RED PILL INFO: An Alternative Timeline of Truth, Shrouded in Mystery.
#FullDisclosure #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

A Thread on the connections between the Occult, Nazi Regime, Antarctica, E.T's & the start of the Secret Space Programs.

It's time to look behind the curtain....
1) Since man has been able to record history in any format, he has recorded the existence of beings other than himself.

Pixies, Giants, Spirits, Space Beings, Angels, Demons, Goblins & Half Human-Half Animals Combinations.

All either figments of the imagination, or of truth.
2) Over time these recordings became legends, myths & to a few cultures, a real part of their beliefs.

Eventually those beliefs go on to form a part of spiritual teachings & religions.

Often included in these ideologies are rare mysterious items & objects of immense power.
3) Unfortunately not all choose to worship the "good". Over the centuries darker beliefs & practices have developed.

Seeing evil & sin worship as a way to grant their deepest desires. Regardless of the cost.

Occult's, Cabals & even Secret Societies involved them in doctrine.
4) At the time when Hitlers Nazi party took power in Germany, quite a few elites of society were interested in the obscure & esoteric.

There have been many associations with Luciferian Occult's & the Nazi regime, high ranking officials like Heinrich Himmler being avid believers.
5) Often civil societies like the "Thule" or highly secret "Vril Society" would engage in seance & channelling activities.

Due to their ideology's & unlike most of their western counterparts, Nazi scientists were happy to pursue & research these stranger aspects of reality.
6) Rumours began to circulate that some of the secret societies had successfully channelled & contacted E.T races.

Maria Orsic of the Vril society communicated with a peaceful "Nordic" race. Gaining significant information, including how to build a craft worthy of space travel.
7) Investigating & confirming the rumours, the SS Nazi arm start contact for themselves. Due to a shared outlook, they agree into a partnership with one of the more negative "Draco Reptilian" E.T species.

The Draco divulge many undiscovered secrets, including our true history.
8) Through this arrangement, the Nazis find that E.T beings have been visiting our planet for aeons.

Space faring beings have visited & played a large part in our development. Some attempting to make a positive influence by passing on wisdom, others looking to simply use us.
9) Working with this knowledge the Nazis look through mythical & religious texts with fresh eyes.

Hitler & his SS become obsessed with the search of legendary objects, believing many to actually have magical powers or be advanced technology, possibly left behind on our planet.
10) Not only captivated with these ancient objects of power, Hitler became obsessed with building his own.

In secret, using assisted information from the Draco Reptilians. The SS engineers & scientists begin work on "Anti Gravitational" spacecraft, capable of dominating war.
11) The most famous of designs the "Flying Bell", was only one of the early prototypes in perfecting an "ultimate" craft.

Unfortunately for the SS, all of their breakthroughs came during WW2. Due to the Allies advance, they were left with depleted supplies & a shortage of time.
12) Hitler realises he will lose the war, but eventually have the technology to dominate the planet.

He gives orders to draw out the war for as long as possible, implementing martial law & guerrilla tactics.

Using the extra time gained, he starts to relocate his campaign.
13) Antarctica was once a hospitable land, becoming "flash frozen" during a catastrophic global event, thousands of years ago.

Legends also rumoured it to be the location of the "Lost City of Atlantis", encouraging the SS to previously scout the continent using their U-Boats.
14) Among other things, the Nazis found that under Antarctica's ice, were huge natural caverns. Formed from steam created by geothermal activity.

Well hidden & accessible by U-Boat submarines, the SS moves critical personal & materials to their new cavern bases of operations.
15) The Nazis manage to covertly relocate without issue, naming the new base area "New Berlin". This operation casts more doubt on Hitlers already suspicious "suicide".

Either way, the contact with the Draco Reptilians & the advancement of space technology, all continues on.
16) Although previously tested in Germany, space fairing craft are now perfected.

The SS begin operations constructing a base on the moon.
Originally built in the shape of a Nazi swastika, it has since been obscured out.

