Riot grabbed his jaw aggressively and jerked his face up to meet his lust filled eyes. Bakugou instinctively tried to pry Riot's hand off him, but the villain hardened it and his sharp fingers cut into his skin. 

"I can't hear you"
"I-" Riot shoved three fingers deep in Bakugou's mouth and the blond moaned around them, eyes heavy with arousal. 

"Suck" the villain punctuated the word with a hard "K" and Bakugou complied, doing his best to maintain eye contact "good pet"
Bakugou mewled, Riot's thick fingers heavy on his tongue as they explored his mouth, testing how far they could go back before the blond gagged. Not very far, ground zero had usually been the one to receive blow jobs not give them.
Riot chuckled as he watched drool leak out of the corners of the hero's mouth as he struggled with just his fingers.
"I've been watching you for a long time, pet" Riot said, deactivating the quirk on his hand but still holding firm, his eyes focused on Bakugou's mouth as if he was working on the tiniest details in a painting
"You're always so serious, always have to be the best and in control. Even in relationships you're overbearing"
Riot's fingers brushed against Bakugou's tonsils and he gagged. He tried to pull back but Riot held him still and shushed him gently.
"I could tell the first time we fought that you were tired. I can't imagine how exhausting it is to always be so serious. You need an escape but don't know how because no one has been able to handle you before, right?"
Riot's hand sped up, finger fucking the hero's mouth as the blond moaned unashamed, rutting against the villains thigh as pre leaked through his pants.
Riot's own length strained against his pants but he ignored it, trying to memorize the fucked out look on Bakugou's face, face flushed grey tears staining his cheeks.
"I could tell from the beginning that we were meant to be together, I know you felt it too. Our quirks are perfect for each other, I'm the only one who can give you what you really want. What you /need/"
Bakugou's knees felt weak, Riot was basically holding him up by the chin, and his mind felt like he was floating. He didn't understand what was happening, but he wanted more of the feeling.
"Riot" he slurred, grabbing onto the villain's arm gears to try to keep himself steady. 

Blood Riot's fingers forced their way down Bakugou's throat and the blond swallowed hard to keep from choking "You will not call me that when we're together like this."
The villain slowly pulled his fingers out of Bakugou's mouth and his tongue followed the digits, sticking out over his teeth. A thin string of spit still connected them, Bakugou's eyes started to cross as he stared at it.
"You will address me as master when we are alone. Do you understand, pet?"
Bakugou's eyes slowly met Riot's and the blond nodded "yes, master" 

A huge grin stretched across the villain's face and he leaned down, pressing his lips against Bakugou's wet, swollen ones.
It was gentle and warm, Bakugou couldn't help but melt into it as Riot wrapped his arms around his waist and lifted him up.
Riot continued to kiss the hero as he carried him to his own bedroom. Bakugou's parents had kept it the way the blond had left it when he went to UA, all might posters on the walls, bookshelf full of manga and textbooks. It felt weird being here like this.
Riot tossed Bakugou on the twin bed and started looking at the picture on the desk, his dark expression faded away and he picked up a picture of middle school Bakugou, smiling at it fondly.
"You were still so angry, Katsuki" he said showing the picture to the blond "I don't understand how you kept it up this long" 

Whatever spell Riot had put on Bakugou broke and the hero growled, palms popping "shut the fuck up"
Riot cocked an eyebrow and rolled his eyes "really? Back to that? Come on Katsuki you already showed me your hand" 

"I followed you strategically" he hissed getting to his feet "I thought you'd take me to wherever you've been hiding"
Riot laughed "You are such a bad liar!"
Before Bakugou could argue Riot's hands shot out and wrapped around his neck and the villain lifted him off the ground. He lets out a strangled gurgling sound, hands detonating against riots hardened wrists and his feet strain to touch the floor.
"You need to make up your mind, Katsuki, because this is the last time I'm going to offer nicely." Riot dropped him and then shoved him down onto his knees.
The villain grabbed a fist full of blond hair and jerked Bakugou's head back so they we're making eye contact. The blond's face was flushed, pupils blown out, and there was still drool on his face from earlier.
With his free hand Riot wiped away some of the fresh tears, smudging runny eyeliner onto his cheek. Bakugou hated that he leaned into the touch.
"Just let go, pet." Riot whispered, letting go of Bakugou to into his own pants "Let me take care of you" 

