The misinformation and fear-mongering being put out by the Leader of the Official Opposition is dishonest to hard working Albertans and denigrates the work being done by the Cargill facility to protect their employees. 1/6
I had the opportunity to speak with representatives from Cargill today and discuss what actions they are taking to protect workers.

Over the weekend Cargill undertook a full and complete sanitation of the entire plant 2/6
The plant installed over 400 individual stalls in the cafeteria and set up screens between individual employee stations on the production floor, among other steps taken to increase distancing between employees. 3/6
In order to come to work each day, employees are put through a detailed screening process on order to work , they must clear that screening and show no symptoms.

Covid-19 is not a foodborne disease, and beef produced at Cargill remains completely safe for consumption 4/6
the former Premier chose to attack a business in Livingstone-Macleod that isn't just meeting the guidelines set out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, but is actually going above and beyond to protect workers and protect our supply chains from further disruption. 6/6
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