A loong butt thread, proceed with caution, FEELS are ahead... #TharnTypeTheSeries #MewGulf #GulfKanawut #MewSuppasit

For a while now I really really wanted to talk about the brilliance of the scene in TTTS where Type reveals his past to Tharn...
See how Tharn again is bodily intimidating Type here? WE know, this is a trigger for Type. Like how he was unable to fight off Tharn when it first happened and Tharn let's say it assaulted him. That was NOT because he's bodily weaker than Tharn.
Type is an athlete, a football player, he's plenty strong. When it came to only physical strength, he could've put up a fiercer fight and eventually throw Tharn off, or at least throw a few punches / kicks. But he didn't.
Because his PTSD got triggered, and he wasn't the 19 year old grown ass Type, but he was that 11 year old, helpless against a much greater physical force, his hands tied.

This is why Type didn't defend himself and +
not because he was actually that afraid of Tharn's superior body strength. His trauma threw him back in his painful past and he was helpless against that force.
Now here, in this scene, Tharn really doesn't mean any harm, he wants Type's attention, he wants to shake him out of his lethargy and wants him to take better care of himself. Not knowing his past, he makes the mistake again, and almost triggers Type's traumatic memories.
You can see Type's panic, Gulf's acting is flawless and breathtaking, how his breathing speeds up, the fear in his eyes - he is very near to another panic attack.
But Tharn's next action throws him off that track, it's so unexpected. Because Tharn starts to beg him to eat (take care of himself), tells him he thinks he's innocent.
And thus the most epic scene of the year (2019) starts.
I can't get over how perfectly the whole arrangement was created and enacted.
Type is vulnerable and tired. He needs at least one person, who's on his side and as fate would have it, it happens to be the person he hates the most.
So he opens up to him, not caring anymore about saving face or pride, he needs it off his chest. He needs to breathe again.

And how this whole thing is enacted is a work of a genius. Why?
Because as Type's story unfolds, Tharn's reactions (not just facial, bodily as well) are perfectly following it.
What I mean by that?

Do you remember how right after Type said: "I was so tiny. There was no way I could fight him back" Tharn removed himself (phisically) from Type? The realization how his earlier actions triggered Type, why he cried and freaked and begged hit home hard for Tharn here.
You can see it on his face, in his eyes. Mew's acting is brilliant here. Flawless, beautiful.

The part where Type says "He tied up my hands" Tharn looks down and the camera cuts to Type's wrists, held by Tharn oh-so gently+
his thumb caressing it just for that tiny fraction of the second- reassuring and comforting is again: a piece of art.
And the final blow: You made me cum right?

Tharn's face is indescribable. Again, Mew's acting is worth some awards here as well (though the fact how this is Gulf's scene and he is "just" supporting here, makes it maybe a bit underrated +
because, he has stronger, more dramatic or crying scenes and there is more focus on them, but to be honest, this is one of my favorites from him, but I love subtlety and he's perfect here).
Back to Tharn, I think he now really understands every little and not so little mistake he made (apparently in the novel it is made more clear that he regretted them already before, but now we're talking about the Series). It's in his eyes, on his face.
Type making the parallel between how Tharn made him cum and himself making a man cum while he was only 11 must have felt like a blow. Let's face it, even though Type didn't put up much fight in the shower scene, he wasn't really asked if he wants it.
(This is why I love the fact that Gulf's fav kiss is in ep4 - because that was the first time Type really wanted Tharn)

To go back to the point of this thread: all the little details, down to the smallest facial expressions +
are put together /wirtten/directed and enacted with flawless perfection. It's raw pain which is reflected in both actors' eyes and faces. Gulf's tears feel like a stab in the heart and Mew's accompanying expressions of horror, shame and heartbreak are just what the scene needs.
Not more, not less.
And if you catch all these little details (especially in Mew's acting and moves) those "I'm sorry"s while he is hugging Type are going to have a very very strong impact and make it perfectly clear WHY Tharn is apologizing to Type.
Type might not get it, but we do.

If you read it this far and are still awake, thank you for your attention. I'll go and cry in a dark corner now.
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