The hero licked his lips subconsciously as he watched Riot pull his pants down mid thigh. His erection sprung free, nearly slapping Bakugou in the face.
"Stick out your tongue" 

The hero growled and Riot slapped him across the face with the back of his hand. Bakugou's eyes grew wide staring at the wall as his mind struggled to comprehend the situation. His face stung a little as he turned back to look up at Riot.
"I can only take care of you if you let me" Riot said, his voice was soft as if he was pitying Bakugou.

How can a man sound so caring when he's doing something like this? Bakugou was so confused. He didn't know what he wanted anymore.

"Stick out your tongue for me, pet"
Bakugou stuck out his tongue just a little bit. He refused to look up at Riot, instead focusing on a spot on the wall and trying to keep himself from reacting when the villain stroked his hair.

"Good pet, now tell me what you want" his voice was smooth and deep like it had been+
In the alley either, it made Bakugou's shiver.

"Hah?" The hero tried to sound angry but it was hard with his tongue sticking out.

"Tell me what you want"
Bakugou glared up at him, but opened his mouth wider to allow the top of Riot's cock to rest on his tongue. 

"Nu-uh" the villain pulled his hips back, holding Bakugou's head firm so he couldn't chase him with his tongue "use your words"
"/fuck/, you know what I want. Don't make me say it, asshole"

Riot shook his head "tut-tut, bad pet." 

He let go of Bakugou's hair and started pulling up his pants.
"N-no!" The blond gasped and grabbed Riot's waistband, his face burning "I… I-" 

"What do you want, pet." 

"I want…" there was a lump in Bakugou's throat that he couldn't swallow.
"Iwanttosuckyourcock" he said quickly, looking at the floor.
"What was that? I couldn't hear you" Riot said, self satisfied, putting two fingers under Bakugou's chin and tilting his head back up. 

"I want to s-suck your cock…"
"Who's cock?" The villain was pushing it. 

"Yo-" Bakugou stopped himself, realizing what Riot wanted "I want my master's cock"
Riot moaned and held the sides of Bakugou's head, bringing him closer to his length. 

"Good pet"
Bakugou opened his mouth wide so Riot could slide his thick cock into his mouth, it was so much bigger than the villain's fingers and the blond gagged around it. 

"Watch your teeth, pet" Riot whispered, petting Bakugou's hair.
He whimpered, trying to cover his teeth with his lips as Riot continued to push deeper into his mouth. Bakugou gagged again when the head hit the back of his throat, he tried to pull back but the villain held his head in place.
"That's not even half" Riot said, pulling back to just the tip "You can do better than that"
Bakugou took a deep breath through his nose and Riot thrust his hips over and over, fucking the hero's mouth. The blond screwed his eyes shut and concentrated on his breathing, only gagging when Riot hit the back.
"I want to see you swallow it" Riot groaned, forcing Bakugou down on his length with one hand and running down his throat with the other "open up, pet, let it in"
Bakugou's eyes watered and he swallowed hard a couple of times until the head popped inside. Riot pushed down until the hero's nose was buried in his pubes. He couldn't breathe.

"G-good boy" Riot moaned, his voice breathless "so tight, perfect for me"
Riot rolled his hips a couple of times before pulling out to let Bakugou breath, stroking his blond hair as he coughed and sputtered. Riot smirked, collecting the drool leaking out of Bakugou's mouth and rubbing it all over the hero's face.
"What a mess you're making, pet" he said admiring the blond's fucked out expression, his skin shiny with spit "open your mouth for me"
Bakugou let his jaw hang open and Riot slammed his cock back in to the hilt. 

