “Can I go make it up for her? Or mind the till for you while you do it? I don’t want to get you into trouble, but I do want you to be able to feed your daughter.”

It’s so thoughtful that Jimin melts. “I wouldn’t want to trouble you—“
“It’s no bother,” Yoongi insists. “Is that your bag? I can do a bottle - my nephew isn’t much older than your Jieunie, so I know what I’m doing, even if I may not look like it.”

Jimin bites back a smile, because Yoongi’s right - he doesn’t look like he’d be good with children.
But he remembers how Yoongi had entertained Jieun earlier and decides to follow his instincts and trust him.

“That would be amazing, thank you. Her bottle’s in the bag, if you go in the kitchen, my boss Kim Seokjin will help you. Just say Jimin sent you and he’ll be fine.”
Yoongi nods, stepping behind the counter and going to Jieun’s baby bag while Jimin continues rocking his daughter, cooing at her to try and soothe her crying. He makes her dinosaur nibble at her cheek, until she’s squealing and grabbing for it, distracted for a little while.
Yoongi returns not long after with a perfectly-warmed bottle. Jimin takes it with a grateful smile, but Yoongi shoos him away, pointing at the table.

“Seokjin-ssi said to make you sit down for a few minutes while you feed her. I can man the till until she’s fed.”
Jimin bites his lip. “I don’t know...”

“You can come and take over if someone comes in,” Yoongi bargains, folding his arms. “You look run off your feet - five minutes of rest will do you good.”

Jimin wants to preen at how Yoongi is looking out for him - almost taking care of—
—him - and they haven’t had any customers since the rude alpha left, so after thinking about it for a few more seconds Jimin decides to agree.

“Just five minutes.”

Yoongi smiles. He points Jimin towards his table, taking Jimin’s place behind the counter while Jimin goes to sit.
Jimin’s actually really grateful the second he sits down. His feet are aching from hours of standing, and his back is still sore - Jieun is getting bigger and heavier every day.

She snuffles until he gets her settled in his arms and feeding from her bottle, humming a lullaby to—
—soothe her - one his own omega father used to sing to him when his alpha mother was working. They were all the way back in Busan and had only seen Jieun once in person, though they video called most nights so they could coo over their adorable granddaughter.
Jimin leans back in the seat and lets out a breath, allowing himself to relax. Yoongi’s laptop is still open on the table next to him, his headphones lying abandoned on the keyboard, and Jimin takes a quick peek at the screen, his curiosity winning over his manners.

There’s a—
—sort of music programme open, from what Jimin can tell, with lots of little squares and lines spread out in rows across the screen. The project is titled ‘nevermind’.

Jimin wonders what it means.
He feels eyes on him and turns away to find Yoongi standing behind the counter with his eyes fixed on Jimin.

Jimin bites his lip, caught, but Yoongi doesn’t frown or tell him off - he just watches Jimin, his eyes gentle and his expression unreadable.

Jimin can’t hold back a—
—shiver. He focuses back on Jieun, helping her feed until she’s had the whole bottle, and then he holds her over his shoulder and pats her back.

Yoongi is smiling now as he watches them.

When he’s done and Jieun is settled and sleepy in his arms, Jimin gets back to his feet—
—and approaches the counter again.

“Thank you, really,” he tells Yoongi with a warm smile. “I think we both needed that.”

“It’s no problem.” Yoongi glances down at Jieun, pulling another face so she giggles sleepily. “Oh, someone looks tired.”

“She’s missed her nap,” Jimin—
—explains, booping her nose fondly. “Tired baby. You’re going to be good for daddy now, aren’t you?”

She yawns widely and Jimin coos, but Yoongi is frowning at him again. “She hasn’t slept?”

Jimin bites his lip. He doesn’t want to get judged by Yoongi for being a bad father,—
—it’s not like he’s had any choice. He bristles a bit. “She was supposed to stay with my friend today, but he’s sick so I had to bring her. I don’t normally have her here with me and she has a really good routine, but I couldn’t just quit my shift or leave her with some random—“
“I didn’t mean to offend you,” Yoongi says hastily, lifting up both hands palm-out. “I’m sure you’re an amazing father - I can tell how much she loves you and it’s more than apparent how much you care for her. I didn’t mean to imply anything else.”

Jimin stops. “...Oh.”
“What I meant to say,” Yoongi continues, “is, did you want to put her down in her carrier on my table for a bit? I can watch her while she sleeps, and you can work without having to disturb her every five minutes. Only if you’re comfortable, of course. No pressure.”
Jimin pauses, shocked.

Not only is Yoongi, an alpha, offering to watch his child for Jimin, but he is going out of his way to make sure Jimin knows he isn’t being judged - that Yoongi isn’t assuming anything bad about Jimin’s life just because he’s a single father.
Jimin can hardly believe it.