This signals the real start of human space exploration.
17) During WW2 the USA had over 20 spies embedded into high ranking positions of the Nazi regime. Predominately Navy sections & research areas.

American intelligence starts receiving strange reports, including information regarding the construction of hovering saucer vehicles.
18) In the early 1940s, "Operation Paperclip" started bringing over a thousand Nazi engineers & scientists to the USA. Many like the genius rocket engineer Wernher von Braun, were high ranking officials in the SS.

They are folded into important military positions & NASA.
19) Not only were these undeniable Nazis sympathisers crimes hidden, ignored & forgotten, they're allowed to continue their morbid experiments in the same vein as before.

The Nazi scientists continue their dark research on chemical, biological warfare & mind control experiments.
20) Tabun, Soman & Sarin are just three of the nerve gasses taken directly from the Nazi scientists. Implemented & tested on people at places such as Edgewood Arsenal.

These types of experiments are the pre-cursor to many of the immoral black programs that follow in the USA.
21) A few of the high ranking SS Nazis to work for & eventually infiltrate the USA, confirm the unbelievable reports of the American spies.

Feeling confident that the rumours are factual, the US Navy decides to investigate Antarctica. A fleet of huge proportions is assembled.
22) "Operation Highjump" began in 1946, involved over four thousand personnel, battleships, destroyers, ice breakers, aircraft carriers, submarines & many support ships.

Led by Admiral Byrd, the mission was to reveal the truth & flush out the Nazi's from their Antarctica bases.
23) When the fleet reach their destination, they are surprised by "flying saucers" greeting them. A large scale battle ensues. The Nazi's & a separate Reptilian base defence, easily overcomes the fleet using advanced craft.

Nearly wiped out, Byrds remaining fleet limps home.
24) Upon the fleets return, everything witnessed was immediately classified.

Anyone that did talk out was quickly silenced. James Forrestal, who was Secretary of the Navy, did reveal his story. He was first assigned to a psychiatric ward & later died from a suspicious suicide.
25) Aware that their Antarctic presence has been discovered, the Nazis decided to act.

In a show of strength, multiple Nazi advanced craft fly over key locations of American government. Untouchable in speed & weaponry, the USA military forces quickly realise who's in charge.
26) After a successful show of superiority, the Nazis open a line of communication with the USA. Actually wanting to avoid war, their aim is to coerce military top brass into an arrangement.

With limited space, supplies & personnel, the Americans have something the Nazis need.
27) Discovering the potential of space & what's really happening in the universe. The Nazis want to explore, exploit & build infrastructure further throughout the cosmos.

In exchange for the use of Americas industrial might & materials, the Nazis relinquish some advanced craft.
28) Roughly the same time as the Nazi arrangement was secured, the Roswell event takes place.

With the combined advanced technology from both, the Americans begin to dissect, back engineer & build on from.

This marks the birth of the first "Secret Space Programs" in the USA.
29) Not only military, but a range of private businesses are involved to facilitate design & construction.

Given information from the military sources, these companies go from aircraft to aerospace practically over night. Boeing, Lockheed, TRW, Douglas & more are all involved.
30) Unfortunately as a byproduct of the Secret Space Programs, the "Deep State" emerges.

Realising the level of the technological power they now have in their grip, a select few decided to capitalise.

Over time becoming a completely separate entity to the USA government.
31) High secrecy, combined with Nazi personnel, Lucifer Occult beliefs & genuine power from advanced technology, quickly leads the Deep State to become a dark Cabal.

Separate in operation & emotional attachment, this global Cabal are the true human puppet masters of our world!
Thread Summary.

I am aware of how shocking & unbelievable some of the information supplied here is. Just know it comes from independent & credible sources, spanning over the past few decades.

Most are brave whistle blowers, looking to make a positive change in our world.
Not only whistle blowers, some who come forward are actually sanctioned to release information. All in the hope of forcing a monumental paradigm shift for the human race.