"Stick out your tongue" he grunted, wrapping his hand around his length and pushing his balls forwards "lick my balls while you choke on my cock"
The blond did as he was told, rubbing the tip of his tongue against his master's balls, tears streaming down his face as he struggled not to gag. Riot walked forwards, pushing deeper into Bakugou's throat and backing the hero against the side of his bed.
Riot began thrusting, fucking Bakugou's throat at a brutal pace. The hero's mouth made lewd, slick sounds as it got fucked, spit bubbles forming at the corners of his swollen lips.
Riot gripped onto Bakugou's hair with both hands, bringing the blond's face down to meet his hips, his balls slapping against his chin. The hero's face turned a deep red color the longer he went without oxygen, a vein pulsed visibly in his temple.
"Fuckfuckfuck" Riot grunted, his breathing ragged "I'm gonna cum all over your pretty little face"
The villain tore Bakugou off his cock and painted the hero's face and hair with ropes of cum. Bakugou flinched, closing one eye to avoid getting jizz in it. He reached up to wipe his face but Riot grabbed his wrist.

"Leave it, pet" he panted, lifting Bakugou by his shirt collar
And throwing him in to the bed "don't do anything unless I tell you, understand?"


"Yes /what/"

"Yes master"

Riot hummed in approval, lifting Bakugou's legs into the air causing him to fall onto his back.
"I know this is hard for you, pet, you're doing so well" Riot purred, holding the back of Bakugou's knees in one hand and pushing them close the blond's head, folding him in half "I think you deserve a reward"

Bakugou's heart raced and he whimpered, his cock straining
Against his pants.

"Do you want a reward, pet?"

"Yes, master!" He whined, wiggling his hips

"So rude" Riot sighed, hardening his free hand and shredding Bakugou's pants "but that's one of the things I love about you"
Bakugou shivered as Riot kissed down his soft pale thighs, rubbing his nose against his skin.

"You smell so good, pet" the villain said, inhaling deeply before moving closer to the blonds tight hole "I just want to eat you up"
"Oh fuck" Bakugou groaned, writhing against Riot's hold.

The villain licked a stripe over his hole, pressing against his entrance with a pointed tongue. Bakugou's gasped and moaned, throwing his head back against the mattress. Riot teased him, relishing in the noises that
He wasn't even trying to hide.

"Good, pet, let me hear you. These noises are for me and only me."

Riot breached Bakugou's hole and the hero cried out in pleasure.
He took his time opening Bakugou up with his tongue.

"P-please more" he whined "master I need more I-"


Riot spanked Bakugou hard and the hero yelped, flinching away from the pain.

"You will take what you're given, pet."
Bakugou whimpered but stopped squirming. Riot reached in to the hidden compartment in one of his arm gears and pulled out a small packet of lube, spreading it on his fingers before thrusting two inside.

"/fuck/!" Bakugou hissed, clamping down on the sudden intrusion.
"Relax, pet" Riot cooed "if you can't take this you'll never be able to take my cock"
Bakugou took in a shaky breath, relaxing his muscles so Riot could finger him easily. The villain smiled, gracing his sharp teeth on the inside of his pet's thigh as he scissor ed him open enough to add a third finger. Riot knew he was rushing this part but he couldn't help it.
He has been slowly preparing to fuck Katsuki for almost two years now. The villain knew that this would be the hero's first time being the bottom, a first that Riot wanted to take so badly it hurt. One of Bakugou's "firsts" just for him.
Riot removed his fingers, wiping them on the bed before sliding his cock between those perfect, firm cheeks, rubbing over the blond's taint and brushing against his balls with every lazy roll of his hips.
Bakugou was a drooling mess beneath him, each labored breath accompanied by a long moan or whine.

"M-master please, I need-" 

Riot cut him off by sinking his teeth into his thigh, almost hard enough to break skin.
"You want me inside you, pet?" 


"Want me to fuck your tight little hole? Fucking destroy you?" 