“I - are you sure?” He stumbles over his words. “You seem busy, and I wouldn’t want to bother you—“

“I’m offering,” Yoongi interrupts. “I wouldn’t if I wasn’t happy to watch her. It’ll give you a break, too - but only if you’re comfortable.”
Jimin is astounded.

An alpha offering to help him and still making sure to stay within Jimin’s boundaries? Yoongi is too good to be true.

“She’ll be within your sight the whole time,” Yoongi continues. “Full permission to drop-kick me if you don’t like anything I’m doing. Put—
—your black-belt skills to good use.”

Jimin has to bite his lip not to laugh.

He rocks Jieun carefully, taking another half-a-second to think even though his mind is already pretty much made up, and he breaks out into a beaming smile.
“That would be amazing. If you really don’t mind.”

“Not in the slightest.” Yoongi smiles back at him, gums showing again, and Jimin’s heart jumps. “Like I said, my nephew is only a bit older - well, he’s eight months now, but I spend a lot of time with him.”
Jimin beams as he scoops up Jieun’s baby bag, cradling her in one arm. “Jieunie is three months.”

Yoongi coos - such a soft sound coming from such a grumpy alpha that Jimin melts. “Tiny thing, isn’t she? Here - let me take her while you get her things sorted out.”
Jimin hands her over happily, trying not to squeal at the image. Yoongi holds her confidently, and she stirs from her sleep, blinking up at him. He pulls another funny face.

Jimin turns away to hide his wide smile. He gets Jieun’s bag together, making sure she has her dummy—
—and a good selection of toys in case she wakes up, and returns to Yoongi. He has her cradled against his chest, patting her back, his large hands making her seem even tinier than she is.

Jimin’s insides are screaming but he forces himself to remain outwardly calm.
“Her things are all here. Thank you so much for this - if she wakes up or she needs changing or anything, just fetch me—“

“It’s fine,” Yoongi waves him away and smirks. “I can handle a bit of poop. Besides, she’s an angel, so I can’t see us having much trouble, hm?” He coos the-
-last few words at Jieun, who yawns widely. Yoongi grins.

Jimin rocks back on his heels, trying to suppress how all his instincts are weak for this alpha, and hands over the bag. “Thank you. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

Yoongi salutes him before taking the bag and—
—going back to his table where her carrier already sits. Jimin watches while Yoongi settles her down, but then a customer comes in and he has to turn away to deal with them.

When he looks back, Jieun is fast asleep with Yoongi watching over her, a soft smile on his face.
After that, a big group of customers come in together from a building down the street - its a uni lecture hall, Jimin thinks, and these students often come at this time between their classes.

Jimin is kept busy making drink after drink for a while, but he glances over as much—
—as he can to make sure his baby is okay. She seems to be napping contently in her carrier. Yoongi sits beside her, his laptop closed and a book open before him instead.

Jimin can’t believe this alpha has stopped his work for the day just to help out someone he doesn’t even know
After the students have gone and Jimin has a second to breathe again, he goes around wiping up tables and scurries back behind the counter, picking out one of Jin’s freshly-baked muffins.

He sets it on a plate with a fresh iced americano and places it down on Yoongi’s table.
Yoongi looks up from his book, surprised.

“To say thank you,” Jimin says quickly before scampering away back behind the counter.

In between serving the next few customers, he glances over again to see Yoongi peeling the muffin apart carefully before taking a bite. He smiles.
Jimin feels proud of himself.

For the next few hours, Jimin is kept busy - if he isn’t making drinks or accepting payments, then he’s clearing tables or wiping down the machines. Jin wasn’t lying earlier, it is a busy day for the cafe.

Whenever Jimin glances over to check on—
—Jieun, he sees Yoongi watching her attentively.

At one point, while Jimin is making a drink, he hears her start to cry. He whips around straightaway only to find that Yoongi has beaten him to it - leaning over her carrier with her dinosaur toy in his hand, playing with her.
Jimin goes back to work with his mind at ease.

A little while later, Jin comes out from the back to find Jimin at the till, sorting out someone’s change. Once the customer has left, Jin places the fresh batch of pastries on the display before turning to Jimin and waggling his—

“Got an alpha watching your baby for you, huh?”

“He offered,” Jimin says quickly, refusing to look at Jin.

Jin snorts. “And it just so /happens/ to be the same alpha you’ve been swooning over for weeks?”

“Keep your voice down!” Jimin is mortified.
“Why? He’s already caring for your kid; not much longer until he’ll be caring for you, too.”

“You’re evil, hyung.”

“Just saying it how I see it,” Jin hums. He gives Jimin an exaggerated wink and points towards Yoongi before he disappears back into the kitchen again.
Jimin gets back to work, fighting off his blush.

It stays like that for the whole remainder of his shift. Jimin is kept busy, but Yoongi doesn’t bother him once, attending to all of Jieun’s needs without needing his help.

Every time Jimin looks over, Yoongi is either watching—
—Jieun, playing with her, or holding her. He prepares her next feed without a word, and even takes her to the changing room without complaint when Jimin is in the middle of serving a group of customers.

