Q: Are higher temperatures more likely to cause loss of infectivity in #SARS_COV_2?

A: The team at @hkumed incubated the virus and observed how long it would take for it to lose infectivity at different temperatures. #COVID19 #KnowTheFacts
Q: Are disinfectants effective in causing #SARS_COV_2 to lose infectivity?

A: The @hkumed team tested a wide variety of different disinfectants and found that all the following were effective in causing viruses to lose infectivity after 5 minutes of use. #COVID19 #KnowTheFacts
Q: Do different surfaces affect the time it takes for #SARSCOV2 to lose infectivity?

A: @hkumed tested how long it would take for the virus to lose infectivity on different surfaces. #COVID19

(Correction: Early version said infectivity is lost on glass in 2 days instead of 4)
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