Bakugou keened his hips pushing down against Riot's length.
"I'm gonna pump you so full of cum you're gonna look pregnant" Riot's voice was shaking with anticipation as he lined himself up "You want that, pet?"
He pressed against Bakugou's entrance just enough to tease without slipping inside. The hero choked on a sob and wiggled his hips.  

"Fuck /fuck/ YES" Bakugou whined "please fuck me! /breed/ me! Master, please!" 

"Oh /shit/" Riot gasped, the hero's pleas shooting straight to his dick "g-good pet. 'M gonna breed you so good"
Riot pushed against him, breaching his tight hole slowly. Bakugou inhaled sharply, throwing his head back as the villain impaled him on his length. Riot put the blond's legs on his shoulder, leaning over him as he sunk in another inch.
"You're doing so well for your first time, pet" Riot praised, smiling at the little whimpers that escaped Bakugou's lips. 

Riot grabbed onto the hero's slim waist, his thumbs barely touching each other, and he pulled him the rest of the way on his cock.
"That's it…" the villain bit his lip and rocked gently into Bakugou's tight heat "There you go…" 

"B-big" the hero whimpered 

Riot stilled his hips and stroked Bakugou's hair. 

"Shhh it's ok. I'll move when you're ready."
The blond opened his teary eyes and looked up at Riot's face. The villain was smiling sweetly at him, eyes soft, face flushed. His long red hair cascaded down over his shoulders, ending just below his pierced nipples. Bakugou reached up and touched it, amazed at how soft it was.
"W-what's your name? Your real name?" 

Riot's expression turned melancholy. 

"You know I can't tell you that, Katsuki"
Riot bent down, resting his elbows on either side of  Bakugou's head, rolling his hips tentatively. The blond moaned and Riot set a slow pace, pressing his forehead against the hero's. 

"Please" Bakugou whispered, cupping the side of Riot's face "I want to know"
The villain captured the blonds lips in a desperate kiss teeth clacking together as he shoved his tongue down the other man's throat. They moaned together and Riot sped up his thrusts, skin slapping against skin. The bed creaked in protest, rocking and slamming against the wall
Riot wasn't going to last. He had been dreaming of his moment for so long, and Bakugou's ass was so much tighter and hotter than he could have ever imagined, clenching down around him and sucking him deeper.
Riot reached down and wrapped his hand around his lovers weeping cock, tugging him in time with his thrusts. Bakugou cried out in pleasure, the sound muffled by Riot's mouth. 

"Katsuki" Riot gasped, feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching "/my/ Katsuki"
He pulled out to the tip, changed angles, and slammed back to the hilt. Bakugou screamed, seeing stars, and tightening around him. 

"Oh /god/" Riot groaned "E-Eijiro, my name is Eijiro" 

"Eijiro" Bakugou breathed.
Riot's hips went impossibly faster as he started to chase after his orgasm.

"Again! Say my name again!" 

"Eijiro" Katsuki's back arched off the bed "Eijiro!"
The hero came with a shout, cum covering both their chests. Riot followed behind, the feeling of Bakugou's ass milking his cock sending him over the edge.
He buried himself deep inside, filling the blond with him that would be leaking down his thighs even after he left. Then Riot collapsed on top of Bakugou, completely spent.
He fumbled around his head compartments blindly while peppering the hero's face with kisses. 

"You did so well, Katsuki, I can't wait until next time." 

Bakugou stiffened and weakly pushed at Riot's chest.

"There won't be a next time /Eijiro/" the blond hissed.
"Ah, there he is." Eijiro smirked, hands finally finding what he was looking for "You tell yourself that, pet. I give you a week until you're begging for your master's cock again."
He pulled out swiftly and shoved a jeweled butt plug in place, trapping his cum inside the hero's used hole. Bakugou groaned and cursed, feeling the plug with his fingers. When his mind registered what happened his race flushed.
"See you around, pet" Riot smirked, pulling his pants up and then running through the window. 

"Fuck!" Bakugou yelled, scrambling to chase after the villain, but as soon as his feet hit the floor his legs gave out "FUCK!!"
the end....?
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