I would like to thank every single person who has disclosed over the years, all are true Heroes & Patriots!
Many of the topics mentioned deserve their own thread. How the Secret Space Programs continued on though, is definitely one for a later date, mainly due to scale.

I would however, like to add a few more summaries as I feel the information is especially important right now.
32) Eventually over decades, multiple Secret Space Programs would go on to stem from the USA.

The Navy's "Solar Warden", the corporate "ICG", the black operations "Dark Fleet", to name a few.

Not alone, many other nations such as Russia & China also have their own operations.
33) Our solar system now has a vast amount of infrastructure in place. Military bases, mining operations, trading ports & universally shared, conference centres.

A majority of structures are not man-made & have existed long before our presence. We are the new kids on the block.
34) Life in the Universe is the rule, not the exception.

We are currently trading with hundreds of different races that exist throughout the cosmos. As varied as the different life on Earth, many of these E.T's are millions of years ahead of ourselves, in every way possible.
35) To help with the understanding, think of films & series like "Star Trek", "Stargate SG1" & so on.

In fact, believed to be science fiction, these shows are actually based on reality. Their purpose is not to show the future, but slowly drip feed the reality of now to you.
36) Think of where our technology will be in a few million years. That is the level of technology we have already obtained in secret, by trading with advanced races.

Cures for all diseases, body cloning, anti ageing, teleportation, time travel, all very real and kept from us.
37) The reason for secrecy.

The initial reason for not disclosing the existence of E.T's, was panic of the population. This was around the 1950's & something I can actually appreciate. WW2 had not long ended, nuclear weaponry was new, with it the chance of more war & misery.
38) With time the motive quickly changed though. Energy resources like oil, dominate our world & how it runs.

If you announce E.T's, you have to announce how they are getting here & it certainly is not by using oil. Free energy devices mean no more unlimited cash for the Cabal.
39) Power & profit for a select few has been put before peace, property & a pollution free world for all humans.

This is the reason for the unbalance on our planet. We could be living on a true paradise for all, if only everyone knew the truth & was willing to fight for it.
40) Unfortunately we are dealing with more than one type of overlords.

The Reptilian race has long been our true puppet masters. They are the original slave masters of our species. Defeating them & the Cabal that decided to join them, is our way to obtain true freedom forever.
41) There are signs that we might actually be in the middle of a silent war, fighting to regain our planet at this very time.

Whistle blowers, The #QAnon movement, military operations & the current global oddities, are hinting at a possible power shift attempting to take place.
42) As mentioned by Phil Scheinder over twenty years ago, "Adrenochrome" was initially for alien consumption. Human trafficking & paedophilia the same.

Holographic images, "deep fakes", different sex body clones, all actually very possible & likely due to the technology in use.
43) Combined, the topics previously mentioned are where today's news of Lucifer worshipping, global corruption, DUMB's, huge paedophilia rings & so on, is ultimately heading.

As hard as it may be to grasp & accept, this is the truth of what's really behind the curtain!!
Thank you for your time, hopefully this thread will inspire a few to research & look with fresh eyes. #WWG1WGA

Please follow the Disclosure movement & comment if you have any links to videos or information which match this thread. Its time for #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
William Tompkins is not a Whistle Blower, but actually sanctioned to release information. His testimony is groundbreaking regarding everything mentioned here & I highly recommend his book!

I will post the Youtube links to his interviews with Kerry Cassidy on the next post.
William Tompkins interview part one.

William Tompkins interview part two.

These two videos are an absolute must see, Tompkins is a very credible person with a distinguished career, it's hard to watch & not believe his words!!
DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Bases) Thread on the next post.

Many are unaware or ready to accept the existence of DUMB's, let alone Secret Space Programs. For this reason, I chose to leave them out of my previous Thread. Have no doubt though, they are deeply connected.
One of the main purposes of DUMB's was to house the Secret Space Programs, in a secure & secret environment.

Although a fair amount of the missing trillions goes into DUMB construction, a much larger percentage is poured into these black budget "SSP's".
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