Jimin’s favourite is when Yoongi is holding Jieun. He’s a natural, rocking—
—her in his arms, holding her over his shoulder, even sitting her on his knee while he reads to her from his book. She seems quite happy, gurgling away, and if she ever starts fussing then Yoongi will hold her up so she can see Jimin.

Jimin honestly can’t believe his luck.
At the end of his shift, Jimin clocks out and rushes to the bathroom, checking his reflection over before he goes to collect Jieun from Yoongi. It’s ridiculous; he shouldn’t care so much what a strange alpha thinks of him, but he wants to try and look his best.
Well, as much as he can after a long shift.

When Jimin has run his hands through his hair and tidied up his smeared makeup, he heads back out and approaches Yoongi’s table.

Yoongi is sitting with Jieun propped up on his knee, book open in front of her while he reads aloud.
Jimin beams as he comes to a stop beside them. “She’s going to be so cultured. I love that author.”

Yoongi looks up, raising his brows. “You do?”

“Yeah. Have you read her other one, /Only For You/? I think it’s so sweet.”

Yoongi’s smile widens. “It’s one of my favourites. I—
—actually have a signed copy.”

Jimin gasps. “No way?”

“Yeah. I went to one of her signings when it came out.”

Jimin squeaks. “/Rude/. Nuh uh, that just isn’t fair. I’d /love/ to meet her.”

“I’ll show you my signed copy sometime,” Yoongi hums. He is still supporting Jieun—
—with his hands, leaning her against his abdomen where she sits on his knee. She looks so tiny in his hold. Jimin wants to melt.

“Seriously, thank you so much for watching her.” Jimin bows respectfully. “You saved my life today.”

“It’s really no problem,” Yoongi reassures.
“Still, you watched her for so long. I’m sorry for interrupting your work.”

“I can catch up any time,” Yoongi waves him away. “Besides, she’s an angel, and I’ll take any opportunity I’m given to help out a pretty boy.”

Jimin feels heat rush to his cheeks and he answers without-
-thinking. “Well, I liked to be helped out by pretty men, too.”


Jimin slightly wants the ground to swallow him whole.
Yoongi looks startled for a few long seconds before his eyes go dark and a wicked smirk tugs at one corner of his mouth. He looks up at Jimin with sharp eyes.

Jimin feels like prey about to be caught by a predator.
“Is that so,” Yoongi purrs. “Have to make sure I come to your rescue more often then, won’t I?”

Jimin doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He may feel like a flustered mess with this particular alpha, but one thing Jimin is good at is flirting, and he will not let Yoongi—
—have the upper hand for long.

He lowers his lashes and hums. “If you think you can keep up.”

Yoongi’s eyes are alight. “Challenge accepted, Park Jimin.”

A delightful shiver runs down Jimin’s spine. He can’t look away from Yoongi’s dark eyes, trapped in his gaze—
—and it’s all he can do not to tilt his neck to the side and present himself to Yoongi right there and then.

Thankfully, before he can embarrass himself any further, Jieun makes a gurgling, snuffling sound and reaches out for him, squirming on Yoongi’s lap.

Jimin takes her—
—and presses her against his chest, nuzzling her and scenting her thoroughly. She smells a little like Yoongi, having spent many hours with him, and the clear rainwater scent makes Jimin shiver with delight.

“Have you been a good girl?” Jimin coos, bouncing her in his arms.
“The best,” Yoongi confirms, his voice a little weak. When Jimin turns to him, he is watching them both with an unreadable expression on his face; like he is actively trying to hide something. “Like I said: she’s an angel.”

Jimin beams, booping her on the nose. “Takes after—
—her daddy, don’t you, Jieun-ah?”

Yoongi’s tone is assured as he responds, “I don’t doubt that for a second.”

Jimin looks up to find that Yoongi has stood as well, and packed up all of Jieun’s things back into her bag for him. He melts even more at Yoongi’s thoughtfulness.
“Thank you,” Jimin murmurs, taking the bag. “Really. If I can ever repay you, just let me know. I work here most days, you can always find me.”

Yoongi looks at him for a moment, his expression turning gentle. He tilts his head to the side. “It’s enough to know that I made—
—your day a little easier.”

Jimin wants to scream.

He bows his head, Jieun squirming in his arms. “Just let me know. You’re a good person, Yoongi-ssi.”


Jimin looks up so fast his neck cracks. “What?”

“Hyung,” Yoongi repeats, eyes soft. “Call me hyung.”
Jimin is going to implode.

“Thank you, Yoongi-hyung,” he murmurs, enjoying the way the familiar honorific feels on his tongue.

Yoongi smiles at him, gums and all. “Any time, Jimin-ah. Get home safe, alright?”

Jimin nods, stumbling over himself in his haste to get all his—
—and Jieun’s things together before he heads out of the cafe, turning back once to see Yoongi with his headphones back on, laptop open once again.

Jimin knows he’ll be thinking about him for a long time to come.

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